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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

My main issue is stains, but I buy all my dipes used for cheap off FSOT so I am not real concerned about the stains, and I'd imagine a lot of it will sun out when I do finally get around to doing that. We have super hard water so even regular clothes stain really easy.

We had stink problems at the very beginning, then I started using a splash of bleach on my non-PUL stuff, and no more stink since then. I know some will say not to use bleach, but DD has never gotten a rash from CD's, I rinse twice after using the bleach, and I tried everything else to get rid of the stink first, and nothing worked.

Oh and I use the Astra detergent from Aldi (this site said it was a good choice), or Purex F&C if I find it on sale cheap.

My wash routine is simple. I SHOULD do a cold rinse first, but I usually don't (hence the stains). I do a hot wash on my fitteds and inserts with a bit of detergent and a splash of bleach (maybe 1/8 c.), then I add my PUL stuff and wash with the regular amount of detergent, then rinse. That's it.

I can't wait for summer to get here so I can start drying stuff on the clothesline!


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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

I've been CDing for a year, and the only issue I've had has been figuring out a new wash routine when we moved from an apartment to a house and got a new washer. I switched to Tide and it gave E a reaction, so I stripped all the diapers once with Dawn and then started using Arm & Hammer detergent. Since then, no issues.

My wash routine is:
Short cold wash/rinse with 5 drops tea tree oil and halfway to the first line of Arm & Hammer.
Long hot wash/cold rinse with halfway to the first line of Arm & Hammer.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

My only problem is that dh refuses to use them. With older dd I spray her diapers if they are stinky but the baby is ebf so I just toss them in the wet bag. Dump the wet bags into washer, cold rinse, hot wash with Tide with dawn, cold rinse and dry on medium heat.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

hah- I didnt even know so many concotions existed- I just swirl poopie dipes in the toilet, all others go straight in machine w/ regular laundry- no special cycle or detergent. I strip all once in a while when I notice stink.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

Originally Posted by JMBaby View Post
Sometimes after reading all of the "stink issue" threads and the "persistent rash" threads and the "I've stripped 125 times but they still stink" threads, it makes you wonder why you ever started CDing in the first place.

Not to mention some of the routines are insane...

"Well, first I spray every item with bac-out, then it all goes in the washer and I use 1/2 recommended Charlie's and do a cold wash.

"Then I take everything out, inspect it thoroughly, going over rough spots with a toothbrush. I put everything back in the washer and put in 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 recommended Calgon, 1/2 recommended Tide, 3/4 tablespoon tea tree oil, 1/5 cup bac-out, and a shamrock for good luck.

"Then I start my washing machine on hot but halfway through filling I switch it to warm because too hot will ruin the elastic.

"When the final rinse starts I but another 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 scoop oxi clean and say a prayer.

"I also do an extra wash with nothing to make sure everything I just over-dosed my diapers in is washed out.

"And now that I've wasted 57 gallons of water and $20 worth of different cleaning supplies I feel better that I'm saving money by hanging my diapers out to dry instead of using the dryer."

I want to hear from those of us who have a fairly simple routine, no stink issues, no chemical burns, no weekly stripping, no running down to our washer 300 times to add or subtract, no 2nd, 3rd or 5th wash to make sure everything is rinsed clean and a happy, healthy baby on the other end.

Not to say we haven't had the occasional rash or a moment we've had to do a second wash because something still smelt off or an afternoon of sunning because of a stain or two, but in general we have it pretty good.

Let's raise our voice and give encouragement! It can be done!
Haha - so true.

I wash diapers like anything else thats really dirty. On hot, supercycle with an extra rinse and *gasp* the full amount of detergent. Shocking, I know. NO ISSUES.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

We've had little bumps here and there, and was totally freaked out by everything I read here, so I had a really complicated routine at first. We had stink for a little while, but realized it was BECAUSE of the seriously complicated routine, tiny amounts of soap/detergent (for fear of those dreaded bubbles! ). Truly, other than some smelling ater big pees, we've never had a problem that couldn't be fixed by a nice, soapy wash, hanging dry in the beautiful sunshine, and occassionally a 1/4 cup of bleach (with an extra rinse).
Truly, our routine is super-simple: 1 tablespoon of Simply Clean(or the full amount of whatever detergent we have on-hand while we wait for our next order from SC ), a capful of liquid Calgon for our hard water, and a cold wash/rinse. Then we either hang to dry, or toss them in the dryer on high.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

No major issues here. My only issues are my BG inserts stink (but I only have one BG so that is 2 inserts). Not sure why it is only those that stink. I use other microfiber and that does not stink. I do only use the BG at night, so that could be why, but I use other microfiber at night, too and it does not stink???
I have started doing one extra rinse cycle in addition, but it is on small wash--I noticed that this really got out any extra build up in my diapers--I only do this on occasion.
And, an occasional leak, but way less than when we used disposables.
My biggest issue...I can't decide what I want the bulk of my stash to be so I waste HOURS upon HOURS (no joke, it is border line loser behavior) looking at/researching different diapers. Honestly, if I "paid" myself $10 an hour for my time I think I would save money using disposables because at least I wouldn't waste so much time! Oh well, secretly, I think it is really fun to look at different stuff. OMG, I think I have moved from the boarder line loser category to the straight up loser category.
Anyway, no rashes, no crazy wash routeens, no chronic leaking on diapers I spent $30+ on, no special products or creams or whatnot.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

Your post was freakin hilarious!!!

okay so I put detergent in my machine (front loader) usually powdered claudia's choices, turn the dial to sanitary and 2hours later I remove them to place in dryer.....yes it's a long cycle but simple.

I've had the odd problem (staining or slight repelling) but nothing one good soak in oxy or dawn didn't fix.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

I have a really simple routine and I don't have any stink or rash issues.
I rinse w/sprayer
wash with 1/4c of All Free & Clear in Hot/Cold and just run it thru an extra rinse cycle. Everything goes in the dryer.
I think I don't have problems w/stink because I wash pretty much every day or every other day. Lately I've let a few diapers sit so I just rewashed them and no more stink.
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Re: Who here has never had a major problem?

we've never had any major problems after 16 months of cd'ing.

dump poop (no spray here either!)
hot wash using Tide with Dawn (about 1/2 recommended amount)
additional hot wash with no soap
everything goes in the dryer.

Now that I've read all of your cycles, I think I might try a cold rinse first. Interesting reading!
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