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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

My 34weeker didn't have visitors until after her due date and that was still after a hospitalization for RSV. My 33 weeker was kept isolated until the end of RSV season (born first week in Jan and not allowed visitors until the end of March). We opted against synagis for the 33weeker. I'm single so she was taken out to wal-mart for grocery shopping and to drive her oldest sister to school but she was worn in the sling and covered completely and we took precautions with handwashing and such.

Having been through RSV with my 34 weeker and dealing with the after-effects, I promise you that you cannot be too careful. Even now at 4, every cold she gets goes straight to her lungs and she has such a hard time during the winter. I would recommend isolation and sending lots of emails with pictures to friends and family until at least her due date. Give her a few weeks. It's the tail-end of RSV season. I know they are anxious but she's not even supposed to be here yet.


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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

Honestly, I would wait until AFTER RSV SEASON! I only allow my grandmother and my mom to come visit atm, as if Oliver would get sick, we are really done for! Oliver was born at 24 weeks, 1lb. 8oz., 13 inches long, had the PDA ligation, MRSA, numerous other infections, went from the vent to the oscillator, back to the vent, cycled cpap, cpap, O2, and in December, he finally came off of the oxygen. It has been too long of a road to jeopardize anything with him! I would rather offend family and friends knowing that DS is more safe than if they were to come visit.
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

My dd was born at 29 weeks last May. No complications other than being very small. We spent five weeks in the NIICU. Per doctor's orders we didn't take her out of the house until she was ten weeks old. We greatly discouraged visitors until that point as well. Immediate family and two dear friends being the exception. I felt like I was getting out of prison once we started leaving the house again Once RSV season started our doctor encouraged us to avoid public places and limit contact, just to be safe. We also require hand washing of anyone who's coming into contact with her. Sometimes I feel rude/crazy, but my baby's health is more important. Even preemies who are doing well are so much more likely to pick something up that first year. I think it's always best to err on the side of caution, but you need to do what's going to work best for you. Good luck with everything.
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

33.5 weeks here, and one of my NICU drs said six months of extreme caution but the other said that was probably not necessary. We allowed healthy close family and good friends to come and visit immediately, but only close family was allowed to hold the baby, and we asked them to use Purell first and not to kiss her or touch her face. (except Grammy. And Grammy didn't get to meet her for a few weeks because she had a cold.) Oh, and the drs said to go by symptoms (eg, runny nose) even if the people say they have allergies, because the allergies could mask something else!

No kids except her big sister in the same room for about three months. Well, they were introduced from ten feet away. <g>

If I had to take her somewhere, which I didn't do for three or four months, I covered her carseat or wrapped her to me. I have a pretty discouraging, non-eye-contact demeanor, so strangers rarely try to get close to me and my baby. If they did, I just kind of leaned in to the carseat and said, "Thank you. She was premature, so we've just recently started taking her to the store. We're trying to avoid much contact with people."

My husband teaches college, so brings home germs, unfortunately, but we did try hard to avoid whatever contagion we could until about 4 months. Now, at 7 months, she's healthy and huge! From 4 lbs 4 oz, she's up at 19, and top of the charts for length!
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

my DD was a 24 weeker and they told us in the NICU not to have ANYONE over until after her due date. We didn't take her out until well after her due date in large public places. A few family members came over (one or two at a time) after her due date, but before RSV season was over. They had to remove shoes, wash and santize hands, and no kisses. Most understood once we explained how fragile she was and how damaging RSV or even a simple cold could be for a preemie. We did have a few very young cousins who were desperate to see her come over to our house and look through the front door. (we didn't open the door) Otherwise everyone had to be content with pictures online!
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

My little one was 34 weeks and 3 days. We are very cautious with him right now because of RSV but before we had him out a lot due to the 3 other kiddos. Our oldest had RSV and it was awful and still to this day he has a lot of problems at 8 years old. You have to do what you feel comfortable with!
Lisa SAHM to 4 boys 13,11,7,and 5! And missing one 7/2013
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

WAIT till after RSV season. That would be towards the end of April! I know it seems like a long wait but you definitely don't want to deal with a new baby having RSV.

Let people get mad all they want. You don't have to justify everything you do. Just let them know that baby is 100 times more likely to get sick than a baby born term and you don't want to take the chance and end up back in the hospital. RSV can be and is deadly. Our little died from RSV.

IF you let people come over make sure that you demand they sanitize their hands before even coming close to the baby. If they have a sniffle of any kind...tell them NO WAY!

And remember...babies don't only get sick from being around people...they can get sick from the germs you bring home from the grocery, church and just about anywhere. So always sanitize your own hands over and over again and it may even be a good idea to change your clothes (at least your shirts) every time you go out somewhere then want to hold baby.

If you go out somewhere with baby be sure that nobody touches lo and it's even better if you can wear them in a wrap or sling so that strangers are not inclined to touch!

Good luck and STAND YOUR GROUND!
~Tyra~ mom to 2
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

My DD was a 32 weeker. I didn't have many visitors once she came home from the hospital. And I especially insisted that if you are sick, even with just a cough don't come over. I didn't take her out other than to the doc's office, and tried to book appointments really early in the morning when there was a less chance of illnesses lurking in the air at the office, and usually less people in the waiting room. Also by breast feeding her, I felt I was giving her my own antibodies. I kept her housebound for almost 8 weeks. I did change my clothes when I had been out, and insisted that people wash their hands before holding her. I also tried to keep any visitors there for only brief periods of time. Also because she sees a pediatrician I would put a recieving blanket over the carrier when I would go to the doc's office, and take it off once we were in the treatment room, and then put it in the wash right away when we got home.
I was pretty anal about not wanting her exposed, and some people just didn't understand, but those who did were the ones that mattered most.
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

my first was a 35 weeker. she was 5lbs 13 ounces(5.2 when we left the hospital) and was born at the beginning of august in GA. we did not take her anywhere for 12 weeks. she may have one in church in the sling or in the store in the sling but no one could touch/hold her. at our house my mom and sisters could come over(my older sis and her dd lived with us) but they did not come if they were sick or exposed to anything. ironically dd's 12 week visit she caught RSV.(yup later the dr admitted that a RSV baby was in the room right before us and they did not wipe anything down ) she was sick for 3+ months off and on. she never had to be hospitalized but it was miserable for all of us. she got a mild case of RSV again at 15 months and has been healthy since.
dd 2 was not a preemie, 38+ weeks but was 5lbs 14 ounces(5.2 when we took her home). she was born in March in GA and i *think* i took her out in public at 3 months to a playgroup. but she was in the sling and no one touched her she has never been sick.
all of our future children, if planning works out will be spring/summer babies. i want them to have time to build up an immune system before it gets cold and the germs start spreading.
JoAnna,wife to my first love Michael and SAHM to Mackenzie Grace(7 years), Makaela Lynn(5years),^^Meaghan Elise^^ born sleeping July 18, 2009. and Malakai Vincent(3 years) and Mackenna Kate(1year)and one DOG
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Re: Moms of preemies, a quest for you

Our doctor just said to keep him away from big crowds until his due date. He's a 35 weeker. We actually took him out from Day 1, but told people not to touch him. We took him to church, but no one could hold him there, we let people come over to the house and hold him, after washing their hands, after he was about 2 weeks old.
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We don't vaccinate, we kept our sons intact, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, we extended RF, we breastfeed, but we watch too much tv and I totally dig plastic! Everyone has their issues, lol.
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