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Experienced momas help us!

Hello! I am new on the ECing part and have a few questions...

Our DD is 9 months and has been CD'd from day 1. We have slowly been introducing her to the potty and I guess that is what has lead me here. We have recently been watching many of our friends try to PT their 2-3 year olds and it seems like such a battle. We are hoping that by opening our LO's eyes to the potty early that we will begin the learning process so that the process may be an easier transition. Is that the point of ECing? Is it to make them PL earlier or simply make the transition smoother? I want to know!

Also, our LO currently goes in the potty each morning before her bath and I have been able to catch her a poo here or their lately. Is a little here and there a good start? DO you show them the potty before/after naps too?

DO you think that ECing make the experience more enjoyable or simpler for you and your LO's??? I would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you!


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Re: Experienced momas help us!

The point of EC is communication with your LO, and helping her to avoid soiling herself. Earlier PL/smoother transitions are just a bonus (but a very nice one!)

You're making a great start. EC doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even part-time will still help your LO learn, and any diaper saved is a good thing.
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Re: Experienced momas help us!

With a younger baby, keeping the baby clean and dry by using the potty some is a good day-to-day goal for ECing, but at 9 months I think you're actually starting to veer into early PT territory. If you don't have it already, I recommend Diaper Free Before 3, which is a good, well-researched approach to early PT... although it definitely parts ways with EC in some respects, especially by emphasizing schedule so much over signaling. It also has earlier potty training as a goal, which many will tell you is not the point of ECing (even though it's probably what motivates a lot of us).

The current average age of potty training is ridiculous by historical and cross-cultural standards, and I think that earlier training is healthier for the vast majority of kids. Doing it early does make the process simpler in some respects, but it will take longer in that you won't be able to use the intensive 24-hour training methods some people advocate, but you will be done sooner if you start sooner and are reasonably consistent.

It sounds like you're off to a good start.
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Re: Experienced momas help us!

Any offering of the potty is good...I've EC'd my son since about a week old, and now at 11 months, he is dry all day for the most part, and has been since about 6 months. We have had our "bad" days too though! The goal of ECing is not to get them totally out of diapers, and doesn't mean they won't have accidents. You kind of have to just go with the flow. Don't get caught up in her staying dry all the time...just offer the potty when you think she may need it...before naps, after naps, before or after bath, when she's been dry for awhile etc. It's amazing how much little ones can communicate...and that's what you're really after...the understanding you develop with your baby is wonderful! Good luck!
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Re: Experienced momas help us!

I used to hold my son out when he was an infant, but around 3 months old he was having none of that anymore. He's six months old now and we just bought him a Baby Bjorn little potty. I sit him down several times a day...mostly just after meals and before bathtime while I'm filling the tub. It works well for us. I don't know if it will expidite his PLing, but it makes me feel better that these are just that fewer pees in his diaper.
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Re: Experienced momas help us!

I'm sooo excited to be EC'ing/PL'ing (however you want to say it!) with my 6mo LO. Today was Day 4 with the potty and today we caught the 1st morning poo and had FIVE pee's in his BBLP! He was dry almost all day! In fact, He pee'd in the potty about... 6:30-7pm today and at 8:15 when he was still dry I took him to the potty and sat him down - asked if he needed to peepee and he pee'd! It's like he was waiting for me to take him there!

I got started WAY late in EC, so I'm kind of making this up as I go along... I always offer the potty first thing in the am when I get him up and 3 days in a row now he's pee'd/poo'd in the potty 1st thing. (yay!) Then I always offer it after a nap (and he generally goes) or anytime he's still dry and it's been like an hour or so. So that's the "scheduling" end. On the communication end, I try to watch him for when he's kind of fussy when I think there is no other reason, or if he seems especially "thoughtful" lol... We are still missing, but, like today, we caught 1 poo and 5 pees and missed 1 poo and 3 pees. So in my book we're still ahead. I am so excited and proud of my lil man!

I am LOVing the potty learning with him!! I honestly think it'll make actual "potty training" (as he gets older) so much easier - he's catching on so well!

(p.s. I have ordered Diaper Free also, and am SO looking forward to reading it - it just hasn't arrived yet. Also looking forward to sharing it with DH and MIL/FIL and Mom/Pop. Woohoo!)
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