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how often does your baby get sick?

My 5 mo has been sick 3 times, and is 100% bf. My 21mo, was ff and was never sick, not even the sniffles, until he was 8-9 mo (when we moved to TX from SD). I thought bf babies were rarely supposed to get sick, but it seems like mine is always sick Is something lacking in my milk? I know every baby is different, but my first was always around other sick people (my family) when he was an infant, my youngest is hardly around anyone but us. I used to take my oldest out to the mall, out to eat, to friends' houses, everywhere, and now we hardly go anywhere and they are constantly getting sick


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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

I know what you mean. My EBF 3 month old DS hasn't had any major illnesses, but he is suffering through his 2nd cold right now with a horribly stuffy nose. I think I brought his first one home from the free clinic I volunteer at I thought maybe it was just because of the time of year he was born since it is cold season here. We visited a lot of people over the holidays too, but no one who was knowingly sick at the time.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

DS is almost 5 months and he currently has his first cold. It was only really bad for one day and already seems to be getting better.

I think every kid is different. BFing may help some with immunity, but I would think some kids just naturally have stronger immune systems.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

My son is 16 months old (still nursing) and he's been sick 3 times (2 colds and a tummy bug)
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

My eldest was formula fed and had tubes put in her ears 3 times and had her tonsils and adenoids finally removed when she was 3. She was sick ALL the time.

This time Im BFing (no supplimenting) and my baby has gotten a stomach bug once and thats been it. Ive taken her to the ped because Ive thought since she was crying and not sleeping that she had something but he said she was healthy as can be.

Im sure it varies by child but Ive always wondered if I had BF my first if she wouldnt have suffered through all of that.

Plus you dont know that your baby may have gotten sick more often or gotten a cold that was much worse if you werent BFing. But I agree about every child being different.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

My oldest son didn't even have a cold until around 12 months. He is now over 3 and has never been on antibiotics and only had a fever 2x's.

But, on the other hand, my twins have had many (I don't know how many) mild colds since they were born. My DS had an ear infection when he was 3 months old and DD had roseola around 5 or 6 months, although none of the other kids got it. Anyway, DS is the only one to need antibiotics yet and hasn't had them since. However, them getting colds all the time is annoying.

I asked the dr why this was happening. I'm not really worried about germs and don't constantly disinfect or even use the disinfecting hand gel or wipes and don't have antibacterial soap at home. I asked her if I should be doing all that stuff. She said no. She said it doesn't allow your immune system to get strong. But, she said the reason the kids are getting colds and such all the time now and Zack never did is because I have an older son now. She said he's bringing it home from church, playgroup, playyards/grounds and other places. Since he is now so much more active, he touches things and picks up thing from other kids and brings it home. She said to keep doing what I'm doing and to keep BFing. She said if I wasn't BFing or if I wasn't allowing their immune system to build up and get strong, their colds could be a lot worse and they could be getting a lot more ear infections and such.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

My bf'd DS will be one year in about 2 weeks. He had a stuffy nose for about 3 days at 7 months, and a virus with low-grade fever (I think it was Roseola) for 3 days at 11 months. We take him everywhere, too, so I'm thrilled that he hasn't been sick hardly at all! Neither time slowed him down at all; he didn't even act sick!

Bf'ing does do a lot for immunity, but it doesn't mean your LO will never get sick, ykwim? Some kids just have naturally stronger or weaker immune systems. Bf'ing helps strengthen them though. Just feel good knowing that your LO is probably getting sick less than he/she would if you were ff'ing.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

I always say my kids are the sickest breastfed kids ever! Sure, my DD was both BF and FF, but my son is 100% BF and he actually has gotten sick more often than she has! We are always dealing with something. We don't stay home to avoid sickness though, most of the time we are out and about and hanging out with other kids.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

i think it is the luck of the draw. if the cold bug is around, it will find or ff. my bf baby got his first cold at 8 weeks (thanks to dad bringing it home...I didn't get it, so I did not have the antibodies to give to him thru bm). At around 7.5 months he got a cold that he just couldn't shake and after nearly 8 weeks of it (and 3 doctor visits) our pediatrician determined the cold was actually a chronic sinus infection (without normal presentation because ds never had a fever) and now we are on antibiotics. My guy still nurses 7 or 8 times a day.
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Re: how often does your baby get sick?

Ian was exclusively BF until 6 months although he didn't really have more than a taste or so of solid food until 9 months or so and didn't really eat substantial amounts until after a year. He got a cold when he was 10 months and again when he was 16 months. Beyond that just teething related low-grade fevers.
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