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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

We have 3 and expecting another around July/Aug. I usually take them all with me unless my oldest, who is 15, wants to stay home. Only recently, he will watch his almost 8 yo brother too, so its just my daughter with me occasionally. But I have no problem with taking them all with me, except that the boys like to aggravate each other.

But I really don't like taking DH grocery shopping with me, because when he is there, we always end up spending way more than I would have alone. Grrrr.


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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

Originally Posted by 7arrows4God View Post
Yes, I like to take them all with me, I feel lost when i do not have them all with. Plus the kids love the outing and consider it a treat. We have to go two hours to do our main food shopping - - so it is a trip. we always have tons of comments and usually that is what slows us down. the children also love going out to a nicer restuarant and we enjoy taking them. Only problem is it is getting to be a lot of money.

It is so funny because now that the oldest is 12 years there are time dh hubby and I go out with just the baby in tow. And people will look at the baby and say "awww he is so cute, this is your firt baby??" You should see the shock on their face when I say 'no this is our eigth" I have to admit - that is fun to do. But I do feel kind of lost without them there.

So far we have 7 boys and 1 girl - so you can imagine the comments there as well.
Ds-just turned 12
ds-just turned 11
ds-7.5 (just over)
ds 9.5 months

So yes close together but really they do great, I find I hae not been as dilligent with the younger ones and we do have some episodes with them but really no one seems to notice - I think just mommy notices more. lol
That totally happens to us all the time! We have 9 kids now and we are foster parents too. So I usually have a few extra in tow. I love the shock value when i say "yes, they are all mine!" or if we are out with just the baby, no he's our 9th.

I may run to get milk or something without all the kids but for our monthly grocery trip I take them all. I have the 5 month old in the sling or Mai Tai and the list and the kids get the items, push the cart, load the bus (yes, i said bus), unload it into the house AND put it away. All while I'm .

The kids do a great job and I keep to the budget and list when i have all the kids. They don't want this to take any longer than I do!

We have 5 boys and 4 girls now.
ds almost 16
ds 15
ds 14
dd 13
dd 12
dd 10
dd 8
ds 8
ds 5 months

I take them everywhere with me!
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

Originally Posted by MyGlorylife View Post
...WE HAVE A SYSTEM! I do not want to have issues in the store. I do not want anyony looking at us and think "that women should not have so many kids". We are ambassadors for our fathers house and as children of God and we need to conduct ourselves as such....

I have a very similar system to yours and it really makes all outings much more enjoyable for everyone.

Recently my dh has been asking me if I want to get out of the house and have some "me time"....I must look like I need it So, I go grocery shopping and run my errands in the little town 15min away. I take about 3hrs (if I stop and visit with MIL) and it's really relaxing. I've been doing this about twice a month all winter. In the summer it's not such a big deal to take everyone since it's not raining and it doesn't involve mud.
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

I take all 4 of mine. My 3 year old rides in the cart, and the baby goes in the sling. I think it's kinda fun. I like it best when my husband comes too.
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

I used to take 7, but not anymore, now I might take one or two. Thank the Lord.
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

Originally Posted by slingmama4 View Post
I am a SAHM to 4, almost 5. We homeschool, so that means they are always with me no matter what needs to be done or where I need to go. I've always taken them all to the store to grocery shop and of coarse we get the stares (especially bc I'm pregnant a~g~a~i~n). My oldest is 11 and is very helpful in the store. We usually have two baskets so we draw attention to ourselves anyways. I was just thinking about when I take 5 to the store--it should be fun to get the stares. Oh, and if we go during the day (school hours) everyone wants to ask them if today's a school holiday or why they arn't in school. "I reply we HS and this is Math today." (which truthfully it is bc I have them estimate, add, and round as we put things in the basket. Plus, they figure out how much tax will be added. LO's weigh fruit and get the exact amount mommy needs (2lbs.,etc..) and we all high five when ouir end estimate, plus tax is correct. Lots of looks then.

I try not to go when DH is home bc I want to spend that time with him, not hours at the store and we live 5 hours away from family, so that's never an option for us.

I'm not complaining about taking them, just curious if I'm the only one who grocery shops regularly with all her kids in tow?

How many kids do you take with you to the grocery store?
I only have one and he does go with me-he's two and quite "spirited" so there are lots of meltdowns now at the store and I dread going with him. I just wanted to say that if I saw you and your kiddos- I would definitely be staring too! But not because I was trying to judge you- I would be in awe of you being able to handle all these kids when I can't even control one . I LOVE to see big families together- it is our dream to someday have 4-5 kiddos and so large families attract my attention in a good way!
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Lightbulb Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

I have four kids, ages 9, 8, 3, and 1, and while I do try to go when I can without taking all of them (I try to spend less, LOL), however, when I have to and sometimes I do, I try to give each child an item to get each time we go down the aisle, I also try to get the car carts for my 3 yr old so he is not hanging on to the cart the entire time. **Also we have a buddy system; my hubby works a lot, so I don't always have a lot of help, and for sanity's sake, this made sense for us. Also, I believe it helps the kids learn bit about responsibility and this way it is not put off all on to the oldest, but spread more fairly, and my oldest DS gets a chance to learn some things about being a responsible man. My oldest, my DD is a buddy with the 3 yr old DS, and my oldes DS, who is 8 is a buddy to the baby, who is 1. HTH! This helps a LOT during the time when I have to be in my kitchen and cooking.
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

I only have 2 and almost 6 mo. pregnant with 3rd. I usually go by myself, and have my 11mo. and 23mo. with me and it is aweful every time. 11mo. has sits in front and trys to grab all the food behind him and chew on it, and 23mo. has to walk and hold my hand and he grabs things off the shelves. This is why I only shop every 6wks. but I then end up having a cart that is overflowing, and everytime I turn a corner something falls out. I have to stack everything carefully so it fits in and towards the end I try and balance things on top (cart is piled really high). Shopping takes triple the time it would if I didn't have the kids since I can't walk as fast holding Elijahs hand and try to manuever a huge heavy cart with one arm and my stomach pushing on it around By the end I am usually pushing the cart with one hand, making Elijah hold onto to cart and holding like eggs or something in one hand (since eggs happen to be the last item at the back of the store.) DH hates shopping because of the kids and I don't let him get whatever his heart desires (because its usually too expensive), so I think I am stuck. I am dreading being pregnant with DS/DD#4, packing new DS#3 in backpack, with DS#2 in seat in cart, and DS#1 walking...GRRR
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Re: Do you take ALL your kids to the grocery store?

I only take all of mine with me to the store if I have no choice. I try to schedule everything around my Dh's schedule, but sometimes I must. The reason I dont is because while they behave pretty well at home, when they go somewhere they wont listen at all. I end up very stressed out after a trip to the store with all of them. Normally I will take 2 with me at the most, but I really enjoy having a little alone time too. When I do take them all we get alot of stares and comments though, but I do anyway with 2 carts at a time!
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