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Question Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

Hey so this is my first post because I am anxiously trying to gather some info and advice! I have a 7wk old that we have basically just used disposables with so far, except for a few random days that I tried cloth. I haven't stuck with it yet because my daughter seems to hate them! She is fussy and cries for what seems like no reason when she's worn them. I'm confused because when she is just in disposables she is easy to care for and doesn't seem to just cry the same way.

Now I also think my prefolds are maybe too big and I'm not sure if that would affect her so much? I do have newborn covers though?

I really want to cloth diaper and feel ok about the whole process, but I can't stick to it if she continues to be so unhappy with them.

I am dying for some help and love any bit that comes along!

Thanks thanks thanks


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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

Hmm... is she crying because she is wet? She will probably be able to feel being wet in cloth more easily than disposables. If that's the case, I would just change her when she first starts crying and see if that helps.

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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

You could also use a fleece liner so moisture doesn't sit on skin.
Here to help if I can.
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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

Are there ending up to be any issues with lumpiness, such as pushing on her waist when she's laying on her back, or on her bottom when being held? Is she seeming to have any elastic or PUL allergy response, eg rash or redness that isn't related to being wet? Is she having any skin issues/rash/redness in the diaper area due to the wet cotton against her skin or because of a laundry detergent or failure to wash clean issue (if you're color blind, you won't be able to see it)? How are you attaching the prefolds, are you using old-style pins that may be poking at her? This question she's probably too young for, but if she's got teething rash and you use barrier cream ointments with pain relief in them while in disposables, but not while in cloth, could that be the problem?

Let us know how it goes, we're here to help.
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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

I'm in the same situation, also with a 7 week old! Only tried cloth a few times but I'm paranoid that baby is uncomfortable, maybe because she's still too small for the bulky Flip and Bumgenius diapers I tried? Will keep my eyes on this thread!
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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

Itty bitties always look so tiny compared to cloth.
My LO looked so weird (we started cloth when her stump fell off/healed up) the first time. If she was uncomfortable, she didn't complain, but I also felt like I was changing her every hour.
As others have metioned, you could try a liner to see if it is the moisture. I find once they're used to something, they don't like to change, unless you do the "This is how it's going to be."
But def look to see if there's any weird rashes appearing! My LO can't wear the "bamboo charcoal" because she get's a rash within an hour of that stuff touching her skin.
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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

My younger son cried every time he was wet even a little. Some days I went through like 20 diapers (cotton prefolds). I could have used fleece liners but didn't think of it at the time, nor did I want to fuss with it.

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Re: Do some babies hate cloth diapers?!

What kind of prefolds are you using?

I had to use a fleece liner to keep my daughter comfortable and change her as soon as I can when she's wet. No longer then 2 hours, but immediately if she poops. I also had to make sure that she had enough absorbency so the diaper didn't get too wet or soaked. I started with prefolds (greenmountain) but I now like flats better (flour sack towels). They are so much less bulky and I can make it fit her much better.

I'm new to cloth diapering also. My daughter is now 3 months and very sensitive to wetness. I almost forgot, I will also put something on her like coconut oil, mother's love diaper balm or buttpaste. She's very sensitive to wetness and those things will keep her from getting a red bottom.
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