View Poll Results: Do you delay solids?
Yes, until 6 months 40 59.70%
Yes, until 12 months 8 11.94%
No, my baby was eating rice cereal by 2 weeks! 1 1.49%
Other 18 26.87%
Voters: 67. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Do you delay solids?

I am revisiting this lifestyle now vicariously thru my homebirthed and CD'd granddaughter! I have 4 kids from 26.5-17.5. The oldest didnt eat anything outside of momma's milk til 12 months. I got a lot of flak from everyone but he was fine and verbal too. The youngest started her solids at 5.5 months. They all breastfed from between 26 months-15 months.
My granddaughter is now 6.5 months and is still solely on Momma!! I am proud....
My grandson is 13 months but his Momma couldnt breastfeed...he eats many foods by now but had to have special formula and all....


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Re: Do you delay solids?

I delayed solids for 10 months w/ds and he developed a swallowing aversion. Noone ever told me this was a possability, but apparently it is not uncommon. I think the window is 7-9 months for introducing new textures without problems. I did 7 months w/ dd1 and 6 months w/dd2.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

dd- waited til 6 mo and she was soooooo ready! she ate like crazy from day 1 and still is a big, big, very big eater (and very tall)

ds- he's 6 mo today and thanks to ds, i don't feel the need to start him on solids til he really seems ready. So far he's doing fine and doesn't seem to need food yet.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

With ds I started the day he turned 6 months and he was SO ready- wolfed down cereal and looked at me as if to say "why did wait so long?" I couldn't get it in fast enough. He continued to BF until 14 months... With dd #1 I tried at 5 1/2 months- she was so fussy all the time thought we'd give it a shot- but she wanted nothing to do with it- at about a week past 6 months we tried again and she did great. BF until 13 months (they both self-weaned)
dd #2 just started solids at 6 months 3 weeks- she too is loving it- the only thing she hasn't liked is when I tried to feed her food cold from the fridge... she only eats as much as she wants (she stops opening her mouth for the spoon when full) sometimes just a few bites, up to about 1/4 cup of total food 2-3 times a day over the past week and a half. It's not helping her sleep through the night at all, and she is still nursing 6-7 times a day right now- waking up one to two times at night. Wishing it would work that way though!
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Re: Do you delay solids?

I think it does depend on the child. My first I started @ 6 months and he loved EVERYTHING I gave him! He nursed until 18 months. My second wouldn't touch any food other than BM until she was about 10 months - she HATED pureed things - she wanted to chew and she wanted to feed herself! She nursed until 2 1/2. My third, we started w/ avocado & banana around 6.5 months and he's slowly taken to it & seems to like it. He only has a couple ounces of food per day, but his most recent food (sw. potato) is a huge hit & he loves it! He's still nursing as much as he was before, so we'll keep adding foods and see how he does. So far, so good.

ETA: I just want to comment on this quote from the article:
Anemia is uncommon in the breastfed baby due to the following reasons: 1) a healthy, full-term infant has ample iron stores at birth to last him at least for the first twelve months of life, 2) although the amount of iron in breastmilk is small, it is readily absorbed at a rate of 49% compared to 4% of the iron in formula. This is due to the high levels of lactose and vitamin C in human milk, which aid in the absorption of iron, and 3) breastfed babies do not lose iron through their bowels as do formula-fed infants, whose intestines develop fissures from damage caused by cow's milk.
My dd, who never had anything other than BM for at least 7 months, and then very tiny amounts of solids (whatever she managed to not spit out) up to about 10 months, had very low iron diagnosed at 12 months (so, for whatever reason, she did NOT have "ample stores" of iron to last her first year). It was so low that it was inhibiting her ability to absorb the nutrients from what she was eating (still primarily breastmilk), and thus she wasn't growing well (she was 16lbs at 12 months). So, while low iron may be uncommon in bf babies, it can still happen, and it is still important to make sure your ped checks your baby's iron levels at 9 & 12 months.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

My oldest was almost 10 months, and he took off feeding himself. My middle child was 6 months (not sure why we started him then, he ate organic jar baby food or homemade baby food). My youngest was 11.5 months and she would have happily waited a little longer to start if I didn't begin offering her watermelon.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

My pedi recommended waiting until 9 months, but we started Margo eating cereals, avocado, and banana at 8 months. She was EBF to that point, and she still nurses at 16 months. She likes to eat, too, but not more than she likes to nurse.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

I wish I had waited with my first, part of me blames his multiple severe food allergies on starting @ 6mo. but I also blame every nut/ taste of hummus/ egg sandwich I ate while breast feeding... he self weaned @14mo. dd is just 5mo. now and desperate to eat! miming chewing, trying to snatch food/ drinks from the hands of her holder... I swore I would wait with her, but she is longing for food and not sleeping at night, just nursing ALL THE TIME, I'm a human pacifier, she's just now warming up to bottles (thank god for the "breast flow"!), but still refuses to use a real (or man made) pacifier! I'm still holding off on food but I don't know how much longer I can go?
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Re: Do you delay solids?

I was planning on waiting until 6 months, but at 4 months she started doubling her intake of formula (to, I'm not kidding, 16oz at a feeding) and still seemed unsatisfied. She didn't seem to be hitting a growth spurt, and everyone kept telling me to start her on solids. I started researching readyness signs, and she had most of them, so I made up a small amount of baby cereal and tried it with her at 4.5 months. She choked and threw it up the first time, so I waited another week and tried again. She gobbled it all up and started looking for more. Her formula feedings went back to 8oz a feeding 5 times a day like they were before the massive appetite, and seemed happier with three feedings of cereal. She's 13 months now and rarely has purees - mostly finger foods now, but she is one of the best eaters I've ever seen.
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Re: Do you delay solids?

With my oldest, we started later, he has SPD, and has a lot of texture issues, he was probably 11 months old.

The baby was about 9ish months? A bit later maybe, many many many food allergies, so it was hard.
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