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Feeling really discouraged.... :(

with breastfeeding that is. My baby is 1wk old today. I didn't breastfeed my 2 year old, we tried, but it didn't work out really early on. But I was really set on breastfeeding this baby.

So this is what's going on... Logan latches quite well, and we do pretty well, like I'm not that sore or anything, and my milk is in. But it's like one extreme to another. He either nurses for like 2-3hrs straight and still seems fussy afterwards, or he falls asleep 2 seconds after latching on and I can't get him to eat at all. I'm constantly stripping him down to his diaper and turning on the big lights to nurse him because he's so sleepy all the time but sometimes it doesn't work. There have been a few times that I've given him an ounce or two of formula after those incidences where he nurses for super long and still acts hungry and I'm just plain worn out and want my boobs back. The other night he nursed for 3hrs straight in the middle of the night and then still fussed so I made him a bottle and he sucked down 2 oz and finally went to sleep. I know this is a no-no and it's possible he doesn't need the extra according to breastfeeding do's and don'ts. But I just feel so bad like he's not getting enough. He hasn't had as many wet or dirty diapers as he should and I've been worried, and we had a weight check today and he hasn't gained anything since his last check on monday. They said he should have at least gained a couple oz's in that time. He looks well hydrated though the doc said, he's just not gaining. So the doc said to go ahead and offer him a couple oz of either pumped BM or formula after he nurses. Pumping sucks, I can only get like 1 oz between both breasts at a time.

Today he nursed for 2hrs straight from 8:30-10:30am, then fell asleep and slept all day, I tried to rouse him 3 times, I finally got him to wake for about 10minutes at about 2:30, but he fell right to sleep when we tried to nurse and I couldn't get him to wake up, I ended up pumping and making him a bottle and got him to take 1oz (in his sleep) before going to the pedi for his weight check where he finally woke up and took another 2oz. But he literally slept from 10:30am-4pm with the exception of that 10 minutes!! I was so scared- he literally would not wake up, I stripped him down, rubbed him down, I even washed his hair, he just slept through it all.

I just really wanted this to work, I know it's best for baby and me too, but the other part of me just wants to switch to formula because it's so much easier. With bottle feeding yes, you have bottles to clean, and there's more stuff to carry with you, and it's expensive, but it's faster and I know exactly how much he's getting so I don't worry so much. But I hate the smell and I hate to pay for formula too. I'm just really discouraged right now. I know I've been lucky because when he does nurse he does well, and latches fine and I haven't had much soreness or anything like many people do. I just hate that it takes 3hrs to feed my baby and he needs to eat every 2hrs, so I'm nursing like 12+hrs a day! I'm so literally chained down, poor Garrett too (my 2 year old), since I'm always busy feeding baby I feel bad.


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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

Your baby is so young, at this time it feels like if you are nursing 24/7, it is normal. That he falls asleep is also normal. Hang in there, it will get easier in the coming weeks.
A, married to P and SAHM to ds 12/ 2007 and brand new dd 06/ 2011
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

Mama, first off all:
Congrats on the birth of your baby!

Second of all:
Please forgive yourself for feeling stressed out. You gave birth a week ago!

Cedricsmom is 100% right that this is the hardest part. It will get better from here. Try not to watch the clock and just let him hang out at the boob. He knows what he's doing. I know it's time-intensive, but this is nature's way of making you sit/lie down and recover from that big event last week! *hugs* You are doing great. Snuggle that baby up and enjoy this precious time!
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

it will not stay like this - it will get better, I PROMISE!!

pumping 1oz is FINE right now - your baby's tummy is very small..

nursing in sleep counts, if your new baby will suck in his sleep and won't wake up that is fine, try doing breast compressions and listen for swallowing - if you hear swallowing, you know he is getting something - my DS was very sleepy the first week or two and i would just listen for swallowing and not worry about him being awake or his eyes being open or any of that ..

nursing constantly is good for your supply .. if youd on't let the baby do that, or if you give formula afterwards and don't pump you are telling your body you don't need the milk, and your baby is trying to tell your body that you do need it..

look into buying or renting a baby scale - you could do before/after weights to know how much he is eating exactly .. sometimes thats teh only way to put your mind at ease..

good luck and every breastfeeding mom feels like you do in the beginning.. just know your not alone!
Mommy to Mollie March 13, 2006 & Jamie May 8, 2008 and baby Annie! Sept. 17, 2010!
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

Do you have a sling that you can try nursing him in? Maybe if you could nurse and still be mobile, it wouldn't feel like it was taking so long. But all the PP are right; it WILL get better! Good luck, and congratulations!
Wife of Chris, mama to Evangeline (7/8/07), Cana (7/3/09), and Ruby Rae (6/25/11), follower of Jesus of Nazareth. Get free amazon gift cards: Read my pointless ponderings:
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

Newborns sleep A LOT. Your breast milk is tailored to your babe. You're doing great. Relax. I know it's hard to do and it's hard not knowing the exact amount your lo is getting but when their hungry they'll eat. Keep up the good work and remember to breathe.
-SAHM to Kael(9/25/02), Ella (4/25/06) and Luka (3/12/08)
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

Nothing to add! The other mamas gave the same advice I would! So and encouragement. They are right, it does get better. My DS nursed non-stop (it felt like!!) the first few weeks or so. I would cry to DH that I was sure he wasn't getting enough. Would call LLL every day (it felt like, but may be true!!!)

CONGRATS on your new miracle!!
Proud to have nursed DS for 25+ months!
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

what the other girls said is 110% true.

he's only a week and in the first few weeks he will want to nurse nurse nurse! After a few weeks you'll both be pros, he'll probably be more efficient when he knows what he's doing and you do too.

If you are worried about his intake, buy a baby scale, do before and after weighs to see how much he's eating.

Are their breastfeeding groups where you can go and sit with other mama's and talk? I found that really helped me a lot.

In the beginning with my first I kept thinking all the things you did, but in the long run I learned it wasn't easier to just fall to bottles, and soon my baby was nursing in just a few minutes flat!

Give yourself a break, take it easy and enjoy.
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

I know this can be very frustrating but hang in there! As long as you stay determined you'll be able to breastfeed successfully. When I first started pumping it was measured in mL, not oz, so when there was the slightest increase I was really proud of myself. And remember, the more you pump and nurse the more you'll produce.
Also, make sure you are taking good care of yourself. Eat and drink lots! Especially the drinking water part. The instruction booklet with my pump said you should drink a full glass of water before or during pumping/nursing. If you are really concerned about your milk supply I've heard good things about Fenugreek/Blessed Thistle capsules. Don't give up mama! It'll get better.
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Re: Feeling really discouraged.... :(

It sounds like you are doing a great job! The only advice that I could add is: you might help him work on getting his days and nights sorted out when you feel up to it. By taking him on a little walk in a sling outside/ sitting outside in the sun (protected of course). This might help move that longer stretch of sleep to nighttime so that you can enjoy it too, instead of worrying . Hang in there, this part seems like it lasts forever while you're in it but it goes quickly!
Jessica, Married to John since 9/04, Mom to DS Michael since 6/08 and DD Quinn since 8/11.
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