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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Who cares what the daycare wants? I would tell them everything you wrote and see what they say. Why does it matter what's in his sippy? Is he sharing?!
You are right to say its a lot of change. They can give him more time. Boy am I happy to be a SAHM



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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Off topic- I would be VERY careful about moving a baby into another room who isn't walking yet. I used to provide support to an older child in a daycare and I witnessed the very same thing. Baby wasn't walking, moved into the toddler room, and was forced to crawl around on the playground. (Infants didn't go outside, but he had too.) The poor baby would also be put down and left holding onto what ever was closest for dear life. He clearly was not ready to be with the toddlers. I reported the daycare because it made me so upset.

Good luck no matter what. I'd also stay strong on the breastfeeding.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

IMO, the daycare has the right to say, "No bottles in the toddler room." They do NOT have the right to tell you what will or will not be in the sippy cups that will replace your baby's bottles. My older two were both in daycare at this age, and when each of them moved to the toddler room, I continued to send pumped milk in sippy cups for another few months while we transitioned to cow's milk. For DD, I continued to supply her cow's milk for a long time too (organic, rather than whatever the daycare had).

A baby who isn't walking yet, IMO should not be moved to a toddler room, regardless of his age. I don't agree that he'll learn to walk by watching the other kids--certainly not quickly enough to keep him from getting stomped on a few times.

But if in the end you do decide to let them move him and give him cow's milk, you can definitely continue to nurse him at home. Your body will adjust. I stopped pumping at work at 17 months for DS1 and 11 months for DD (I had a huge frozen stash for her) and they nursed until 2 1/2 and 3 years.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

When I worked at a daycare in IL back in the late 90's we had an infant/toddler room. The room was divided and the moble and inmobile children were seperated.
On another note the little one I babysit for is 1 year and 1 month and is not walking and does not show any intrest in walking. My DD has been walking since I have had her. I do not think it would be safe for your child to move till he has met this goal, on his own. Just my opinion
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Who is paying who? You, the parent, pay the daycare therefore YOU make the rules for YOUR child. There should be NO reason they can't give him BM in a sippy. Also if he isn't ready for the toddler room than he needs to stay in the infant room. They probably want to bump him up to get another infant in too make more $$. I have worked in daycare too many years to know any different.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

That is ridiculous! Daycare centers really tick me off. I know you said you like them, but with these ridiculous rules they are trying to lay on you are you sure you do?

You son is clearly not ready to be with the toddlers, but thats only the start of your problems with them. Daycare centers have set strict rules that they follow, and they often strong arm parents into complying. Have you asked about the toddler room schedual? Another poster made a great point about the toddlers going outside...Will your crawler be dumped outside amongst a bunch of running screaming toddlers?

If I were you I would go in and tell them how it is. If I were you I would insist that my son be kept in the infant room untill he was walking on his own, and if they wont agree find a new daycare. Smaller home daycares are usually willing to bend over backwards to accomodate anything you want. BM in a bottle, for as long as you like. Alot of the home daycares are setting up web cams now too, so you could keep an eye on him from work. I would tell them that my son is absolutely NOT to have anything besides BM untill you give the ok.

Im so sorry you are going through this, but they do not have the right to force you to move him and give him cows milk in a sippy. Stand your ground mama, you know whats best for your guy.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

To also answer your question you can continue to nurse him anytime you are with him. Your body will adjust. The more he nurses the more you make the less he nurses the less your body makes. You can keep however many nursing you want to keep.
Are you currently sending pumped BM to the baby room for him to drink? In a bottle or a sippy? Is a sippy cup going to be new to him also? I think it should be totally fine to keep sending your BM and they just pour that in his sippy instead of cow's milk. That would save them money too..... I would not stop sending BM for him until you were ready for him to stop nursing. It is your choice if he is still getting BM or cow's milk.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Originally Posted by hikewithpig View Post
Is it possible that I can still nurse him at night and he drinks cow's milk from a sippy during the day? How will that impact my nursing him on my days off?
First off, he's your child. You make the rules. I wouldn't move him just yet anyway. You are right, too many changes at once would be hard for him. That being said, I introduced cow's milk to my bf ds at around a year. He also started attending a home day care around that time. I never pumped and he drank cow's milk with meals, even when home. Still, he continued to nurse in the am, pm and for comfort during the day until he was 26 months old. It was wonderful. He had the advantage of ebf, but I wasn't tied to a pump.

GL, and don't feel rushed by them.

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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

I am a daycare provider in Delaware, home, not center, and I agree that you should be able to do whatyou want with your child. I am still nursing my 13 month old!! As you are headed in to talk to the director, here are some of the things you may hear, first, state laaw and the Food Program says children need to be on whole cows milk the day they turn 1, not a moment before or after. I know this is silly, so do you. The way around it is a doctors note, simply have your doctor write a note that it is acceptable for your child to recieve your pumped milk instead of cow's milk. Second, the ratio's in an infant room are usually around 4 children to 1 staff member, and 6 children to one staff member in a toddler room, so unless your rate is dropping ALOT it is costing them more to have your little one in the infant room. The storage thing might be an issue, but that is their problem, and if it is in a sippy with your childs name on it, they are not supossed to be wandering around drinking, only at a table, so that should be no big deal. All these are of course Delaware laws, but they are fairly similar everywhere.

Keep doing what you feel is right for your child, and if the daycare is not supportive, you need a new daycare. He is about to change rooms anyhow, so the change to a new daycare would be no more stressful.
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Re: Feeling forced to wean by daycare

Find out what the laws are in your state. I got the same story a few months ago, DD is 15 months and still gets mama's milk in a bottle at daycare. They moved her along with a bunch of other kids to the 1 yo room and I got the line about having her off a bottle. Our center gets some funding from the Food Program and they have rules about milk and 1yo's but all I had to do was get a note from my doc saying that DD can have breastmilk in a bottle or sippy (TBD by the parents) as long as we wish! They have to have the note on file or else they would be required to offer whole cow's milk.

Good Luck! I've found you just have to ask the right ?s to find out the reasoning behind DC policies.
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