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Re: my $1400 washing machine is BROKEN

We are looking at new washers....ours (not a Kenmore and it is a top-loader) is definitely broken (like water all over the basement broken)! Tell me more about these two----they're the two we were looking at! Kenmore HE4T and the LG (a brand I've never even heard of until looking into this)!! Not to hijack, but just want to know more. The HE4T was my first pick (for the sanitizing aspect), so I'm glad to be reading your reviews!!


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Re: my $1400 washing machine is BROKEN

I can help!!! I had the same thing happen to me with my HE3 and decided to google the error code to see what I could find. It is a SUPER easy fix and not something 'broken' in the washer.

The F02 code means is that something got sucked into the drain and is stuck. For me it was my cloth breast pads, but it can also be socks or other small items. (During the wash cycle especially if the load is too full items can get stuck in the rubber rim and sucked down the drain - this happens in top loader washers too). And then they clog the drain so it can't empty, and you get the F02 error code.

Here is what you do (i am the most non-savvy repair-person out there and i managed it on my own the second time it happened - b/c i was too lazy to put my breast pads in the lingerie bag ).

1. Get a screwdriver and unscrew the bottom plate of the washer - you'll have to lay on the floor to see it as the screws are underneath. You'll need a special screwdriver head - it's like $5 at the hardware store. Mine was a 5/8" hexagonal shape - but if you just tell them you need 'the kind for a washing machine' they should be able to help you find it.

2. Once the metal front plate is off, you're almost done! Have towels ready to soak up the water that will come out in Step 3.

3. Look at the area that the faceplate covered - in the middle will be a white twist-off cap. This is the drain access. Untwist, pull out whatever is jammed in there, twist it back on, and you're done!

It takes 5 minutes tops . No need to call a repairman again!
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Re: my $1400 washing machine is BROKEN

KENMORE is not a brand!!!!

Other manufacturers make things for Sears. Our Kenmore fridge is a Whirlpool, our Kenmore Washer and Dryer is Fridgidaire, etc.... you can phone Sears and they will tell you the manufacturer of your appliance.

We purchased an HE4T when they first came out, without doing our research. Dh had fallen in love with the set, so we bought it. We had so much trouble with the thing (We had the repair guys home number thats how often he visited us!!) that after six months of that crap we asked Sears to take them back and we got a front loading frigidaire - which is what the repair person recommended. And the frigidaire was a much better price than the HE4T!

Always always always do research before you buy, we now do! Epinions is great, and there's lots of other sites out there as well.

We like Sears because their customer service is excellent, we've never had a problem. But you can't just buy Kenmore and think its a brand :P And never buy an appliance with a bunch of fancy electronics on it - first off, will you ever use all those settings? We sure don't! And the electronics break down and cost a LOT of money to fix - one circuit board can be up to $1000 to replace on those HE's!!

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Re: my $1400 washing machine is BROKEN

I know kenmore isn't an actual brand too - and we did do our research on the front loaders and after much debate decided on the HE4t (which is AKA the Whirlpool duet). I do remember the PT about the breast pad being stuck and thought that was our problem. And - yes it was, but I didn't think it wouldn't be warrantee covered. SO ....I did ask the guy "If this happens do I fix it myself" I too will probly be too lazy to put my small items in a wash bag.
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