View Poll Results: When BFing in public do you cover up?
Always 73 18.96%
Never 126 32.73%
Depends on location or people around me 179 46.49%
N/A because I avoid Nursing in Public 7 1.82%
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?


I had a mom (yes, a mom! A BFing MOM!) in our homeschool group approach me last year b/c she was uncomfortable with my "nursing style" and another parent had approached her with the same comment.

She just couldn't get why I wouldn't use a cover. She even offered to make me one. And she told me that I was "making myself an occasion of sin for others". I kid you not.

Some people just don't get it.


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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

I rarely use a blanket or cover I just make sure I'm covered with my shirt.

Although I did leave the room and sit by myself in DH grandpa's house cause I guess my nursing made him uncomfortable. Big hairy deal.

I haven't got any rude comments yet, but I have got other ones ranging from You're nursing standing up? You're such a good mom, and my favorite while eating some pizza, Oh, he's going to enjoy that later

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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

I always cover up but that's more because I'm big breasted and it's difficult for me to be discreet, not to mention DS doesn't care who see's my boobs and pops on and off as he pleases without a moments notice. Now that he's older, we don't NIP very often though.
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

It makes me sick to think of moms being forced to leave because they are NIP!!!
No, I do not cover up, my son has always hated it and him screaming and pulling the blanket draws more attention. I NIP proudly The more moms that do the more norm it will become.
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

Originally Posted by Mockeh View Post
I don't cover up. It's not like you can even see much anyway. I lift my top up and am more concerned at people see my post-baby tummy than my boob!

I couldn't cover if I wanted to. DD rips off the cover faster than I can blink. I try my best to be discreet, and if there's a private place, I go there. If there's nothing available, and I need to nurse, then we go for it
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

Originally Posted by cmapperson View Post
Kate, I was really irritated to see that on the news as well. Just because SOME moms choose to use a cover, does not mean ALL moms do. I think it was even funnier to see the male news anchor trip over the word "breast" each time he had to say it, yet less than 10 minutes later had no problem talking about a strip club.
I voted "it depends" on the cover up, because there have been a couple times when I cover. To be honest, I think the best use for a hooter hider is pumping in the car when I don't want to show the whole parking lot exactly how the baby eats while mommy's away!
I was at the nurse in too, that was great. It was really nice to see all different moms (and a few dads) together for the same purpose. Baby's first peaceful protest!
Hey there local mama! The news coverage was very annoying! It was great they were there, but they presented it almost like a joke, esp. "the hooter hider" part.

And I just want to say kudos to all you mamas who NIP ar church! That is the one place I haven't had enough courage to NIP. The stress of accidently flashing a boob in church is more than I can handle!
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

I don't cover up. When I'm at the store and walking around I just use my sling so I can keep walking/shopping. But if I'm sitting down or at a restaurant or something, I don't cover. Why should I cover? I personally think that not covering is more discreet. If someone sees someone with a blanket over their shoulder, it hints that they are hiding something. But that's just my own opinion.
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

DD is my first and I had this bright green nursing cover with pink polka dots. Another mom from my LLL said she saw a mama with one like it and laughed "that draws more attention to you than if you were discreet." From then on I dropped it and never looked back.

It took practice, but I learned how to relax and nurse without showing too much. As DD got older (over 1 year) though I had to distract her and refuse or go to another room because she would do this "nurse-stop/play-nurse-stop/play" thing that made it VERY difficult to be discreet with.

When I was just 18 and naive about BFing, I worked at Sears Portait studio. I felt uncomfortable around some moms because they would not be discreet at all and I would see more than I wanted (entire breast hanging out there). Other moms I couldn't even tell they were BFing till I wondered why the baby was so quiet It's all how you do it!
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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

I voted Depends, but its more that it depends on what I'm wearing than who's around. If I'm wearing a top down shirt then I try to put something over my breast. If I'm wearing a bottom up shirt, I don't worry about it. Even when I do cover, it's just me not DD.

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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

Let me start by saying that I say this with complete respect to everyone and strictly out of curiosity. I don't mean to offend at all. I find it interesting that so many women choose to cover up only in church. I don't go to church anymore, but it seems to me that would be the one place where you could nurse uncovered. Wouldn't that be the one place where breasts aren't sexualized? I would think that in such a family-oriented place men and women would view breastfeeding as strictly feeding your child and therefore something that doesn't need hiding. I'm not trying to start anything at all and I completely respect all of you and what you have said. I'm just curious why church is a place that you prefer to cover if you feel comfortable NIP uncovered elsewhere. Can someone enlighten me?
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