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Re: 6 month old twins and new to CDing!

Hi, welcome! I have 5 month old twins boys, but they were born at 24 weeks so they are more like 5 week old babies. They each weigh about 10 1/2 lbs. I've tried several types of diapers. I have been using Kissaluvs fitteds and Bummis covers since they came home, but I just sold off my entire stash of them because I wanted to try something different and they were outgrowing them. I have mostly OS diapers....about 10 or so BG 3.0's, 6 Blueberry OS with snaps, 4 HH OS, and 6 Wonderoos OS (which I haven't tried yet because the crotch looks so wide on them). I also have some sized Blueberry Stuffable AIO's, some Blueberry pockets, some HH pockets, about 6 Kissaluvs contours, a few different types of covers, and I have a dozen prefolds on the way so I can try those out too. I also have some Swaddlebees pockets and some fitteds. I just tried out wool for the first time the other day and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

If I were you, I would just dabble in a little of this and a little of that until you find what you like. So far, I love my pockets but the OS are really bulky. That probably won't bother me so much in the summer when I don't really have to worry about putting pants on them, but it's still too cold for that yet. The good thing is that you can always just sell whatever doesn't work for you.


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Re: 6 month old twins and new to CDing!

i am still trying to figure out what i love love love. my twins are only 8 weeks old. I use some prefolds, dreameze AIOs and fitteds, sbabyish fitteds, blueberri fitteds, i have little beetle fitteds but at this size, don't really like them... i have bummis, imsey vimsey, mother ease, and little nicky covers and think that the bummis and mother ease work best. my stash is small b/c we are on a tight budget and i have not found my love... yet. i am waiting for the babies to get into the next size up- i have fuzzi buns med/large- but am not sure that i will love pockets.

so i am sure i am not helping you, but wanted to reinforce that it takes trial and error and getting into the rhythm. i trust that i will find what i love love love and am so stoked to hear what everyone else is using.


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Re: 6 month old twins and new to CDing!

Someone asked for a link for sposoeasy:

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Re: 6 month old twins and new to CDing!

I CD'ed from almost the beginning. I've got 2 11 month olds. I have about 2 dozen swaddlebees AIOs (they have a pocket in the AIO too for extra stuffing if needed). I love the diaper, but when I ordered more, I run into major issues with their customer service and stopped ordering them. I am now trying Sposoeasies and they are pretty good. They dry faster, but I still prefer the swaddlebees (and blueberries). I've found that the medium size fits a really really long time, it's almost like an OS while being super easy to use and is very trim.
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Re: 6 month old twins and new to CDing!

My twins are almost 5 months old and we CD from the start.

I am no expert by any means but I found for us that the NB size of just about everything was a waste of money, sure they fit better then the small size at first (my DD was only 4.5 at birth) but they grew so fast I think they used those diapers a dozen time tops, and of course I had to used the small size as back ups and there were no issues, leaks or poop explosions.

I am blessed to have my mom live with us now so we had to find a diaper that she too loved as much as I. We started with perfolds, and I still use them as they are wonderful around the house, but they do have alot of extra stuff if you are heading out to the mall or off to the DR.

We have tried a few different types of diapers and a few different makers and we found the the BG 3.0 was very much loved by everyone, but me and my only complaint is stuffing them. My mom LOVES this diaper, she had 6 of her own babies and she CD all of us, as the pamper was a not really viable option until my youngest brother came along, and she wasn't changing horses mid stream. At 68 she has told all her friends about them and has even done "shows" for her friends, she could not be happier as she thinks very little of the snappie and I am not fond of pinning, so the BG was sort of a truce. My DH who loves his crunchy, tree hugging little woman (all meant with love) even loves these diapers, his friends and co-workers believe he should get some badge of honor for changing cloth diapers, yet he will tell you it really isn't that hard with a BG, lol. I think this might be the winner as it does not have snaps, and my mom has some arthritis making the Velcro a must.

The number 1 thing I discovered has been the diaper liners. If you haven't found them I highly recommend them. It took me a few tries to get placement right but now they catch the poop so I can quickly scoop it out of the diapers and into the john, flush it away. I also use a diaper sprayer which my DH attached to the toilet to rinse diapers, it was a little $$ but now with the introduction of solid foods it has been a worth every penny.

I think the best advise I can give is buy a little bit of everything used (I just discovered this board and a few other like it) I bought all my diapers new 4 of this and 4 of that gets a little costly when you discover after 1 or 2 uses it really doesn't work for you. Besides in the beginning I spent so much time washing and prepping all the diapers for use, 5 to 8 washes depending on diaper, getting them used they are ready upon arrival, one wash and you are off and running, lol.
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