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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

I actually had the Peg Perego at one time. Honestly? A big stroller is a big pain, period. There's just no way around it. After attempting to do what I needed to do with five in tow, including an infant and a new one year old (Tim and Rebecca are 11 months apart) I decided it's easier to have two carriers. No, seriously. It's better for me because then I have the two littlest ones where they won't fuss (on me) and I still have hands free for my toddler or a shopping cart, etc. I've continued that with the rest. Most recently I used a Moby like wrap (and have used the Moby) along with either a mei tai, the Ergo, or a SSC. Much preferred over a stroller any day of the week.


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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

The Zooper Tango looks like a pretty good general use twin stroller. I found a video from the same place the reviewed the valco at

It wouldn't work for me because I will need to go off road at some point and on trails those small wheels just wont cut it. And then once the kids are old enough, I'll be using mine as a jogging stroller. Actually, I hope to carry/wear at least one most of the time, when just out walking, but would need the stroller for when I start running again and also as a safe place for them to sit/lie sometimes when out in public.

The Contours also looks pretty good, but after test driving both kinds, I still lean towards a side by side.

Do you have craigs list in your area? I do see strollers like these come around once in a while for a good price. Check out swap meets and local moms of multiples groups too. For me the stroller is an investment and will be used for many years (for running). The high end ones do cost more, but seem to hold their value as I'm seeing ones that are 2 years old being sold for 10-20% off the original cost.
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

We have the Double Snap N' Go and its my best friend! For walks and when they get older we also have the Bumbleride and love it!!! Congrats!!!
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

I have the mountain buggy urban double. I really like it BUT, it is very heavy and in my opinion, it isn't all that comfortable for a bigger kid. My 5 year old would like to jump in some of the time, but he really is too big for it. It handles well and folds quite easily. I also really like to Maclaren twin techno, just not for rough roads
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

I had a Graco Duoglider and hated it. Sold and bought a Bumbleride Indie Twin on Ebay. Love it!
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

I don't know if you are still searching and I think you are going more towards the side by side, but I have the Kolcraft Tandems Contour and absolutely love it! It comes with two seats that interchangeable and a snap-n-go type thing. You do have to order an extra snap-n-go since you are having twins. I did A LOT of research and this one was the lightest and manuevered the best for a front & back (and better than some side-by-sides). I know you live up north, but I took/still do take my kiddos everywhere. Their are some carriers that are not compatable with it, but I think that is the same with most snap-n-gos. My twins are now 14 mths and we use just the seats, which are great because you can change them out to face you, each other, away from you or away from each other. All of my friends love this stroller also and some drool over it. I've even had stranger stop and ask me about it.

All in all, I don't think it matters about the stroller I like, it matters what is best for you and your situation. Both types of strollers have their pros and cons, just thought I would give my . Here is a link for the stroller:

I have only seen this on and and I think it is cheaper than what they suggest. Hope this helps!
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

We love our Maclaren Twin!

We bought the "fancier" one...but we never use all the extra stuff, so I always recommend the basic version because it's much cheaper. In fact, you can usually get "last year's" basic model for $200 new.

It doesn't take a carseat, but it does fully recline for newborns. There is also lots of storage, it's easy to maneuver, and it is really compact folded!

When I researched doubles the Combi, Peg, and Maclaren were the only ones that folded up small enough to fit in our sedan....but the moms I talked to who used the Combi didn't like the way it folded and that it felt "flimsy", and the moms I talked to about the Peg said they *loved* the new version that will take a car seat on one side, but there isn't much storage and the basket underneath tends to sag to the ground after a few months.
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

I don't know if anyone posted this already. But I have a Phil and Teds and I LOVE it. I have an E3 I think. Basically it is a single stroller with a second seat attachment, so it pushes and feels like a single stroller. It is light weight and folds super easy! I has a single swivel wheel in front with added manuvuerability (sp? ) Hope you find what works! And congrats on the babies!
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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

Originally Posted by 3boys3262 View Post
I have the Kolcraft Tandems Contour and absolutely love it!
I got one for my kids who are 22 months apart and we LOVE it too. We found ours on Craigslist. It helps to put the lighter kid in the front for maneuverability, but it is a good stroller when you need to put two kids in one.

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Re: Stroller suggestions please!

We started w/ the Double Snap n Go while the twins were in their carriers. I absolutely, 100% recommend it (but don't buy new, as you don't use it long enough and they are always for sale used.) It was kind of like pushing a shopping cart in terms of length, but simple enough to maneuver and folding was VERY easy.

After that, I found a great side-by-side that worked great for us. It's the Baby Planet Unity Twin
I know people love their MBUDS and all that, but I think this is a great value and was totally worth the money. The steering was excellent, I was able to do uphill gravel lots multiple times (sturdy), and it is super lightweight. The only issue I ever had was that the shoulder straps can loosen easily, b/c it is designed to lay back in any position. It was easy enough to just occasionally give them a tug to make sure they were fully tightened though.
I HIGHLY recommend this stroller, particularly if you are on a budget. I just recently sold it b/c I need to upgrade to a quad, but I'd readily buy it again if I had the need for it.
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