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I am little Miss Cranky Pants...Advice?

I am cranky...why do you ask? Because as much as I love my family coming over and helping, I am finding as Zack gets older, it gets harder to deal with the visitors. Last night was a prime example. Here is how last night went.

Visitors came and wanted to make dinner (ok, if I dont have to cook, fine with me). Visitor #1 used the same spoon on raw meat to stir noodles (that were not going to be reheated. ICKY!!)
My rule for Zack is that he can have A snack when I am making dinner to tide him over. I give visitor #2 a cheese stick for him, tell them to hold it and let Zack take small bites. He MUST remain seated when eating (another mommy rule). I go to the bathroom, come back and Zack is running around with the cheese stick. Seriously, I was gone for 3 minutes top. The reasoning behind lettng him run around? He didnt want to sit on the chair. Well then, he doesnt get to eat, that is how I play that game.
Fast forward to dinner. I am serving dinner from the stove (since the above happened, I made sure to boil the noodles for awhile to kill off any ecoli). I hand each visitor a bowl, grab one for Zack, go to put it in the freezer to cool it off. All of a sudden Zack is screaming, they let him grab some food out of their bowl, pop it in his mouth, which since it just came off the stove, was HOT (aka my son got his first mouth burn).
I am now starting to get really annoyed with visitors at this point. I get Zack's bowl out of the freezer, give him a spoon, and let him go at it. I turn to get him some milk and I hear "he's choking!!" WHAT?!? it has been less than 30 seconds since I turned my back to open the fridge. I turn around and he is gagging, I swoop him up, slap his back, and out pops a good chunk of food. Funny since there were NO chunks in his bowl. I went "oh, that's odd, that wasnt in his bowl". I hear "well, I thought he could handle it". UGH!!! (banghead) Now my son has a burnt mouth, almost choked, and now is mad that I took him away from his food and wacked him.
So I take Zack from the booster chair and placed him in his high chair (right next to me). I put his food on the tray and let him eat. He eats a bit, and then starts playing with it. I tell him to eat with his spoon. One again, he starts playing again. So I say "all done" and clear his tray. I do not let him smear his food all over or toss it on the floor. (I know, I am such a stickler)
I get him all cleaned up, and he goes over by the visitors begging for food. I say that if he sits and eats, he can have more (and hand them his bowl). They let him down and do "fly-by eating". I once again say that he MUST be sitting down to eat. Once again they let him run by, get a bite, and run away.
Zack then finds one of their waterbottles. I ask him to bring it to me, so that I can take off the plastic top. I hear "oh it won't come off". Next thing I know, Zack has it in his hand, and ready to put in his mouth. So I take that away. I say that he can not have any water, only milk. So what do they let him do, drink water. I offer him his sippy cup, but since the waterbottle squirts and they are making a game out of it, he doesnt want it. I tell them to shut the bottle. He can play with it, but no more water! 5 min later, my son is coughing and his shirt is wet. He got more water!! Now I realize he is 19 months old, but he doesnt need that much water!
By the time they left, I was at my wits end. Every thing I told them to not do, they did. Every "rule" we enforce was broken.
Did I mention they were trying to teach him to fart and burp? At the table none the less!!!
I am seriously considering banning visitors for awhile, at least the ones that dont behave! I KNOW I should be glad that I have help and that they care, but I am going insane when they are here. I can't take my eye off any of them!!
Ok...rant over


Zack (8/07) and Drake (3/10)

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Re: I am little Miss Cranky Pants...Advice?

oh mama! What a crazy awful visit! That would drive me crazy too! Why is it so hard for people to understand that it is YOUR kid and please follow the rules you have made! It's almost like they were trying to break every rule you have!
SAHM to DD ('07) DS ('09) and DD2 ('12)
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Re: I am little Miss Cranky Pants...Advice?

Wow. That sounds like a super frustrating evening. Sorry mama! Sometimes people just don't get it. Usually not on purpose (in my experience, at least) but still it can get to ya. Hugs to you!
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