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help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

i know you mamas of multiples are super busy, but if you happen to have a few minutes could you critique my registries and list of things to get for my quadruplets that are due this summer. Dh & I will be first time parents and feel like fish out of water b/c no experience on top of trying to manage 4 preemie babies I am 16ish weeks now but am on bed rest so i can't go tot he stores and look at things myself.....i have to shop online and go off the advice from others. My baby showers are about a month away so i need to finalize these registries before the invites start going out. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice:-)


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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Congrats on your quads! How exciting!!! I have identical boys, and it is a blast. It was tough at first, and I can imagine it will only be tougher with quads, but you'll get through it, and it is SO worth it! Such a blessing!

If I can find some time tonight, I'd be happy to look at your registry.

Congrats again! And I love your avatar!
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Humm. I am busy this morn but will try to get back to it and have a look, K? You go girl! You are in for quite an adventure!!
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Congratulations!!! I have just been lurking. My twin boys just turned 6 months and I am ready to venture into the cloth world. You are supermom for starting cloth with quads from birth!!! Way to go!
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Is there any way to prepare for quads? I know when I was pg I was overwhelmed trying to plan for twins. Everyone was giving me advice and letting me know what their LO's did and didn't like, but it's really hard to tell what will work until they get here.

Just looking at your registries, here's what I'm thinking (but that's only from my own experiences):
- Rather than a diaper pail use a garbage can instead. I'm not sure how big that one is, but with two we'd more than fill ours in a day (they'd go through 14-18 dipes each per day with sposies), so it was a waste of money.
- You can use ice cube trays for freezing milk and/or baby food.
- Don't get a ton of bottles/nipples beforehand because not all babies like all bottles/nipples. It took us a little while to find the ones that worked for our guys.
- You may want more bouncy seats. That was one of things we did have two of. Our guys had reflux and since I was only able to nurse one at a time at the beginning I'd put the other one in the bouncy after being fed since he had to be kept kind of upright for around half an hour after feeding. They usually ended up just staying in them since by the time the second one was fed and I'd pumped I'd only have about half an hour before I had to wake the first one up to feed him again.
- We also had a large playmat (made by Tiny Love) that our guys really liked.
- You'll likely need lots of sheets, onesies and sleepers. My guys went through them like crazy.
- My guys slept in the same crib for the first 7 months, so you may not need that extra crib for a while, but I also know twins who wouldn't sleep together.
- Twin nursing pillows are a must.
- The double Snap 'N Go stroller is great!
- A good diaper bag is a must and the one you picked looks good.
- That feeding table is a great idea (I saw it on Jon and Kate).
- And yes, I would definitely spend $1200 on a good stroller. I know I was out with the boys as often as possible - you'll all need the fresh air to keep you from going crazy, or at least I did.

Hope the rest of your pg is smooth and uneventful!
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Haven't had time to read everyone's replies but here goes:
Do NOT waste the $ on a diaper pail. We filled ours at least once a day and that was only with twins. I would just use a large trash can with a lid.
Even if you plan on using CD's, buy some sposies. You would be amazed how much babies can poo.
Ask for clothes in bigger sizes. Everyone will try to buy you the cute tiny stuff. It is nice to have a stockpile of the bigger sizes.
Make sure you have a place for each baby. We had two cribs and even though we co-slept and if the girls were in a crib it was the same one, if one is sick you need to be able to isolate it a little bit.
We loved our swings. We had to buy more because we needed two at my parent's place where we spent most of our time and one at our tiny apt.
Get the nicest stroller money can buy. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a stroller and laughed at the $400 strollers and I really regret the Graco we bought. It folded up on my girls about 4 months ago and if the front bar wasn't on one of the girls would have been smashed into the concrete. We did get a free replacement but it just isn't made very well.
There is no way that you will know what bottles/nipples they like. I literally bought 13 kinds of bottles and spent well over $500 on bottles and nipples. Maybe get 1 of each bottle or something until you figure out what they like. Hopefully they will all like the same one!!!!
A big blanket so you can put them all on it and put toys down for them and they will be seperated from the floor but all next to eachother.
Personally, I would get infant carseats. Preemies just don't seem to outgrow them. We were in ours until 13 months.

Remember that preemies frequently have more problems with reflux. We had to change outfits at least 3 times a day. This meant 6 or more outfits a day for twins.
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Okay, not a mom of multiples, but when I saw quads I couldn't resist seeing what a registry for 4 babies would look like I'm agreeing on the diaper pail...I CD'ed two kiddos (a 2 year old and an infant) at the same time and we would fill our cloth pail (just a medium-ish trash can) in a day. Babies poo a LOT. We did sposies during a yeast infection/2 day CD stripping extravaganza when DD was a couple weeks old and wow...DD went through almost a pack of diapers each day. Definitely have some sposies handy, even if its just to make it easier for helpers. I also agree on the clothes in bigger sizes...they add up very fast in cost when you're buying for more than one kiddo, regardless of size. As great as all the little cute stuff is, they tend to outgrow it all super super fast.

The only other things I noticed were carseat safety things, and it was stuff that should be taken OFF your list. Aftermarket products aren't safe, so the snuzzler head supports shouldn't be used. A lot of hospitals won't even let you leave with kiddos in seats that have aftermarket items in/on them. The only safe ones to use are the head supports that actually come with the carseat...if you need more support for baby, a rolled up receiving blanket on both sides of them is much safer than the snuzzler because the blankets don't go under baby or interfere with the carseat straps at all. Carseat mats are out as well...they generally don't do anything but interfere with your install and create slippage issues. If you have leather seats, running a blow dryer near the seat can help to pull out indents/wrinkles caused by carseats...time helps as well The infant seat covers (like the bundleme) are okay, but only if they are the shower cap style ones...the type that go into the seat aren't safe. Check out the carseat group in the parenting section here on DS...they are SO helpful and there are a few techs there that can answer any carseat questions you might have.
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

I saw that you had a lot of blankets . You will probably also need a good pile of burpcloths/gerber prefolds for spit up. Also, stock up on onesies. Diapers leak...especially up the back.
Car seats and accessories-
You should not use the car seat mats or bundle me previous poster said. Consider registering for the shower cap style.
Also, car seats have a 6 year life before expiring. If you buy your convertible carseats now and they were manufactured in 1/09 they will expire six years from that date. You lose a lot of time storing these seats while babies are young. Maybe ask for gift cards for carseats instead.
I like the snuzzlers in the baby swing but they are not recommended in carseats (like PP said).
I think it is good to start babyproofing early but you could probably do without the crib teethers. Your LO's won't be standing in their cribs for a while and even then, they may never chew on the rails, I would want stuff that would be more useful in the short term.
If space is not an issue I would go for a few high charis instead of the table. My highchair reclines and it was useful to have before LO could sit up unassisted. You could also get a few spacesaver high chair/ booster seat types. They strap right onto the chair and also recline.
I hope that this critique doesn't sound too critical. I actually babysat for infant triplets in college. Their parents had one room designated just for the babies. It was pretty bare bones. Couch, tv, 2 swings, several bouncy chairs, changing table and a few twin sized quilts and other blankets for floor time. Also, in the beginning they kept two bassinets in there for naps. They had a two story house.
I think that the idea of this set up was to keep the chaos somewhat contained. I could definitely see how multiple babies could take over the entire house.
All the best to you and your sweet babies!!
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

Like the pp said, I would ditch the diaper pail and go for maybe a large trashcan. Definitely get four bouncy chairs. My twins both have reflux (which is almost a given with daughter had it too) and the bouncy seats have been a lifesaver. I also have two boppies so I can feed them both at once. They both have to eat sidelying and I can get them both in a good position if I have them each in a boppy and I sit in the middle and feed them. You will more than likely have to feed them's another preemie thing. My DD did that too. I've never had a Bumbo, so naturally I don't think of it as a necessity. I don't have the first clue what to advise on strollers. We have a Peg Perego that my boss gave us. It's nice, but I've never tried anything else. TBH, I usually put my 3 year old in the front, one of the twins in the part closest to me and then I wear the other twin in my sling. It keeps ALL the kids "contained" when we go out. Like the other PP said, you really don't need the trays for babyfood. I used ice cube trays with my dd and they worked GREAT! You'll need LOTS of burp cloths, sleepers and onesies. We don't get out much, so there's not much need to get my little guys all dressed up. They spend most of the time in lap tees, onesies and sleepers. I personally didn't bother with the burp cloths and I went straight to washcloths. I can get 4 in a pack for less than half the price of the 3 packs that Gerber makes AND they are more absorbent! I buy the washcloths from Target. Swings....we only need one. You might probably need 2, but I wouldn't go right out and get four of them until you know if all your kiddos even like them. I don't bother with the expensive bottles. We use the regular old Evenflo. We used them with DD too. The nipples they use in the NICU are just like the Evenflo ones, so that's all my boys have ever known. Britax carseats are a great choice! We fit my daughter in hers when she came home at 4 lbs. 7 oz. and she still uses the same carseat at 3 1/2 years old. It has been a huge cost-saver for us and it's one of the best on the market.

Baby's back to finish....
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Re: help me prepare for my quads pretty please!

I think it all looks great, I have no idea what to get for FOUR babies at once but I think your off to a great start!!

About the quad stroller, I think its a bit pricey actually and there is no canopy for the top seat (?). I think it looks nice too but I dont think I could shell out $1200 on a stroller. My DS1's old daycare used this one (Its $399 on stroller and has FREE SHIPPING right now):

She would carry four kids at a time in it, ges 6 months to 3 1/2, comfortably. It was VERY NICE in person, AND the price is 1/4 of the other one. Just a thought since money is probably being used extra wisely now....

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