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Vegetarian kids?

Has anyone raised their kids vegetarian?


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Re: Vegetarian kids?

I have 4 vegan kids (see blog in sig). I've been vegan for 16+ years, mostly veg for 6 years before that, so 4 vegan pregnancies. All the kids are very healthy without animal products (except human milk of course).
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

We recently switched to a vegetarian diet. I don't cook meat at our house, but I do allow my kids to eat meat if we go out for a meal or to someone's house. We've been trying some new veggie recipes, and most of it they will eat, but sometimes I let them have PB and jelly if it's something I know they won't eat.
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

I am a vegan and DH is a vegetarian. We are raising the kids vegan. For us personally we have decided to raise them vegan and when they are old enough to really understand our reasoning and what meat really is then they can decide their dietary choices (outside of home). Although we hope they at least choose to be a veggie.

DH is a veggie due to health issues. His stomach can't digest meat properly and he is slightly lactose intolerant (he only indulges in cheese sometimes and products that already contain dairy or eggs). We are hoping the kids do not inherit his health problems but we figure that our kids are better off on a vegan diet anyway (in our opinion anyway).

Personally I think it boils down to how you feel about them eating meat. If you are okay with it then I see no problem with you feeding them some if you'd like. If you have reasons (health, animal rights, personal, etc) against it then don't. You kids will be fine without it and there are always animal free options (even with eating out/parties/etc).
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

We are not vegetarians or vegan. My daughter was just diagnosed with an egg allergy. So we have been trying a lot of vegan foods, and recipes. She does drink milk and eat cheese. She also likes her occasional chicken nuggets.

I think that if your children are getting the protein they need from other sources then why not! There is plenty of protein in beans and nuts.

I also think organic foods, where animals are treated more natural and more humane is better too.

I have wanted to become vegan for sometime now, I am still trying to research it more fully so I can fully understand and commit to that lifestyle.
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

We have also recently (about 8 months ago) switched to a vegetarian diet. I guess we would be lacto-ovo-vegetarians as we do consume some milk and dairy but I really try to limit this also. We made the switch mainly for the health benefits vs animal ethics so that may make my decision different than other vegetarians or vegans.

I want my children to make their own choice when they are older so we don't forbid them from eating meat. We do not serve meat in our home but when we are at a restraunt or visiting friends or relatives they are free to choose meat. We don't offer it, we just ask what they want on their plates. DS NEVER eats the meat component! DD loves chicken and french fies. We also usually take a vegetarian dish with us if it's a dinner at our families to ensure that we aren't just stuck eating veggies and potatoes.

I find that it is a bit more work because I am very conscious of everything we eat to make sure my children are getting enough protein, iron, etc. I think it has really benefited our health as I never thought so much about the nutritional aspect of everything we ate prior to becomming vegetarians.

I have found a few really good kid-friendly cookbooks and I absolutley love "Becoming Vegetarian" (Vesanto Melina) which has some great nutritional info for kids and adults.

Feel free to PM me with any other questions.
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. DH eats meat in restaurants and I buy him sliced ham at the deli for sandwiches, but I never cook meat at home. So far, the baby has been on a veggie diet like me (except for a wee smidge of chicken tikki masala that his dad let him try on our last trip to the Indian buffet) and has always been healthy and at the top of the growth charts.

Incidentally, a dear friend of mine has been a vegetarian since the day she was born. She has never had a bite of meat or seafood in 35 years and she's perfectly happy and healthy. So, yes, it can be done!
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

I'm not vegan or vegetarian, although my diet could be likened to pesca vegetarian for the most part. I do very much respect your choices though.

One of my favorite protein sources is a grain+bean+nut combination - for the most part you'll find a lot of these in indian cuisine.

I did get a book about baby food from my soon to be step-mother which is predominantly veggie - apparently the first version didn't include anything about meat and the second version includes very little (5 pages). It is called "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in their children's diets! It has info on nutrition, preparation and a bunch of recipes for toddlers too.

Originally Posted by karlie's mom View Post
Has anyone raised their kids vegetarian? I've been vegetarian nearly my whole life. I'm not opposed to my children consuming some meat, but because I don't eat it I never cook it. Should I go out of my way to make meat meals for my kids or will they be okay without it. My 3 yo hasn't eaten much meat and she seems pretty healthy. Please let me know your opinion if you have experience with this.
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Re: Vegetarian kids?

yes, and I was, etc. The majority of my family, close and extended, are vegetarian. 3rd and even 4th generations. You really don't need meat.
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