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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

Originally Posted by greenkmt View Post
I can't down load it can anyone post it?
Here's some of the ones that concerned me the most....

Began losing all previously developed language and showing signs of PDD/ASD. Undergoing speech and occupational therapy.

This case was reported by a medical assistant and described the occurrence of autism in a 3 year old subject of unspecified gender who was exposed to hepatitis B vaccine recombinant (Engerix-B) in utero. On 25 July 2002 the subject's mother received a dose of Engerix-B (dose number not provided, lot ENG5242A4). On 10 January 2006, the mother of the subject contacted the reporter and reported that she was one month pregnant at the time of the administration of Engerix-B and now her 3 year old child has autis

SIDS per autopsy 1/3/06. No added information from autopsy report rec'd 01/18/2006/sr

The first week of April 2005, she was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. She was totally paralyzed and on respiratory assistance. She is now in a rehab hospital. She is much better now 1/06, but still in rehab and speech therapy.

Anaphylaxis to flu shot. Dyspnea, audible crackles, diaphoretic, nausea, skin cool to touch, nausea, accessory muscles to breath.

2nd dose of infant flu vaccine given to pt on 1/9/06. At 11 pm evening pt. developed "blank stare and face turned blue and felt hot." Pt taken to ER and Dx with acute febrile seizure. Tx with Motrin/Tylenol.

Information has been received from a consumer, who is also the mother of a four year old son who was vaccinated with measles vaccine live (+) mumps virus vaccine live (+) rubella virus vaccine live and then developed "PPD, mild autism with a high IQ" after being vaccinated.

Fever 4 hours after shots 103 and screaming and crying for several hours. Fever lasted 4 days, per mom.

Mom states after 2 month shots were given on 12/8/05 baby cried for 3 hours straight.

MED ERROR: Menactra vaccine was administered instead of Flu shot.

AUTISM: This case was reported by a consumer and described the occurrence of autism in a 1 year old male subject who was vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine (manufacturer unspecified) for prophylaxis. The reporter is an acquaintance of the subject. A physician or other health care professional has not verified this report. On 8/24/2001, the day the subject was born, he received the 1st dose of hepatitis B vaccine, lot number not reported. At one year of age, on an unspecified date in 2002, the subject experienced s


(1 year old) Within 1 hr of receiving the MMR/DPT vaccination, she started having partial/complex seizures every 15 minutes. She is still having partial & petit mal seizures 2-4 times daily even with the advent of 3 prescribed medications. She has had these seizures over the last 1 1/2yrs. and continues to have them daily.

MED ERROR: Child was injected with .5mL of influenza vaccine instead of 0.25mL.

(another 1 year old) Seizure

L leg limp, unable to walk on it, redness, water filled blister at sight, (L thigh) (varicella lesion)? Treatment-Dr visit-CBC, ESR drawn, Motrin for pain, re check leg next day 2/16/06

This case was considered medically important (OMIC). Information regarding Prevenar (pneumococcal 7-valent conjugate vaccine (diphtheria crm197 protein) unspec) was received from an allergist regarding a 13 month old female patient who received a dose of Prevnar along with a dose of Varivax (varicella virus vaccine, live) on 6/9/2005. On the same day, the child vomited, developed rash on both sides of face and erythema, and became lethargic, cyanotic and pale. Medical history healthy child. Indication for P

(1 year old) Received DTap, Hib 1-10-06. Fever that night of 103.7. Next AM-vomiting. 1-12-06 had seizure of 10 second duration. 1-12-06 PM temp returned to normal, vomiting stopped.

Father called to say child awoke in early evening screaming and shaking.

Pt ad seizure 5 minutes after administration of 12 month immunization. Seen in ER had T 103. Fine 2 minutes after event. No further fever or seizure.

Family woke to infant in body shaking seizure which lasted 6 minutes from time they awoke to finish. Start of seizure not witnessed. Felt hot at home. Upon ambulance arrival, baby's temp about 101.8 (right). History of non-febrile febrile seizure on 12/26/05. EEG/Cat Scan/MRI to be done. MD diagnosis: febrile seizure for 12/31/05 visit.

At 6pm on 11-30-05 mother reports her child was taking a nap and the mother heard a strange sound in her child's room. Mother reports child was shaking all over with her eyes rolled back. Her color reported to be pale and cyanotic lips. Mother had her father take them to ER. The child kept breathing during the convulsion and her temp. was 102 degrees. the child aroused with mother holding.


Fever 103-104.7, vomiting, seizure-seen in ER. Swelling, tenderness L thigh

Not able to lift arm, large rough knot at shot site, red solid ring that grew daily.

Temp. 105, febrile seizure, lethargic. Began to lose acquired skills within 3 months of vaccination.

Infant stopped breathing at daycare while sleeping. Autopsy pending.

This case was considered medically important (OMIC). Information regarding Hib Titer vaccine (haemophilus B conjugate vaccine (Diphtheria crm 197 protein conjugate) injection) was received from a registered nurse regarding a patient, who on an unspecified date, received a third dose of Hib titer. On an unspecified date, the patient developed autism.

40 second episode of unresponsiveness and eyes rolling up. Seen in emergency room. Diagnosed probable febrile seizure. No prescription given. patient had a fever for 2 days.

3/14/2006 Rash upper trunk, occipital adenopathy.

As I was administering the last immunization of 4 immunizations, the client closed his eyes and lowered his head and slumped in the chair. His body stiffened and he straightened in the chair and started sliding to the floor. His mother and I helped him gently to the floor in a sitting postion holding him upright as he had lost consciousness. His mother and I told him to breathe deeply, and I was lightly tapping his cheeks to stimulate him to wake up. He started to regain consciousness and we helped him back

Palpations. Sinus tachycardia. Systemic reaction to flu shot.

Had imm 12/12/05. Morning of 12/13/05 found in crib with apparent seizure activity GTCS). Taken to Emerg Room. Temp noted to be 102 degrees.

Left upper arm became very sore, painful and stiff over a few weeks. 1/9/06 - MD diagnosed "frozen shoulder" and injected with cortizone. Arm was better for about 2 weeks and progressively returned to pain and stiffness. Arm being treated by a chiropractor since 1/30/2006; arm is still stiff and painful in deltoid muscle. Difficult to lift arm, put on seatbelt. Arm still stiff, sore and painful.

SIDS patient presented unresponsive taken to ED by ambulance and pronounced dead.

Vaccine admin on 4/20/2006. Death from apnea/bradycardia reportedly on 4/23/2006. I do not have details.

1 min. after receiving smallpox vaccine pt. complained of lightheadedness. Immediately loss consciousness & fell to the floor hitting head on a shelf. Became apneic, pale, & demonstrated tonic-clonic activity in the upper & lower extremities. Epi X 1 given. Ventilated with bag-valve mask, IV started, O2 applied per non-rebrather mask after about 2 minutes. Regained consciousness in 4-5 minutes. Transported to local ER per EMS. Observed for 3 1/2 hours. Given Peocid 40mg IVP, Solu-Medrol 125mg IVP, &


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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

OMGosh! I can't believe that they would still give those out and how could someone continue to vac?....
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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

omgosh those are scary. My ds got his vaxes up until 9 months and hasn't had any since. I have pretty much decided no, but I don't know how I could do any after reading all this stuff (not just this but other research). It's scary very scary......
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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

i have screaming kids around me right now so i was just able to skim the info. does anyone know how long of a time period the reactions to vaccinations can take?
my dd got her 12 month vaccinations (last vaxs too). i have to look back to see exactly when her appt was, but shortly after, i know she was already 13 months old she started having seizures, she had 3 in 1 day. they wrote it off saying she had rotavirus and sent us on our way after being hospitalized for 3days.
then nothing more happened, but then at 16 months old she had more seizures and is now diagnosed with epilepsy and it on medication.
i have always wondered in the back of my mind if her vaxs could have caused this, that is our reasoning as to not get her vaccinated anymore.
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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

I have always found it very interesting. Doctors would have us believe that vaccines are practically harmless....but if that were the case, we wouldnt need an emergency fund for people who end up messed up from vaccines, right?

Scary stuff. I have a book at home that talks about the same thing.

93% of ALL children have a negetive reaction to vaccines. Either behavioral, systemic or neurological. SCARY.
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Re: Interesting facts about vaccines

Serena, some times it can take several months for reactions to show up. But often the reactions are imediate, or almost imediate, but seem benign at first. Small things start and then over time they build. So the actual reaction was immediate, but the parent doesn't notice the reaction until a month or more later which of course makes it easier for Dr's to write off. But then even with imediate reactions Dr's often insist that the vax wasn't at fault. It seems that unless a child goes into anaphylactic shock within a few minutes of recieving the vax no Dr. wants to admit that it was a reaction.
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