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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

Originally Posted by mommyof8 View Post
My 7 YO is the same way. We finally started offering something less desirable instead of "more". He would eat more until he made himself sick! now very seldom does he follow through when he says more because he knows "more" is not what he wants. for us it is salad...he doesnt really like salad but I know its good for him so if he really is still hungry then he can have salad. most of the time he says nevermind which tells me he wasnt really still hungry...kwim?
ITA with this. If my children are truly still hungry, they can eat carrots or an apple, etc.


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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

Personally, I'd allow her to eat what's nutritionally needed. Beyond that, I'd make her wait a little while after finishing her portions before giving her more. In case, she just ate too fast and her brain and belly haven't caught up to one another.

My mom was a food dictator. She limited my sister and I endlessly. We were never, never, never ever fat/overweight/chubby. Never. And she'd hound us constantly about our portion sizes or the amounts that we ate. She only allowed us 3 small meals and one snack (which was usually an apple or banana). No seconds at all.

We were disciplined, if we got more than a small bowl of cereal for breakfast. It just did not happen and if it did, then we were not allowed portions of the next meal, etc.

Anyway... the way she responded to food and treated us around food... lead to a lot of disordered eating on my part. And my sister's.
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

Sometimes kids need to be taught to only eat until they are not hungry and NOT until they are stuffed. If she is used to the full feeling she will eat until she is full every time she eats. It would be a good lesson for her to learn about portions and portion control. Although, before you do that I would personally take her to the doctor and get her checked out to make sure there isn't a physiological reason for her feeling hungry all the time. Then I would keep a journal of her food intake on or another calorie tracking web site for a week or so without changing her diet to see exactly what her caloric intake is currently, and what her macronutrient ratios are. A first-grader doesn't have the same caloric needs as an adult male. Perhaps she is getting too many carbs and not enough filling protein? If there is something amiss with caloric intake for age/height/weight or macronutrient ratios I would adjust her diet accordingly. I was the same kind of kid your dd is and I was in women's size 14 by the time I hit 5th grade, so I definitely WOULD take steps to make sure she doesn't have the same experience. I slimmed down with a severe self-imposed diet in the 6th grade after much teasing and heartache.

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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

I limit what my kids eat, not how much. Granted, I have boys, and they are all stick thin, but they are all solid, and in the 99% percentile for height and weight. They can have as much fruits and veggies as they want, whenever they want. They don't have designated "snack" times or a limit at meal times. If they are hungry, they eat. Seve (the oldest at 10) has eaten 3 full adult size hamburgers at a meal once, plus a salad and 2 servings of green beans. I think they are growing and need the nutrients. But I would make lots of fruits and veggies available at all times. and always allow 2nds, 3rds, or 4ths of fruits and veggies. Kids need these.
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

Originally Posted by EricaLynn View Post
NO. I would not curtail her eating. What I would do are these:

Make sure she is eating healthy food. I let my dd eat all she wants, but it has to be healthy and nutricious.

Make sure she gets enough protein.

Lots of outside and active play time.

Other than that I wouldnt stop her eating, she is still growing and needs the calories if she is hungry imo, as long as its healthy
I agree! But my son is only 2.5 y/o and I haven't had to deal with this.
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

I would personally take her to the doctor first to make sure that is isn't a chemical inbalance or mateaboloism issue. Then I would say yes curtail what she eats. That is what we are planning on doing once DD is older. I think that children shoul dbe taught to enjoy food when they are hungry....not just because they arebored...or still sitting at the table after they finished. It took me a long time to learn that.
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

You know, OP, one thing you can do is make sure there's planned activities after meals. It's usually a gentle nudge to those still eating if there's something fun like a family movie night or game time happening when everyone is finished. It also helps keep the boredom down and lets the body recognise that it's full - something that can take up to 10-20 minutes after eating.
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

I did not read the responses so if it's been said sorry, my DD went threough this at around 7 too, it was almost like she was forcing the food in like "see how much I can eat?" kinda thing, I totally cut her off, right wrong or otherwise I wasn't going to just sit around and let her get the overeating part of an eating disorder!
I said "let's talk about what's on your mind (I was Pregger's, it was hard on her) " and I told her that I want her to make healthy food choices, so IF she is really hungry she can have fruits/veggies/whole grain cerials but I wouldn't just let her eat whatever/whenever b/c that isn't healthy...
Food can be a control thing either to eat or not eat it, I found that when I said you have to eat your veggies if you want more of the stuff she likes, or after a meal you can have carrots/dip or an apple/orange...suddenly she wasn't so hungry after all - and getting her to talk and discussing healthy choices helped too, good luck mama!
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Re: When do you (or DO YOU) curtail your child's eating?

DD is only 3 but seriously can eat like a horse...last night I took her to McD's for dinner and she ate an entire double cheeseburger and wanted more. I told her no. She started complaining that she was still hungary so I explained that when she got home she could get something else to eat. When she does this wanting more food I only offer her things like yogurt, raisins, a piece of fruit junk food.
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