View Poll Results: Do you make your kids eat the fruits/veggies they don't like?
Yep, all of 'em 45 18.99%
Nope we don't force the issue 144 60.76%
Other (please explain) 48 20.25%
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Re: Do you make your kids eat the <FRITS/VEGGIES> they don't like?

Originally Posted by Tiffer23 View Post
Forcing a child to eat is NEVER a good choice, imo. It can create all sorts of food issues for them later in life. If you only ever offer healthy choices and encourage a child to try new things (often leading by example), that is a far healthier, safer way to get a child to eat. I am the parent, but that doesn't mean I am to force things on my child that just plain aren't important. If the choice was between McDonalds and organic pot pie, then yes, maybe that's a life issue. But our choices tend to be between carrots or green beans (for example). I can understand where you're coming from, wanting to raise children who are healthy for life, but I completely disagree with the way you choose to get there.
I think the issue here is defining FORCE. Most likely with all who "make" their children eat the healthy items they are ENFORCING, not pinching the LO's nose shut and shoveling it in thier mouths.

Its about sticking to your words and making sure your child knows you mean business and you're not negotiating about it. It works great when you have siblings and A doesn't want to finish her you say "Owen and Patrick, go ahead and get your shoes on. You can go to the hardware store with daddy. He's leaving in 5 minutes." Boy, that salad will be gone in 3 seconds flat. Or, "Hmmm, I don't know if we'll have time for bath, story and teeth before bed the way we're dilly dallying with dinner here." Works like a charm .

As parents most of us "make" our children stick to a bed time, we "make" them be nice to other kids, we "make" them clean up, get dressed, brush thier teeth. But I doubt most of us are physically FORCING them to. Its more about being consistent.


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Re: Do you make your kids eat the <FRIUTS/VEGGIES> they don't like?

I'm not sure how to vote, cuz I don't think there's any food my DS1 doesn't like! But there are definitely times when he just doesn't want to eat. Usually because he'd rather be playing, or because he wants to have some kind of treat instead. We don't have a lot of food in our house, so turning his nose up at dinner (when I KNOW it's something he likes!) and then eating five PB&Js before bedtime is NOT an option. I don't make him eat, but here's what we do: if he at least tries it or eats a little bit, he can get down. If he refuses to even touch it, he can get down, but he loses privileges, just like he would if he refused to do anything else he's supposed to. I work my butt off to plan and prepare healthy meals for my family, and while I'm not going to force anyone to eat them, I expect them to at least appreciate what I do. It steams me when DH will whine that he doesn't like the venison because I didn't bread it the right way and then he'll eat chips in front of the computer instead, and it's the same with the kids.

We did try something totally new a few nights ago, and DS1 did eat it, but he was making faces the entire time. I didn't like it very much either, so I managed to get through what was on my plate and then told DS he didn't have to finish his if he didn't want to. I got up and went into the other room with DS2 and when I came back he'd eaten it all! He must have actually been hungry! I was too, or I wouldn't have finished mine. Last time I try that recipe.

ETA: FWIW, I was forced to eat foods I didn't like as a kid and I don't have any food issues. I still don't like most of the same foods that I didn't then, but I didn't turn into a nutcase as a result.
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Re: Do you make your kids eat the <FRIUTS/VEGGIES> they don't like?

I make mine eat whatever I serve. The older 2 are step kids and when I moved in DSS ate no veggies and very few fruits... now he just knows he has to eat it and it isn't a power struggle any more. DSD just got introduced to them sooner and likes everything... if other people's kids are over, though, I don't make them eat stuff they don't like because I figure I am not going to change them in 1 meal or even 1 day. One thing that I found worked when I did have to go through the power struggles was to say, that's ok I guess when you are old enough to like it you will... DSD gets motivated to try new things by saying just try it because your are waaaaay tougher than DSS!
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