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Problems since mini-pill

hi- I have two issues if you would all help me out. Sorry it is so long.


I started taking the minipill (which had been my pill of choice PTC) and did not notice how dramatically it had affected my supply quickly enough. I just thought- "oh, he is sure done alot faster than before" since people had also told me that BFing would get quicker. That was at 2 months, by month three I felt that DS wasn't gaining and kind of put two and two together. FFWD to today: DS is 4.5 months old and I have been struggling to get my supply back since then (fenugreek, tea, more nursing, pumping, etc). He has slept through the night since 2 months and we do a cluster feed with both boobs and EBM bottle before we put him down. I pump 3 or 4 hours later and then 4 hours later and then it is time for him to get up. Previously I was able to get about an ounce pumped for every hour I did not feed him and make two bottles a night. Since the minipill it has been cut in half so I have to pump three or four times a night just to come up with the one bottle to give him the cluster feed.

During the day he is a bear to feed if it has not been at least 4 hours since his last feed. I just don't have enough milk. He is on/off/on/off instantly so I switch sides, same thing, switch sides, same thing, switch sides, blah blah until eventually either I get some small second let down or he settles down enough to try harder to nurse. He usually is made very tired by this battle and is "satisfied" with the amount he eventually gets. If I can get him to go 4 hours it is much better and it seems as if my supply satisfies him.

I have tried more frequent feedings(every two hours) but that just makes him really angry and fussy since he gets so little.

My pedi is concerned about his weight (although he is maintaining his 50th-%tile now that I stopped taking the pill.) His third month he only gained 6 ounces but has made up for it to keep his middleweight standing. I have no problem supplementing with one small amount of formula a day but cannot abide much more than that as it freaks me out.

2nd issue:
And now all of the sudden he is night waking at least twice a night, mostly one random time and then at 4 or 5am and has had a HUGE developmental couple of weeks. If it is close-ish to when we put him down we rock him back to sleep and he falls asleep again easily. If it is 4 or 5 am I feed him and put him back down. This takes forever and it seems as if he is really wanting to get up for the day at 5 in the morning. He then wakes up at 8am and I have the displeasure of the food fight since it has not been long enough btw feedings for my supply to satisfy him. This 5 am feed has also forced me to cut out one of my pumping sessions so I am sure that I can feed him when he wakes up, thus impacting my EBM bottle I am struggling so desperately to get.

I had pretty tough PPD related to sleep deprivation in the beginning and I CANNOT go back to the way it was. I need him to sleep in at least 5 hour stretches through the night or I will go to the loony bin.




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Re: Problems since mini-pill

The way to build your supply is to nurse and pump more frequently, not less. By waiting until 4+ hours to feed your baby, you're telling your body not to make so much milk. If you just can't bring yourself to nurse more frequently, I would highly recommend that you pump at least every couple of hours.

It would probably help a lot if you use a different form of birth control too. If the pill cut your supply to begin w/, dropping how much of the pill you're taking means you are still fighting your hormones in trying to get your body to produce more milk. Some women will see a drop in milk supply or cease to produce milk even w/ just a little bit of pregnancy hormones (which is what bc pills are).

Is it possible your LO is waking at night because he's starting to teeth? (Signs of this would be increased drool, desire to chew or bite things during the day, etc.) Also, many babies go through a growth spurt at about 4 months old, has he finished that spurt or could this be it? That would increase his need to nurse because that's how he builds your supply to meet his new needs.

Just in general, most women find that even if a baby starts waking up more frequently once they are 6 mos old or so, it's not as bad as the first few weeks postpartum because their body's hormones (and exhaustion level from recovering from childbirth) are no longer increasing their need for sleep quite so drastically. Also, teething pain will often come and go so if that's it, he'll probably sleep like normally now and then (enough for you to recover ).
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