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Let's share our birth stories!

I know many of you girls have probably already done so but I'm trying to get to know everyone and wanted to share mine. Plus, I like to read others' birth stories; so post them if you want to! (Sorry if this is in the wrong place but it seemed like the place to put it due to it being pregnancy.)

The day I had my daughter, I had to work that morning. I was working at Goodwill at the time. I went into work at 8:30 a.m. and I had a scheduled check-up doctor appointment at 11:00 a.m. I clocked out and went to my appointment, which my husband met me there because he had the day off. We get there, they check my weight, make me pee in a cup, etc. Everything was fine. I was exactly 38 weeks 2 days along. (I was due on August 31st.) Then my doctor came back with results from my pee saying I was spilling 2+ protein. She explained the concerns and risks and asked if I'd like to have my baby now or wait. I chose NOW. Since we had nothing packed at home, she let us go home to pack and told us to come right back to L&D. But not before she stripped my membranes in the office. I was told that would hurt like hell by a friend of mine and it didn't. All I felt was pressure.

Anyway, we left for home and packed. Michael (my husband) called Goodwill and told them I wouldn't be coming back. Then we went to L&D. They made me wear that uncomfortable paper gown. They hooked me up with IV fluids and then gave me pitocin. (Yes, I was induced.) That was at 12:15 p.m. and I was 3 cm dialated. An hour later, I got an epidural. That didn't hurt either. I have seen women on TV cry when they get those and I always thought it hurt that bad. But it didn't. Labor progressed and around 4-something that afternoon, they checked me and I went from 3 cm to 10 cm in 4 hours. Then they started wheeling in all this equipment, lights, etc. Nurses came in. My doctor came in. There was one nurse I LOVED who was due with a girl in December. She was so sweet.

Then came the marathon pushing. I actually pushed for 2.5 hours. They told me her head was crowning and "right there" but I needed to push hard for it to come out. What ended up happening was a vacuum extraction for her head (she didn't even have a cone head either!) and I had a episiotomy. The next contraction I felt, I pushed and she just slipped out. In total, my labor and delivery was 20 minutes shy of 7 hours long.

And so Sophie was born on August 18th, 2005 at 6:56 p.m. (You can see her stats in my sig.)

As for the next child we have, I've given thought about the whole birth process. I've decided I don't want an epidural. Not because "it'll slow my labor down" or "it'll screw up your baby" but because for 3 weeks after having her, I had horrendous back pain from it. I really believe if it weren't for that back pain, I would have healed a lot faster and been more mobile. I think that back pain was actually worse than giving birth. It hurt to sit, lay down, walk, etc. My doctor told me I have a high tolerance for pain which astounds me because I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain. But it makes me feel good when I think about birthing the next one. I've given thought to doing it naturally. But I'm not 100% about going that route. I do know I would like to walk around during labor. I had to lay in that horrible excuse of a bed that's made from concrete and styrofoam in the hospital. But I will do more thinking and decision-making about this when we TTC and I'm preggo again.

They say your subsequent children after the first one have shorter labor and delivery times. If that's true and it's less than 7 hours with our Something to think about.

And that's my birth story! Share yours!



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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

ok i just happen to see this and i decided to share mine of nicholas...he was due july 2nd 2004 hes now 2 years old! we went in for our normal check up on the date we were due and still no progressing from 1 cm dilated so we decided to set an induction up we set it up for 2 weeks out he was born july 13th 2004 we went in to be induced it took forever i was in labor for 3 days and yes i mean 3 days we got induced with the iv stuff around the 2nd day i took the epidural and it hurt like hell i was having contractions every 20 seconds while they were trying to get the epi in and omg i was in pain i screamed and cryed every time i could feel him stick me to get me numb he had to stick me 5 times to finally get me nubm so he could get the epi in that was after he told them to turn down the potisoum lol i cant spell it lol so need less to say i could not eat or drink anything but iv fluids the whole 3 days i was in bed it sucked i got to use the hot tub just before epi and i loved it.....finally the 3rd day came i was slowly progressing and finally made it to 10 cm dialated and dr said when ur ready to push i can and i said i gotta go # 2 i think at least 4 times lol and dr and everyone else said no its just baby pushing down and sure enought it was him moving down the birth canall i started pushing around probly 10:25pm he was out at 11:56 pm almost the next was all worth it im so glad hes my wonderful baby boy and i love him to pieces......just wanted to share mine also i hope this one is not so bad lol
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

I dont post on this board, but I thought I'd join in even though I'm not pg. I love telling my story and hearing about others. so here goes

I started having contractions on June 6th I didnt know what they were, just all of a sudden I'd get these wierd cramps in the very bottom of my belly, but I didnt think anything of it since it wasnt regular. fast forward to 2 days later on the 9th my best friend (now more like strangers, we just arent friends anymore) came in to town and we hung out. those same contractions that were jsut in the bottom of my belly were still there but again still very eratic, but now they were more often, like 5 mins here 20 mins there, an hour here then back up to 10 mins. so I figured it was real labor so we went to the Mall, we walked around for about 2 hours and I had to stop every time a contraction came I couldnt breath through it, I just wanted out of there. people kept coming up to me, even a security guard wanted to know if I was ok. I was just like YES leave me alone! about this time they were coming every 10 mins, I called DH, he was at work he said to call him when I got home if I wanted to go to the Dr. so I got home and it was just hurting so much, so I went to the hospital at about 4pm, they sent me home after hours of walking the halls and not getting any further than 3 cm at 9pm. we went home I couldnt stop walking every time I stoped I'd get a contraction. so I said I need to walk and everyone said well I'm hungry I was like I dont care I'M IN LABOR!!! so we took a walk to KFC LOL they all ate while I labored jsut waiting for time to pass so I could go back to the hospital. at about midnight I decided I wanted to go back I told DH to stay in bed (he went to bed around 10) and that I would call him if they were going to keep me. I wanted him to be rested if I didnt stay and he needed to go to work. so we went back they got me all hooked up and about 3 am we decided to do the epi, I called DH and he came right over then it was smooth sailing from there.... kinda. I HATED the epi, I know better now... I think they put too much in or somthing because from the chest down I was completly paralyzed. I couldnt move anything but my arms and my head if I got uncomfortable we had to buzz the nurse so she could come in and help DH flip me over the family left to get some breakfast and DH and I took that time to tell the nurses to KICK everyone out of the room, I dont want them in here anymore, so when they came back they told them to sit in the waiting room. finally time to push about 10 am, they turned off the epi, and the anesteisiologist said to call him when I could start to feel again... well we called and called, and paged and paged, and nothing. at 11am the doc said we cant wait anymore I have to push, so the only thing I couldnt feel yet was my feet. everything else was still a little numb, but I could definatly feel everything. I know now not to get the epi because labor hurt more than the delivery and I hate the way I felt durring and after. while I was pushing I had to throw up wich totally sucked cuase I hadnt had anythign to eat since the previous day before lunch time. and at 11:59 am out she came. it was wonderful. but there are a lot of things I would have done differently if I could go back... now I just ahve to wait for the next one and take it from there
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Here's a shortened version of my experience 14 months ago, doubt anyone reads it so I'm just copying and pasting from another post

I went in to labor at 3:30 am Sept 19 2005. Tried to wait because I had a doctor's appt at 8 am but at 5:30 woke up my bf and told him to take me. He drops me off cause he had to be at work. I was having hardcore contractions and was dialated to 3 cm, 50% effaced when they admitted me. At about 10, they started pitocin, and broke my water, why I don't know, it caused a 6 minute contraction, during which the nurse basically told me I had to have an epidural now or I wouldn't be able to get one period, so I took it. All was fine and dandy until about 5 pm, when I was complete and started pushing. When they called my doctor in, her comment to the nurse was "Well, my daughter thanks you, she was in her piano lesson." Very sarcastic as if my having a baby had interrupted her life. Anyway, I pushed for about 2 1/2 hours, was given a 3rd degree episiotomy, she tried 2 sizes of forceps and attempted the vaccum 3 times pulling so hard each time that she almost fell over backwards. Then, she said, I needed a c-section. So I go in for the c-section, my daughter was so stuck that the nurse had to put her arm all the way up me and push on my daughter's head while the doctor pulled from the incision, at one point the nurse and doctor were touching hands through me. Turns out, my daughter was 10 lbs and sunny side up. She got a cut on her eyebrow from the forceps and a cephalhematoma from the vaccum. She also had a fever at birth as did I. So they informed me when I woke up around midnight (why the knocked me out I don't know either but they did as soon as she was out, my mother tells me that she wasn't breathing at birth and had meconium) that they were giving her IV antibiotics. I had her Monday, and Wednesday, we were evacuated due to Hurricane Rita heading straight for us. They said my daughter had to go to San Antonio for the rest of her IV antibiotics and that I couldn't go with her in the ambulance or stay in the hospital with her over there. Good thing my brother lives in San Antonio and he came down and drove me and my mom there. The nurses in the NICU over there were horrible and made me feel like she wasn't mine. I couldn't stay for more than 2 hours at a time and when they kicked me out I stayed in the waiting room. We came home Saturday. Wow, that was long and totally didn't cover everything
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

When I found out we were preg., we were living in Budapest, Hungary. RIght off the bat, I learned that "options" wasn't a word they like to use. I went through pregnancy pretty much just as my doctor prescribed (I did get a rogam shot while visiting the states against my doctors advice).
I learned to put down the books telling you about birth plans and "options" and the like. I went to the appointments and did as they said!
The nurses at the hospital didn't speak English and I didnt' understand Hungarian (other than the few words they were saying to make fun of the American). I was horrified on my first check there (I had been at a "English-catering" clinic until the last few visits).
The day came...the doctor told me to go to the hospital LONG before I thought I should but my husband didn't want to take any chances

Ya know what? Everything went fine! (My doc. was hitting on our translator...our church's translator..., I learned that Hungarians think it is absolutely ridiculous to wear robes since they are going to "see it anyways" , and people kept "poking in" the room just to watch! )

I spent the mandatory five days in the hospital (the worst part) with my "nagy baba" (big baby) (The average size is 5lbs...mine was 7.2) and left in a taxi back to our apartment.

What I learned: sometimes it is easier to "go with the flow"...especially when there aren't other options to choose. I let go of all my "thoughts and opinions" on birthing and just trusted that all was going to work out. Jake is now 3.5 and healthy and (hopefully) not emotionally scarred from his birth

What seems like life or death at the time...sometimes isn't. For me, it is easier to go with the flow!

Jodi - holding the titles of "My Love" to Josh and "mommy" to Jake (7-03), Maxwell (9-05), Noah (1-08) Oliver (3-08).
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

My quickest birth was my last almost 1 month ago.
My first homebirth.
Contractions started at 1130pm but I was able to sleep till 250am.
Woke DH up and told him I was in labor. He timed a few and they were 4 min. apart.
Called the midwife (she lives 1 hour away).
Kept timing and getting things ready till she got there.
She got here at 445am and at 616am Atticus was born.
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Wonderful stories, ladies!!! I love reading about everyone's births!!! I'm such a junkie...

Our first DD (Maggie) was a typical hospital birth with all of the interventions and a loooooooong labor (she was posterior). I had planned on going natural but didn't realize just how hard that is in a hospital setting.

After Maggie's birth, I wised up and Abby was born at home. I had three days of prodromal labor and I finally called our MW when the contractions were 5 min.s apart because she was 2.5 hrs away. Well - as it turned out, she ended up spending the night on our couch because the labor slowed down and we all decided sleep would be a welcome thing.

The next day, labor picked up again, but DD's head just wouldn't engage. I labored all day and stayed at a stretchy 4.5 cms. Finally, my MW was worried about me getting too tired and suggested that I have a couple ounces of wine, take a nice hot bath, and go to bed. That was the best advice I'd ever heard and, although I was reluctant to 'let go' and risk the labor slowing down, I really needed the rest. I went to bed at 11 and woke up at 2 a.m. in transition!!!! Yay!

Jill said that I was 9.5 cms with a small anterior lip. I immediately got in the pool (HEAVEN!!!) and labored for another couple of hours until my water broke. I started getting charlie horses in both calves, so I got out of the pool to let my muscles cool off (the water was a little too warm). All of a sudden, my body was pushing and although I had hoped for a water birth, I was stranded about 2 ft from the pool with no desire to make the trip. I ended up birthing on a birth stool while leaning back on the couch for support. DH and the MWs were awesome the entire time!

Abby was 7 lbs, 3 oz and born through a tight nuchal cord (otherwise I had planned on catching her myself). She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL (in my completely unbiased opinion ) Her birth was, by far, the most amazing experience I've ever had and I can't wait to do it again. We're currently TTC #3.

You can see a photoshow of Abby's birth here if you'd care to. (Beware though, it's rated somewhere between PG-13 and R for some almost-partial nudity.)
Katie, married to my best friend
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View Abby's peaceful homebirth
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Here's mine, w/ pics in post 10.

(It's on another board and way too entertaining (and long lol) to cut and paste). Hope you all enjoy it.

Andrea, child of God, wife of Tim, charting, sewing and authoring mama of L, B, ^i^ J, J, and G
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

I delivered at a hospital that was open to more natural way's of delivery. I had an awesome midwife who pretty much scared all the nurses away (since they just wanted to give me an epi). The jacuzzi tub was a life saver for most of the labor. My labor was unmedicated 25hrs with 20mins of pushing. I delivered in a darkened room and had 1 hour of just us bonding and nursing before the nurses did all their checks, etc. It was a great experience for being a hospital delivery.
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

All of my births sucked.....I dont think I liked anyone of them. The best out of the 3 so far was my first and that included a 3rd degree episiotomy and a vaccum delivery...
I'll just read everyone elses....I want to have positive thoughts going into my next delivery!
Thank you all for posting about your births what a special experience.
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