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I have a question - Here's my Situation.....My 2YO DS Had been Weaning for Months, Only night time and Nap Nursing and has now not Nursed in 3 weeks. Surprisingly it was simple - gradual - and we are both great, not sad like I thought I would be.

Although he was Exclusively nursed - never had a bottle - I started my Cycle Christmas day of 07 - so he was 10 months old... I have not missed a cycle since & my cycles are 5 days long and every 25-28 days.

I had a 5 day Cycle starting January 1st..... Then I started again 25 days later on January 25th.... right in the middle of the weaning process....... I bled for 10 days, I figured it had somethng to do with the weaning and not a big deal.

My questions...
1. Has anyone else experienced an odd cycle like this during weaning?
2. When would I be fertile from this specific Cycle?

Today is the 13th day from the start of my Cycle ( we were together ), an ovulation Calc said "todays the day", we are not TTC but were not paying attention and since my Cycle was so long DH figured it was safe and I really didn't think about it till now and I am VERY fertile, every time we said let's have a baby... that night I got pregnant.. soooooo what are my odds.

ALSO - I do have Mettleschmertz and have not felt it yet and my discharge is not "Like Egg whites" yet... sooooo again what do ya think.

We don't use contraceptives & I am not on BC and went 5 years without getting pregnant just using my Mettleschmertz and discharge consistency!!

Anyway Thanks for any advise!!


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Re: Weaning/Menses/Fertility

BFing can cause your hormones to do wacky things, as can weaning. My guess (though certainly no guarantee) is that since you have not felt any ovulation pains, and have not experienced the normal EWCM, you are probably safe. You can test in a few weeks to be certain, but I don't think I'd stress myself out over it.
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Re: Weaning/Menses/Fertility

I would get a pregnancy test! The last time my chart got weird like that was 33 weeks ago. I am due May 1st!
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Re: Weaning/Menses/Fertility

For sure the weaning messes up your cycle. I got a period so heavy it made me nauseous and I thought I had the flu. I personally wasn't able to get pregnant the whole time I was BF until 2 months after weaning, so I can't speak on the other issue.
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