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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

With my daughter, literally right after conception I started having vomiting and heart burn. Thought I had gall bladder problems. Then I started having the sore boobs.Had a blood test at the doctors and found out at three weeks.

With my son, I had implantation bleeding so really, it was the positive pregnancy test. Nausea made it to about six weeks (wow, big improvement there) and the "girls" didn't grow until four months.


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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

With DS my boobs hurt so bad that when I took a shower I started crying when the water hit them! I was 19, had been married for 3 months and didn't have a CLUE what pregnancy symptoms were. I called my mom and mentioned the sore boobs and she said "Uh oh..." LOL

With DD I was visiting my mom in NM and my lower back was hurting BAD. I kept saying "Man, I'm about to start my period and it's gonna be BAD this month. I'm in so much pain!" Then I kept falling asleep randomly and without warning. By the end of that day I knew it was time to pee on a stick! LOL
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

this time, I knew when I O and I knew we had an oopsie several days before. I just knew I was going to be pregnant.

maybe 3-4 days after O I noticed nausea coming and going and my boobs looked bigger/fuller and were sore.

Then on day 7 after OI had some cramping which was implantation cramping. lasted about a day.

I thought I was loosing my mind though, I had all these preggo symptoms but none of the tests were showing up positive. Ididn't get a positive until AF was 5 days late.
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

w/ each pregnancy i was sooooooooooo tired in the very beginning!!!
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

At 35dpo I looked at Dh with fire in my eyes and demanded that he drive me to the store to buy brownies. I insisted on buying TWO pans of brownies, instead of just one. I was not even acting rational about it... lol...

DH then steered me to the pregnancy test isle. I resisted, said there was no way I could be pregnant, I was just pmsing and needed chocolate. But, he bought a test anyway. It was positive. (We had been ttc for a year and I have finally just given up. Stopped charting, stopped thinking about it. We were supposed to go see specialists that same month.)

The next symptom I had was starting to show around 9 weeks. I had a very boring first trimester.
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

This is still so crazy for me to think about, since we ttc'd our boys for two years and ended up taking Clomid to conceive them. I analyzed every little possible symptom every month, but nothing.

This time, we were using protection and were not planning on having more children. I was sitting here at the computer, looking at the calendar and planning my birthday four weeks later, which would have involved lots and lots of margaritas. I suddenly realized I was a few days late. First thing I did was squeeze my boobs, which were definitely sore. I didn't think anything of it at all; I was often late and my boobs were always sore before AF. But then I figured if I was going to partake of any margaritas in the near future, I should probably take that test sitting in my bathroom closet. A couple of minutes later I was staring at myself in the mirror in complete shock, with a positive hpt in my hands. I'll never forget that moment.

So. My symptoms were sore boobs. I was pretty emotional too. But I always get emotional and have sore boobs before AF as well. Now the non-stop puking that started a week later? THAT was not a typical AF symptom.
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

Both times I've been pregnant, 6 or 7 days after ovulation/conception, I started feeling a little light headed/slightly dizzy, was SUPER thirsty, and seemed to have more gas. That combination of things for the week before I could test was a giveaway - both times I knew I was pregnant even before I took the test :-)
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

I *knew* I was preg. both times immediately after dtd

But my first symptom was car sickness....I've always gotten a little car sick, but it was so bad that I would have to lay the seat back in the car even if we were only going a block or two. Then sore boobs with #1, with #2 I didn't really notice that.

right now, I'm in a 2ww so maybe I'll have something to report soon.........
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

I had to PEE!!!!!! ALL DAY LONG!!! And usually it was just a tinkle, but I couldn't even hold that! And this for me was NOT normal. I usually could go to work and come home without ever going to pee until I got home. It took me a few days before it hit me....I'm pregnant. Of course it was just a few weeks so hadn't been time for my AF yet. So I dreadfully had to wait till I could test, and SURE ENOUGH BFP! But I just knew it already.
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Re: First symptoms-anyone care to share?

We were not trying. One night I realized my nipples were really, really sensitive! Way, way overly sensitive. . . .and it got me thinking. Then, I noticed that things down below, smelled different.
So I realized I could not remember when I had my last period, and off to the store I went to buy a test. The day before thanksgiving. And, yes, POSITIVE! So I called and made an appt at my OB for the MOnday after the holiday to get it confirmed. The rest, is history.
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