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My dd is teething and the one tooth has just erupted and is SOOO sharp but she's still teething. So she'll be there happily nursing then just really bite me and won't let go! I finally have to blow on her face just to startle her enough to release me. Then she gets really mad and starts to cry. I know it's that she's just teething but I really can't be her chew toy. Any suggestions? I'm so very raw, is there anything to do about that? I just don't remember this with my other girls but it probably happened.

Thanks for any advice....


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Re: Yeeeouch!!!

Totally here with you mama!!! Only we have yet to see a tooth among all the drool. DS has started clamping down and pulling back even with no teeth it HURTS! I'm dreading when that tooth finally shows up. I've heard to pull them in so they have to release to breath but my DS just clamps harder and pulls back??? I'll have to try blowing on him because he usually thinks that's funny (DH does that to him) but he does usually open his mouth to giggle. Hmm... if he'd go right back to nursing maybe that would work.

I figured since we're having pretty much the same issues I'd piggy back on your post because I'm IDSO advice about 'lil chompers too! I really want to keep nursing! HELP US!
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Re: Yeeeouch!!!

yep! been there with my first dd!!

I pulled her into my boob to briefly cut off air supply...startled ehr so much that it only took a few time for her to learn not to bite. Every time she bit, I'd basically shove her face into my boob and she'd she learned fast not to bite.

Sorry, I have no other suggestions cause that's what really worked for her.
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Re: Yeeeouch!!!

I've heard (this worked for my sister, too) to just say "Ow, that hurts mommy" or something ike that. Then take them off and set them down. Usually you being upset or hurt can make them cry. The whole point of it is if they bite it makes you take them off and put them down - so they don't get anymore yummy milk. Might work for those who find pulling them in doesn't work.
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Re: Yeeeouch!!!

When ds was younger he bit me quite often. I had to pay very close attention to him and try to see what he did right before he would bite. I noticed he would slow down nursing and then slowly grit his teeth (or gums) and then he would bite. So, what I had to do (in self defense) was to keep my non-supportive hand right next to his mouth and if he slowed down nursing and started to bite down, I would stick my finger in between his gums to prevent the bite. He didn't like it and quickly realized that if he clamped down on me, he wouldn't get any milk. It took a while, but it worked.
Also, here is a link with lots of info on bf'ing and biting.
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Re: Yeeeouch!!!

You can try letting babe chew on something cool before you start nursing and keep it near by in case of need. Just keep lots of teethers in your fridge.
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