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Exclamation Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Make sure your anti-virus is updated and turned on. Do a complete scan of your computer. If there is something there, your anti-virus should be able to detect it and tell you how to get rid of it.
Cookies are harmless, unfortunately many virus disguise as cookies. Best bet is to keep your anti-virus on all of the time.
I don't think it is this site passing it though. I understand it is being passed as a search result. You have to watch pay pal results too. The title holding the virus may appear to be what you are looking for, but check your address bar and see if it is simple or has hundreds of characters. Generally the site addresses are simple. You may just have too many cookies on your computer that is slowing it down and making it act stupid. Run your virus scan and go from there.
God help you. Blessings to you


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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Originally Posted by skolbut View Post
Ladies (and gentlemen)...
BE CAREFUL what you click on.
After some research, DS and I have found several bloggers posting links that say 'diaperswappers' in the text but direct you to the Malware.
Naughty people do this to get google to direct you to the malware site when you search for the actual site.

DS... please do some research and make it safe for us to continue to use your site.
Ok this is not what is happening to me. The malwear is popping up when I use my bookmarks to navigate to DS and taking over the whole window. When I close out using task manager the DS is not even on there anymore. The other thing is my antivirus is not doing anything about it. I don't know what to do. I am in th middle of some trades, I need to be on here, but really it is not worth it if it is going to keep happening. Is there any way to know for certain your computer is virus free? Without doing a full wipe of the harddrive?
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

OK, I got it again this morning and this time my virus software didn't catch it. The ONLY way I come to DS is by typing the URL myself or from a link from the email notifications when I'm certain they have come from DS, NEVER from a blog or search. I really like this site and don't want to have to report it and stop coming here, I really hope you guys stop ignoring us and do something about this!
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

FYI - clicked a link to come here (yes, it was to a bona fide thread) and got a TROJAN HORSE popup from my anti-virus software. The link that I got was\{gzip}
This link to an AD HERE was a TROJAN!
For pete's sake, have some class Lee and figure out the problem. $$$$$$$
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

I just wanted to add myself to the list of people this has tried to affect. I chose www dot diaperswappers dot com /forum from my pulldown menu on internet explorer and as the forum was loading, it suddenly stopped loading and the "antivirus software" tried to download. I didn't fall for it, and I'm running my own virus scan right now just to be safe, but this happened just this morning, about 15 minutes ago.
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

I had the same pop-up yesterday again when I opened DS.

*worried and wondering why there have been no comments from admin/moderators*
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

It has happened now on both my home nad work computers. I use my link and DS starts loading then the antivirus/malware takes over with a total different address. This is coming from DS. Please get this to stop.
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

to see a screenshot go to ttc forum under addicted to teh stick monday march 9th...someone posted a screen shot. I don't know how to copy it and put it here.
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

I don't know if it is a virus or what. I don't seem to have any problems using my computer. I have avg free, maybe that helps but I do know that this only happens when I come to DS! Although it is not frequent like others have posted. It has happend once yesterday and once today. This was also happening occasionally a few months ago and only when I was on DS!

This is what happens to my computer. Instead of the DS site coming up a screen with a warning saying I have a virus and download this software to protect me. It reminds me of a pop up ad with the blinking lights saying download me now. My AVG warning also pops up. I click cancel on the ad but instead of closing it starts downloadning. I x out the download.
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Ugh. I got it too, yesterday, when I typed in in my FF browser and then logged in. The pop up came up right after I logged in and it took me to another site when I tried to "X" out. At least I know what to do now, but I'm very disappointed in the admin response to this problem. I understand it may be a difficult fix (admittedly, I am not super-computer savvy, though I do have a pretty good idea of what is going on, and my husband, the network admin and webmaster, is in agreement with the others on this board.)

The thing is, you gotta communicate with your customers, and since we are the ones that click the sponsored ads and create ad revenue, and many of us also pay money to advertise on the site, if you don't communicate with us, people are going to start leaving the site permanently - both those who advertise and those who click on the advertisement. If DS can't at least garner a little trust in keeping us up to date with their efforts to squelch this, people aren't going to bother coming back, and there will be warnings all over the web about the problems DS had, so no new customers, either.


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