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William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

So we had started this process wanting a natural birth, and took Bradley classes to prepare. But about 6 weeks before birth, our stubborn little turkey turned from a nice head-down position to footling breech. And he stayed there. We tried everything, even moxabustion and visits to a chiropractor! Nothing worked. Our C-section was scheduled for 7:30 AM on October 14.

We live 45 minutes from the hospital where William was delivered, so we had to get up at 3:30 AM in order to arrive by the 5:00 AM deadline. We stumbled into the hospital and started things going: I immediately was put into a hospital gown and wired up with fetal monitors. Next came an IV, some bloodwork that had been missed the day before, and lots of paperwork. We also had an ultrasound to confirm that the baby was still breech. He was.

My midwives had described the C-section procedures in great detail on the day we learned that we were going to have one, and the hospital nurses gave me even more details. So I knew what to expect in terms of the spinal, where DH could be and when, how long I'd have to be in recovery before I could really spend time with my baby, etc. But I was still pretty nervous. They did a good job of keeping both DH and me busy beforehand so we couldn't dwell on our fears.

Finally DH had to go put on scrubs and get put into a room adjacent to the operating room in OB/GYN to wait until my spinal was in. And I walked into the operating room. I had to straddle the table and bend over when they placed the spinal. I had a nurse on either side holding a shoulder and keeping me immobile. You are in sort of a sitting version of the "angry cat" pose, with your elbows on your thighs and your hands cradling your belly. It wasn't uncomfortable at first, but as the anesthesiologist kept trying and failing to do the spinal, I broke out in a cold sweat and felt my legs get shaky. She tried about 8 times and was ready to do general anesthesia, but managed to get it done on the 9th try. About two-thirds of the way into all her tries, I asked to be able to straighten up because I was feeling really awful, and luckily they gave me a little breather. Even concentrating on relaxing through the procedure using Bradley methods was difficult, although I think my Bradley class stuff did help.

Once the spinal was in, they laid me down on the table, put up the sterile field drape, and let my DH in. I could tell he was freaked out because it had taken so much longer than he thought it would. I couldn't feel anything below my ribcage, but I was aware of some sensation. Very odd. Like knowing you have toes but not being able to move them. The baby was out very quickly, and we started hearing wet, gurgly cries almost immediately. DH could see better than I could, and soon he left my side to be at the warming bed, helping the doctor. They let him cut the cord shorter, so it was a bit more like cutting the cord. Baby William promptly peed and pooped all over the pediatrician! As they suctioned out his lungs, his cries got progressively louder and angrier. He sounded like a little tiger cub!

My chance to touch my baby and look at his face was very brief and a little frustrating. I know they had to get him to the nursery and warmed up, and they needed to deliver the placenta and suture me up, but I wish I could have held him for a minute or two. DH got to go along with the baby to the nursery, and was with him throughout until I was done with my recovery period.

The doctors and nurses kept me talking and distracted as they finished up in the operating room, and then I was wheeled to recovery. I caught a glimpse of DH in the door of the nursery, and we gave each other thumbs up signals. Then I had to be in my recovery room with a nurse for about the next two hours, or until I was able to start moving my legs again. My recovery nurse was fantastic, and the time passed quickly. She just kept me chatting as she did stuff and observed me. They let DH in right away, but the baby still wasn't maintaining his temperature, so he was delayed for about 30 more minutes.

When I finally got to hold my son, I had an odd feeling of disconnect, like, "this is my kid?" I was feeling dopey from lack of sleep and the surgery, and it really was hard to believe he was mine. The staff had delayed using the eye ointment at my request so that the baby's eyes could focus when we met, but it still didn't feel satisfying. I think the bond that we now have formed much more slowly over the next couple of days as we roomed in at the hospital.

I have a gorgeous, healthy son and I'm nuts about him. He's eating, peeing and pooping like a champ, and like all new parents we wish he'd sleep a little more often. And I'm really grateful for that. But I really wanted that time that moms have after a natural birth to bond immediately, and I feel cheated, to some degree. VBAC for #2! I have no complaints about the level of care I received: quite the opposite. Everyone was amazing. But I wonder if it isn't possible to change some of the policies with C-sections so that moms can bond with their babies a little earlier?

Anyway, here are some photos from the hospital and one at a week old.

This is when we first met.

Here he is rooming in with us.

This is a smile at 1 week old!


Heather, new mom (10/14/08) to a son (our first)! Happily married to my best friend, who waited to become a daddy while I finished grad school.
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

Congrats!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

mama! What a beautiful little boy!!
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

He's precious mama! Congrats and Happy Birthday to him. "D
~Z, Wifey to a wonderful DH & SAHM to five blessings
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

He is beautiful! Congratulations!

Just wanted to let you know that even us natural or vaginal birth Mamas don't always have that instant bond! I was instantly bonded to my two boys, but it took about 6 weeks to feel that about my daughter! I loved her to pieces from the moment I saw her, but I didn't feel that connection. My two boys were NICU babies, and I think I had that bond with them because they needed to be 'protected' and I had to help them fight. Poor DD was healthy, I felt as though she truly didn't 'need' me. Little did I know, she really does!

You will wake up one morning, look at that beautiful baby, and those thoughts of disconnect will be such a distant memory! HAPPY BABYMOON!
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

Congrats- he's beautiful!
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

Oh! He's a handsome little guy! Congrats, mama!!!!
Amy, wife to Kirk since '03, Mom to Lindsay and Avery
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

Welcome William!
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Re: William Harold is here, Oct. 14th

Congratulations! The end result is what matters - that you got a beautiful healthy baby
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