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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

I don't know about any state rules, but I'm sure providers differ. I'm in Maryland with my son in a home daycare. She offered to wash them, but I do them myself. I use pockets (BG 3.0 mostly, a few others). I send liners to assist her and her assistant in poo cleanup. Pee ones they keep in the diaper b/c the liners will wash a few times. THey toss the poo in the toilet, which is where the changing room is. All my dipes come home daily in a zippered wetbag (dry.)

She's the only one who would even consider doing it, though. Most people seem to think it's unsanitary, which is funny b/c you clean poo with sposies too. And i never get my hands dirty with liners. I use the ImseVimse flushable ones.


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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

Yep...talking about the flushable liners. My daycare would just put the liner part in the diaper genie and then wrap up the rest of the diaper. Even if they "forgot" if the poop was on the liner it was easier to get off at the end of the day than poop that was just on the cloth....
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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

Originally Posted by Dolphin_Medic View Post
Flushable liners would definitely be a good idea, unfortunately my DC doesn't have a bathroom in most of the rooms so they'd just send it home anyway...but it would definitely make clean up easier.
We quit a daycare that we really liked because they wouldn't take cloth. . . I searched and found another place who will accept him in cloth (IL regulates the diapering process, not the type of diaper used). The teacher's were really hesitant so instead of using fitted and covers, I pulled out my old stash of Honeyboys which they'll use. I do have flushable liners in them which they throw out with the disposible diapers - no toilet to flush in the toddler room. But that makes cleaning them at home easier.
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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

I was concerned about cloth when looking for a dcp too. My dc provider was really open to cding. DS is the first and only cded child in the daycare. I use kushies aios, as they are velcro and go on and off just like a sposie. I line each diaper with a fleece liner (I buy the super cheap clearance fleece at Walmart so I will not feel bad about throwing one away here and there as needed. They will dump but no swishing (per state law). DS's bms are not solid enough to dump yet anyway. I bring a zippered wetbag with a loop every day. They hang it near the changing station. Going through the dipes at the end of the day really isn't that bad. There are usually only 3 dipes in the bag and hardly ever a poopie one.

Wow, that was longer than I expected.
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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

See in NC they cannot dump-they have to send home everything and it has to be an AIO or Pocket ready to go-"a waterproof layer has to be attached to the inner diaper to make one piece" and then it is still up to the center-the problem I'm having now is the center that she would be going to is okay with it but they have never done cloth before and she does not allow diapers to stay in the building-after diaper changes teh diapers go out to get disposed of. And she doesn't want my diapers out side exposed to the elements either-I tried to explain a wetbag to her but she doesn't want diapers inside-she doesn't want to chance teh smell-I would be okay with her putting them in a wet bag in a pail outside teh classroom door-there is an over hang so they should be pretty protected and its in a fenced area-idk I just really don't want to have to put her on sposies for dc-does anyone have any suggestions on how to contain the diapers out of the room but not in the elements or any other sugg at all to convince her that cd isn't that bad-we've come a long way in 25 years I go in on Monday (for a job interview as well-that would be perfect to work at the dc my dd goes to instead of a job I don't like for around the same pay!) I would love any other suggestions-I like the individual wet bag idea and I would think she would go for it-but it doesn't hurt to have a few back up plans either thanks again mamas
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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

I've had the same experience as a almost everyone writing here: I sent AIOs or pockets, DC sent them home poop and all, I washed and returned them. Annoying at first, but I was greatful to not have to use disposables.

The biggest issue that I came up against was actually training pants and PLing, which blind-sided me a bit. First, I had to fight with the DC to start DS PL'ing there earlier than they had him "scheduled" to because he was already making progress at home and I wanted consistency. Then, they got very upset at me for sending him with cloth training pants. They wanted disposables. The main provider gave me all sorts of bogus reasons for it, including that when she took the kids out for walks, my DS would have an accident and she wanted a 'sposie so she could leave him wet until they got back to the center instead of either changing him outdoors or taking him back to the center right away. I was majorly POed at this and threatened to pull DS out of that center. I pointed out that she wouldn't do that if a child pooped, so why would she do it to a child who had peed. Then, she gave me the excuse that it would take DS longer to PL with cloth. Uh, whatever. Anyway, we fought and fought and fought over it. In the end, I pulled DS out for a couple of weeks, PLed him at home by myself and sent him back in undies and PLed (except at nap time, when he still wore a dipe). The provider couldn't believe that (a) he was really PLed and (b) that he had done it at 2.5 years old. But, he was fine - yes, had a few accidents as newly PLed kids do, but was fine in undies. Later she actually apologized to me and said she should have trusted that I knew what I was talking about. Since then, we've had a good relationship.

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there as something you might need to think about and discuss with the DC. Good luck all!
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Re: HELP Please-any mom's with LO in daycare

Our dcp sends home the soiled dipes and we dump and wash them at home. That's fine with us, and my DH has been very sweet about taking on all the poo-spraying/dumping duties at home.

But, in my opinion, day care workers (and parents) should be dumping EVERY POO! It's not such a big deal for cloth babies, because the poo will get dumped in the toilet anyhow, either at home or daycare. But stop and think about all those throwaway sposies. Landfills are NOT designed to take human waste, and all that feces leaching into the groundwater is a public health risk. If you look at the directions on most sposie packages, it actually tells you to shake the poo off. It's really a crime that health regulations in daycares aren't in line with public health and environmental protection regulations.
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