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Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

So thanks for reading this in DD is now 14 1/2 months old. She was a good sleeper from day one up until about 2 weeks ago. Her sleeping patterns are all over the place, she has been waking at night and it is a marathon battle! I've been trying everything I know...Co-sleeping, CIO, going in every few minutes to reassure her, rocking her.

So yesterday I think, well maybe its time to go to one nap a day. So I put her down around 12:45pm. She is up at 2pm. So I figure, fine, she can go to bed at 7pm. I put her to bed at 7pm and she is up at 10pm. I get her and bring her in my room and lay down with her. She is up and down up and down for almost an hour. I can't take it. I put her back in her crib. She FLIPS. Pure hysteria. I start crying. Call DH at work. Obviously he can't do anything but I just need to complain...He tells me to just get her and get her a snack and a drink. So I get her up bring her in our tv room with a bed, and give her a snack and some books. She is totally content to just hang out with me. DH finally gets home and we go back into our room and all 3 of us lay together. Won't sleep still. I say FINE, she has to go in her crib. At this point it is 12:30am. She has been up for 2 1/2hrs on and off. DH puts her to bed in her crib. She cries for literally 1 minute and is out for the rest of the night. Sleeps till 9:30 this morning. Took a 3 hr nap this afternoon. And I just put her to bed an hr ago.

Past nights have been equally as difficult although last night was the first night we were actually up, and not trying to sleep. I was thinking that maybe she might have thought going to bed at 7pm was a nap and thats why she got up at 10 wide awake? And went down fine after being up 2 1/2 hrs??

Why does everyone forget to tell you about these stages??? They tell you how hard newborns and toddlers are, but what about in between those!!! This 14 month old is driving me NUTS!!!!

I am open to trying anything!! Ideally we want to have her sleep in her crib for naps and at night, but co-sleep at night when needed. Help me.

And just remind me againt that this is all normal and just a phase and to try not to let it stress me out too much...


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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

I don't have any advice, but I'm also having trouble with my 14 month old going to sleep at night. I'm bumping and hoping we can get some advice.
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

How funny! Well, not really, but my 14 month old has been having some crazy sleep-less nights lately! I'm leaning towards teething related...
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

Hm, Not sure if this is helpful at all. Have you tried exhausting her at a playground or something after her nap? Maybe she needs to do something high energy after her naps so she can sleep better.

I sure hope it passes. and quickly.
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

as much as this is not helpful, my 14.5 month old is also sleeping oddly! We've had a few nights where he'd go down really easy but then wake up at 10 or so and stay up with us until midnight or later! Then other nights where he'll be REALLLLLLLY RESTLESS. To the point of annoying. We cosleep (though we are transiting to his crib as we speak) so he'd be up at 4:30am not awake at all but tossing and turning. He kicked both my husband and I in the neck several times which is very uncomfortable!
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

I don't have any suggestions...I was just coming here to post something similar. Only difference is my DD is 15 months old. She only takes 1 nap during the day, by 7:30 or 8 she is cranky but will not go to sleep, if she does fall asleep she is awake by 10 or so. Then she is up all night practically. I WOH and my DH is a SAHD, I know we did this to ourselves because anytime she wouldn't go to sleep he would bring her downstairs so I could sleep for work the next day. But now it is getting out of hand. Last night she didn't go to sleep until 4am! She doesn't have her own room, and we don't have a crib. I actually thought about CIO a few times (even though I normally wouldn't ever try it) but we have no place for her to CIO. We are at our wits ends.

OP-sorry to take over your thread. I feel your pain, if you figure something out let us know!!

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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

okay... first of all. STAY CALM. when you get worked up, it does no good. TRY TO BREATHE. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old and often am home with out DH at night... So its JUST me...

ALWAYS ALWAYS be patient and loving when this sleep issues come up. the less of a big deal that you make about it the quicker it will resolve.

My DS gets up at 7:15am. Naps at 11:30am-1pm. In bed at 8pm.

Thats what works for him. if he goes to bed at 7pm, he is up all night. Try following HER lead, instead of forcing a nap or bedtime. As soon as you see 3 yawns (thats our rule here) try for bed.

Also make sure you offer lovies (even during the day), a sippy with water and perhaps a night light...

In my humble opinion CIO doesn't work long term and usually causes us mamas to nearly die from the pain we feel while our babies cry... Every single friend that tried CIO with their baby/toddler now has a family bed! LOL tells you have effect it is

PATIENCE mama. Its a phase. Treat it like it will pass, not like a death sentence. GL.
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

I don't know that I can be any help, but ALL my children have been this way. The only thing that helped us was not letting them sleep too late, that way their nap would be fairly early in the day. I tried not to let them take any naps past 4:30 pm. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but even with a small nap they could go for HOURS!!! They slept about 10 hours a night and take an hour or hour and a half nap and that's about as good as it ever got for me.

Oh, there is a little trick that I would do to get them to sleep in their own bed. I would wait until they were really tired then lay them down in their bed. I would wait behind their door and if they started crying I would immediately peek around the door. Baby would see me and calm down and I would hide behind the door again and repeat again if need be. After a while they would fall asleep and I could go on about my business. I'm not saying every mom should do this, but if baby has separation anxiety it always knew that I was right there if they needed me.

Hope it gets better Hopefully it's just a phase and will go back to normal for you.
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

i just wanted to say, "ahhh!!" my 9 month old acts like that, and you're all basically telling me it doesn't end! lol
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Re: Help with sleeping...give me your insight and wisdom mamas!

I've been having sleep issues with my 22 month old, and I think what it's all about is that he's trying to get settled into a sleeping pattern that works for him. He needs a little less sleep than he did a few months ago so it's taking a bit of tinkering to figure out exactly when to do his nap and when to go to bed. I just let him take the lead and he seems to like napping around 2 and bedtime around 8:30.

Anyway, if he has trouble going to sleep at night, I try REALLY hard to not get him back up because that just reinforces that he can get up and down whenever he wants. We don't do CIO though, so if he really won't settle down I have ended up getting him back up for a half hour or so and trying again.

What I usually do is go in his room, get him re-settled with his blankets and pillow, give him a snuggle and remind him that it's night-night time, and give him something to drink and he usually settles right back down. He seems to need something like that to help him lie down and rest until he can sleep, and his special blanket and something to sip on almost always does the trick.

The best thing to remember is that this won't last forever. You guys will get it figured out and better sleeping will resume. What I've noticed with little ones is that there are just lots of little phases when it comes to sleeping, and some weeks are great and then we hit little bumps in the road, but they always end up smoothing out after a bit and things get back to normal.
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