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Re: Sleeping through the night?

I FF my first two and they slept through the night very early. I will take nursing through night over that though. My fertility doesn't return as quickly when I nurse through the night.

WE also started cosleeping when I was finally successful at nursing my 3rd. Normally I move my babies out of my bed at around 4 months when they start rolling over. We have a very high bed. Than I nurse in a rocking chair in my room. Inevitably, they will start out in their bed (in my room) and end up right back in bed with me because I am tired. I homeschool and have older children so I need the sleep (and I am just a bit lazy at times.) I don't do this after they are 6 mod though. It's up once a night at least during that time.

Also, after not being able to nurse, I really do treasure those moments alone in the middle of the night. There is truly something beautiful about watching a LO sleep and nurse in your arms with only the moonlight shining in the room. Perhaps it's just me (can you tell I am bit hormonal and ready to hold my newest LO. . .she's being a bit stubborn right now.) Since I have older children my bonding time with baby tends to be, well, limited. So I treasure those times with my LO.

Sleeping through the night isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, most moms want it and will brag about how early their LO do sleep through the night. And it does sound inviting. But they are also missing out on some very specific times with baby. I missed that with my 1st two and will never get it back.



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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Yes, it's completely normal, and developmentally appropriate. My almost 2 year old, who is most definitely not EBF anymore, and is night weaned, still wakes throughout the night.
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

DS is almost 13 months and still wakes at least 2 times per night
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Thanks ladies. You really helped to shed new light onto this for me.

I was co-sleeping, but stopped now that she's rolling over. It just didn't make me comfortable. So now she's in a crib in my room. I've been trying to put her back in there after a feeding, since I think we both sleep better that way, but lately I've just been too tired to stay awake during the entire feeding and I usually end up side-nursing her.
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

My dd is 5.5 months old and has been sleeping through the night since 3 months. My first was FF and slept through at 2 months.

Some babies just STTN earlier then others. Though I am the first to say I am glade she isn't up as often as many of yours are.. that would drive me nuts... We don't co-sleep, never have, never will, hated it when DD was newborn and people kept telling me too as if it was the answer to everything. Its just not for our family. We also use a routine. Not a set time schedual by any means.. but a routine. Eat, Play, Sleep then I get a little time for DD#1, which I like, my 3 year old needs that time too. She is on a 3.5-4 hour eating routine, she kind of fell into it naturally.

She's down for the night at 8pm, dreamfeed at 10:30, and then up for the day at 7:30-8am
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

We were told by our pedi here in Germany to wake our LO every 3-4 hrs if he did not on his own until about 6 months.

After he reached 3 months or so, he did that on his own and quit waking up so ravenously hungry that we both were in for a world of hurt..

I think they expect us by month 6 for him to be sleeping through the night, but he isn't. He wakes anywhere from 2-5 times during the night and early morning to eat, especially so if in a growth spurt. Last week it was 4-5 times from 9pm to 6am. This week more like 3-4 times.. thank goodness.

I honestly don't expect him, while he is still nursing (at any age) to sleep entirely through the night.

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Re: Sleeping through the night?

I hope this doesn't sound super mean but when ds would wake during the night I'd sometimes just leave him there for a few minutes and he'd just fall back asleep. It didn't take long of doing that before he was sleeping 10 hrs a night at 6 mos old. I would NEVER leave him there if he was REALLY crying... its just that he'd barely be whimpering/whining... like "a-wa-wa" as apposed to "WAAAAAAAAAA-WA-WA-WA!"
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Mine is 4.5 months and still nurses several times a night. She does the same thing you LO does but we co-sleep half the night so I just latch her and go back to sleep. Its hard for my because my DS started sleeping through the night at 4 months.
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Preface - Apparently this is not normal, as many other BFing moms have told me, but my DS has slept through the night since he was about 6 weeks old.

His last feeding is at 7:00pm and he doesn't start stirring until 6/6:30am.
We do a diaper change before we go to bed at 11pm and maybe twice a week, he wakes at 3:00AM b/c he is wet.

The only thing I can think of for his behavior is that I pretty much EP so maybe that makes a difference?
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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Hmmm dd only woke up once last night. She is 22 months old. Hehe encouraging huh? She'd night nurse 4-5 times a night until around 1 year. Then 2-3, now it's about once a night, though sometimes she'll sleep through the night. I don't really know though, usually I just sleep shirtless and let her take care of it herself while I snooze on. Hehe God bless co-sleeping!
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