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offers for solids(longwinded)

ok ladies. here we go. ive been waiting for it to happen. last night my mother in law called to tell me about all the jarred food she got for my lo. he is a smidge over 4and a half months old. ebf and has been from the start. i have been blessed the whole way thru with this. my pregnancy was good, the delivery was good. even with it being a last min c section. all went well. even my recovery was great. (way better that all the section stories i had heard) he had a great latch from from the start.and my milk came in within a couple of days.full tilt.
now why on earth would anyone want to mess with that.(or as i said to dh last night, why would anyone want to mess with my fun )
so i smiled and told her that was great and since she was so excited i wasnt going to say too much. you know,, let her have her fun. cause i know whos in control here,and i dont feel threatened and im not easily cowed. but as i was saying oh thats great tho we still have some time before all that. she said oh "girl he at least needs some cereal!"(and from the way she blurted it out shes been wanting to say something for months) in my family most everyone i have lots of contact with have been lucky with their breastfeeding attempts. so i have had a lot of growing up around it and seeing first hand how some things work. and everyone in my fam including the formula feeders do the solids the same way; when lo starts showing interest ,i.e. watching,reaching,whatnot we share our own food. my mama had 4 fat healthy happy ebf babes and never bought any babyfood. now, my lo isnt EVEN looking. its not on his radar in the slightest. hes been teething. and he doesnt even want to chew on anything except the little winnie the pooh thing that he can actually keep a hold of.
this has gotten long. sorry.
i know this is a common thing. everyone that never bf wants to feed your starving baby and all. (no one inmy husbands fam bf)but i just wanted to say something to ppl i know go thru it too. as i was still on the phone i was thinking 'oh! i gotta post something about this'


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Re: offers for solids(longwinded)

I totally know what you grandma and other women in my family (always the women! ahh), loved telling me when I was bfing my first baby that she was hungry. I was in tune, I knew when she needed to eat...I also know who's in charge, but have a hard time figuring out how to say things so as not to offend my sensitive family members. (esp. my grandma who can't stand to watch a baby cry, or hear it for that matter) Anyways, I thought this post was really good! Just thought I'd share my lil' story too.
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Re: offers for solids(longwinded)

I hear you! Only it was my mom, who BF'd three kids for a year each. She made it sound like "advanced" kids start solids at 4m and I was depriving DS of being advanced. Even now that he's on some solids she is constantly asking about juice, dropping feedings, etc. It is so irritating!
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Re: offers for solids(longwinded)

It's totally the opposite for my mom. When my brother and I were born the rule of thumb she got from our doctors was no solids for a year, regardless of the child's interest or hunger. So when my DS turned 6 months and we started experimenting with solids she was horrified! Thankfully this time around with DD she's got a more realistic expectation!
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