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Postpartum Questions

I would love to know how you moms of many handle the pp time. My dh will have a week off then I am back on duty with a 2 yo and my 5 yo. I thought everything would be fine but was reading a pp gudline for resting and there is no way I can do that while chasing dd2. I am thinking about putting dd2 in daycare for a month so I can rest more but am sad at the thought and the price How do you stay down for a month There is no family that would help so we are it.


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Re: Postpartum Questions

Are you eligible for a visiting nurse? I don't know how military insurance works, but I do know that there are private insurances that do.. or a post partum doula? I don't know if either would be less than day care.

After DH went back to work and I didn't have help (I do think my mom and my MIL were around for a few days). I watched a lot of TV in bed with/ newborn and my 2 yo. Not a great solution, but better than nothing.

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Re: Postpartum Questions

Try to plan ahead. Stock the freezer with meals unless you know someone will be bringing some to you. Plan to spend a little extra on take-out for a few weeks. Break out the paper plates. Plan to spend more time watching tv. Before the baby is born, work on training the older kids to stay in a certain room with you so you know they won't wander off. Take it one day at a time and lower your standards for a few weeks. It is important that you rest and many of us don't have help to come in and allow it. Several times my husband has either been on extended business trips or forced to return to work the day after I got home from the hospital. With the last baby, we came home 12 hrs after he was born, an hr later DH was logged into work from home and he went back to the office the next day. I am expecting this time that even though he plans to take time off, something will come up and he'll be back at work again. But when he is home in the evening, he knows by now that he has to be prepared to supervise bedtime, do some laundry, wash some dishes because my job is to take care of the baby, rest and keep the other kids in one piece during the day. If you feel it will be easiest for you to put one child in daycare even a few days a week and you can afford it, then go for it and don't feel guilty. We feel way too much pressure now to get right back up and be supermom no matter what is going on. Giving in to that pressure can be dangerous for both your health and your baby.
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Re: Postpartum Questions

I cooked and froze meals for a minimum of 3 weeks (with one night being able to have food brought home) with my last dd. I have a 7 year old and a 19 month old when DD was born in December. I had a repeat c-section and a tubal, so no lifting for at least 2 weeks. DH was off for 4 weeks (because of Christmas & New Year's) But we had a shortage of diapers, so dh had to go out a couple of times in the beginning to buy some more sposies. One day he had to go into work for emergency stuff in week #2 and my gma came to help with dd#1. Mostly I was on the couch, and dd#1 learned to use her step stool to be able to sit by me. And percoset for the pain. It helped.
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Re: Postpartum Questions

I barely napped after my 3rd baby. I had a 16 mos old and a 6 yr old. But, it worked out. Prepare ahead as much as possible, then go in survival mode- watch a lot of tv, don't try to do much in the way of housekeeping. Do you have someone to come maybe in the evenings to help with chores? Or is your dh awesome about taking care of that stuff after work? That would help a lot- that way you will still have younger ones to take care of but not all the "normal" stuff.

Honestly, I felt pretty good within a week or 2, but I had a vaginal birth with no stitches, so if you have a csection or siginificant tear, you may need longer to recover.

Bottom line- you will not be able to rest the way you did with #1 and/or #2!
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Re: Postpartum Questions

I generally try to shoot for a Friday? Well, no, kind of seriously though... Because then dh will have off Saturday and Sunday. He doesn't take time off except for the day we HAVE the baby and the day AFTER the baby. That said, my mil has brought over supper for the day after we've had the baby the last couple and there is NO better baby gift than supper!

Even after my c-section dh really didn't take off much time as we were military then and he had just taken off a lot of time for Hannah's death and burial. So, we compensated. We didn't have great meals. We had well, meals. Pick up pizza, do cereal, let the 3 year old wash the dishes! Sleep when the baby sleeps, take naps with the both of them. Blow off housework for a week. Babies are really just perfect for mamas. You're wired to do this. The more rest you get, the more milk you make. The more the baby demands to be nursed, the more you sit down. Perfect balance.

You also have to realize the first was probably difficult because you really did NOT know what to expect! But the second is so much easier, and the third, and the fourth... um, well you get the idea!

Recovery from a c-section is a little different. No matter how well you "cope" don't NOT take the meds... the voice of experience speaking, lol.
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Re: Postpartum Questions

I set up several stations around the house with kids books and my books, a water bottle, the remote, that way, when I was nursing the other kids could be near me and hopefully somewhat happy so I didn't have to get up. Obviously there is no way you are going to be able to get all the rest reccomended, are they crazy? Also remember that all you really need is dishes to eat off (I buy paper and plastic for the first month) food (take out or premade) clean clothes and paths to walk from one room to the other. As the baby gets older things will get better as I'm sure you know! Also, if your older children have friends, can they go over their for even a couple of hours? My MIL lives next door and she takes the older ones for a little while everyday, just a five minute nap does wonders!
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Re: Postpartum Questions

you should look for a postpartum doula, if you can find one. they help around the house, wrangle older kiddos, etc so that you can rest. once you have older kids, the "resting" thing really goes out the window unless your 2 year old is on a good schedule and you can get the newbie to nap when she does so that you can. you also have to let go of getting a million things done each day. just really focus on one thing and go from there. it's hard to do and even me at 7 weeks postpartum, i am still trying to just "let go". laundry can wait, dishes can wait until the next morning, i try to tidy up 1 thing each day, rather than get it all done. otherwise i get emotional and frustrated and just give up which is not a way to be around your new baby or older kiddos. also make sure you have phone support if no one is near you, just so you don't feel isolated. you'll be fine and can reach out anytime to this group.


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Re: Postpartum Questions

Try to get a few new toys or videos to put away to bring out when you need to rest. When making breakfast for everyone, make the sandwiches for lunch and fill the sippy cups. (or maybe your dh can so stuff like this) Set up a changing station in your resting room as well as the bedrooms, so you won't have to go into a different room to change either of your lo's. GL
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