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so another one bites the dust

it looks like DD is ready to move into a big girl bed- my main issue is that she doesn't like to stay in bed. Plus to top it off she has given up naps EWhen we had the twins we actually ahd to put a gate in front of their door to keep them in there!
So what do you girls do to make sure you don't have any late night wanders? I worry she may open the top gate and fall. She is a stinker- she can open the gate

OH! I am also not sure what I am going to do about "nap time" My older 2 will have movie time for about a hour so I can take a little break and get ready for work but now that she isn't napping she is so busy annoying her brothers any ideas on what to I can do to keep her out of their hair and mine for a little bit? I do think she may watch a little bit of a movie though......I pray!


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Re: so another one bites the dust

I'm sure some here will consider this horrible, but we had the same issue with DS when he was that age. His room was on the 2nd floor, and mine was on the 1st floor. After the night when he managed to get past TWO gates (one on top of the other), and I heard him crying in the middle of the night, and found him with legs stuck in the banister, this close to falling through, we bought a hook and eye lock for his door and locked him in at night. Yes, it was a fire safety hazard, but we only had to use it for a short time until he was used to sleeping in his room the whole night and not coming out. In the long run, we felt it was the safest alternative for him.

Good luck, mama!
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Re: so another one bites the dust

This may sound horrible, but it has worked for us... My daughter is almost 19 months old. She has been able to climb out of her crib from 12 months. I put her in the playpen because it's not as far to fall and we have wood floors. She learned to climb out of that at 15 months but didn't do it all the time. Around Thanksgiving, she started doing it all the time. She fell and got a rug burn around her eye. (it looked so bad! Poor baby!) I got a tent for the playpen. It works. I read her a story and sing a song, then I put her in and say good night, zip it up and she's out in about 5-10 minutes.
The first time I put her in, she cried like I was killing her! I went back in and held her for a few minutes, put her back in and she was fine.
anyhow. It works for us, she can't get it unzipped (only zips from the outside) and I don't have to worry about her hurting herself. She can open the doors too.

Good luck!!!
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Re: so another one bites the dust

What about putting her in your bed to nap? Instead of locking her in places? Just an idea!!
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Re: so another one bites the dust

Get some of those door knob covers (childproof ) and shut the door so she can't get out. If her room is child proofed she should be fine in there and then you don't have to worry about her wandering.
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Re: so another one bites the dust

for naptime when my girls are having a "i'm-not-going-to-nap-day" I put them on their beds (they sleep in the living room) give them a stack of books and a baby and turn off the lights(we have windows so they can still see to read, but the darker atmosphere seems to calm them down) and they have to sit on their bed without talking for 1/2hour-1hour depending on what I need. It takes some persistence on my part some days to keep them there, but for the most part it works (my girls are 2 and 3 1/2 years old)

for bedtime we have a night walker/talker. Usually she will talk while she's walking so I have a pretty good indication of what she is doing. We also use night lights and she is comfortable coming to find me in the middle of the night. I'm trying to think, but I don't think we've had any problems with that method. But we also have a VERY small home. If we were still in our old house I'm not sure what we would have done because her room was at the top of the stairs.

As for locking the door, I, personally, probably wouldn't go that route, but if you decide to you might consider leaving it unlocked until she is asleep and only if you always wake up before her to unlock it for her. I think it would be frightening not to be able to open the door. I know it's for their safety, but my DD freaks out when the bathroom door sticks, I'm sure she would flip out over her bedroom door not opening.

I missed how old she is, but is she old enough to be potty training soon? Because locking the door would definitely cause problems with that.
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Re: so another one bites the dust

I had to get a crib tent because ds is relentless. He can climb out, can open the door, etc. The gate thing didn;t work at his door because he would stand there and throw things over it at the wall across the hallway. Beast!
But with the crib tent I read him some stories, put him in, cover him up...he says, Night night mommy, love you too, and that's that.

I had to get the tent when he was about 18 months old. Not sure how we'll handle it when he outgrows the whole thing.
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