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Re: B2B Weekend Chatter!

Yay, now I have a wicked migraine that hasn't even gone down with meds & caffeine. This is just not my day, lol. I made dh stop tapping on the counter because it was too loud and hurt my head Bleh. Maybe I'll watch The Office in a dark living room until I fall asleep on the couch. Tomorrow I have to decide what to do with all the PFs on the floor--since she climbed on the chairs to pee they're technically clean... but they've been walked on by little feet all afternoon. I should probably just wash them again.


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Re: B2B Weekend Chatter!

Thats a good idea! I will look into it Thanks cheryl nite ladies! You all can help me thru the day tomorrow until dd gets home
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Re: B2B Weekend Chatter!

well my plans of sleep were destroyed by a wet baby does she not know that it is 12:35am here?! She was changed, nursed and is now playing on the floor for 5 mins, laying on the floor for 5 mins, back and forth, back and forth...I might try to lay her in my bed for a bit and see if that works....the big fluffy blankets usually make the kids fall asleep
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Re: B2B Weekend Chatter!

Hi ladies, have been briefly online a few times this weekend, but never long enough to catch up and post. I'm giving up catching up and just posting...

Hi, everyone!

Thus concludes my post.
I'm Sara: mom, wife, desk jockey teacher again
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Re: B2B Weekend Chatter!

Originally Posted by thirdtimemomma View Post
Morning Mama;s!!
I miss yall too much to stay away. Well actually I need a few diaper items that's why Im here. What's new?
Hi, we miss you too!!

Originally Posted by beck2boys1girl View Post
why didn't anyone ever tell me that you can take your finger off with a snappi? I just laid open my pointer finger on my right hand...and have bled out of 3 bandaids already....

So much for getting a lot of sewing done tonight grrr.....
ouch, I've totally done that! Especially right across my thumb when I think I've got it hooked on one side but it's not.

Faith, that tshirt pf looks great! I love the print. That blanket also looks awesome...I love pink and orange together for girls' stuff.

Originally Posted by kaoh View Post
Morning ladies - my qotd - do I get premiums or trimmed toddlers? This is viv in a premium - I believe its a LL (mommyscott would know) - it measures 13 x 17.5. I like with center width between her legs but I'm concerned about the overall width - its hard to get it on tight and have enough overlap. Its folded down in the back about 1.5 - 2 inches (I don't mind that, I like the way it contains messes) but how does it look to you? Is it a good fit? I'm worried she'll outgrow the width? But I'm worried a trimmed toddler would be too wide across the center panel? I know I am overthinking this

I love Vivie's chubby legs!! When DS was at that stage I bought a dozen LL toddler shorts (aka GMD light browns I think) because I got so frustrated with trying to get the premiums to fit well on him. Now that he's almost 10 1/2 months old the toddler shorts are exactly the right rise with a doubler, so they probably won't fit for more than a month, but they made my life easier during that inbetween stage. I like my regular toddler pfs now for nights and naps, so it might be a better bet to go with the LL toddlers (I think they're still on overstock sale?) if you don't mind the extra folded down -- they're only about an inch longer than my premiums but are at least an inch wider maybe more.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Heaven help me.

DP is still sick and is acting soooo grumpily that I sent her back to bed rather than talk to her. E is still sick and is sitting like a lump of the floor watching TV. Now I'm starting to feel icky, but because I'm the least sick of the bunch I get to take care of everything. Can I run away?

On top of that, we were uninvited from our friend's place for the Superbowl today, so I am stuck at home all day too. I honestly don't know how I am going to make it through the day. I guess I won't get adventurous. Just knitting, and hopefully a shower?

WOTB: Toddle-ease with GMD orange as doubler, under recycled longies.
I hope you got your shower and some rest, it's no fun having to take care of everyone else when you don't feel well yourself. I giggled at the comment about sending DP back to bed...I've totally done the same thing with DH when he's crabby, although it usually involves sending him out to have a cigar with his friends rather than to nap.

Originally Posted by my1hd View Post
so heres a QOTD: Are you picky about stains?
I never reallty worry about stains on prefolds. It seems like eventually they wash out. But I really don't like stains on other diapers or the covers. Why its ok for prefolds is beyond me LOL.
Yeah, they both me for sure. During the summer I usually line dry most of the way and then fluff in the dryer, which really helps with stains, but now that I only have to wash diapers every two days there's no way they'll all fit on my drying rack. Right now I'm really liking fleece liners...easier to spray poo off than the dipes, and they keep the worst of the staining off the diapers. I bought some from LL, but I know they're pretty easy to make yourself if you can buy 100% polyester fleece.

Originally Posted by mamazluv View Post
what about lanolin on the bum? or old fashioned a&d... thats mostly lanolin and vasoline.
one of the babies we had for a while had open heart surgery and we used lanolin on the wound once it began to heal and itch. he really was soothed by it. we just massaged it in. and i use it on my feet
I second a&d ointment! That stuff is AMAZING.

Originally Posted by mom2piddle View Post
can someone please tell me why we go thru an enormous amount of diapers EVERYDAY?!
Especially since we have to use a doubler with everything, and double-diaper for naps and nights, I really think DS goes through more than a dozen diapers a day. When they were infant-sized it wasn't so impressive, but now that they're all premiums and toddler pfs the laundry bag is HUGE!
Heidi - SAHM to S (03/2008) N (06/2010), and S (06/2012), married to my best friend. FS: FB trainers (small), Tucker sling, breastfeeding paraphernalia, Baby Bjorn Air

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