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Re: Can't believe I'm thinking about quitting

just a thought...but did you start introducing solids at 6 months?
Because if you did, and THEN is when he stopped growing, I'm thinking it isn;t your milk, but the other stuff you started feeding him that is whats causing the problems...likely some sort of allergy...celiac disease, wheat allergy, etc..something causing food not to be digested/absorbed....
IMO, the very worst thing you could do is stop BFing, because what if it turns out he IS allergic to a lot of things, etc, and he has to eat a limitied diet (and cow milk and soy are 2 of the most common allergens) and he ends up not being able to tolerate formula or solids and then your milk is gone..etc etc...

But, I totally might turn out you need to use a super-special formula like neocate or something...
best wishes.


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Re: Can't believe I'm thinking about quitting

It does sound like you might not want to quit BFing until this is sorted out and you know why he's having these problems. I agree with the other mamas that your breastmilk is probably the least likely culprit here.

I know the biting stage is a tough one - we went through it too. And I very VERY seriously considered quitting then because I was so frustrated with it. But I stuck it out and luckily it was a phase that didn't last more than 2-3 weeks.

But that all said - you have done GREAT! BFing for 9 months is really awesome! Most babies are never lucky enough to BF that long. So good job mama! And don't beat yourself up over this. I suspect other posters are right and it's other foods causing the problems. So it'll be a little work to figure out, but you can do it with time. It's not you and your breastmilk though - not if he did great the first 6 months with breastmilk.

If for some reason you do decide you need to quit, then that's the decision you have to make for your family. I always found it a tough (if not impossible) decision for me to finally make because once you quit you can't go back. There's no way to really change your mind and readily start BFing again IYKWIM.

Hugs mama! That's a really tough situation to deal with and I totally sympathize with you. I hope you all can find out what's wrong and get your little one back on track real soon.
Stacy, mom to two very spirited boys... Thomas and Patrick
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Re: Can't believe I'm thinking about quitting

you'd be amazed at how little work exclusively pumping is, once you get the hang of it...i did it for ds (who never latched on) for A YEAR.

pm me if you want to talk about it.

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Re: Can't believe I'm thinking about quitting

I doubt its your BM causing the problems. It could be something you or he is eating. I would do a total elimination diet where you eat only rice and potatos for a few days then slowly add things in and watch his bowel movements. That way you can tell what is triggering his diahrea.

Also around 6 months most BF level off. They just stop gaining weight and height. They grow a lot in the first 6 months.

i know its easiest to blame ourselves when we dont know where else to turn. I would talk to a local LLL leader about his problems. A lot of peds are clueless when it comes to BFing.
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