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Still waking every two hours to eat

dd will be 3 months next week and still doesn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time, day or night. During the day if I try to put her down she's awake within 5 minutes. At night I put her to bed in her crib in her room but after she wakes up to eat the first time I usually bring her into bed with me because as soon as I lay her down again she wakes up and I am so tired I can't keep rocking her back ro sleep every 10 min. I am so tired I just don't know what to do anymore. We swaddle her, I rock her and she's always asleep when I put her down, never awake. I've tried music, bouncy seat, swing. I know all babies are different but dd #1 was only waking up once a night at this point and had no problem sleeping in her own bed.


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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

Sorry you're so exhausted mama. Riley literally went from waking every hour at night, to sleeping stretches of 5-6 hours overnight. Three weeks ago I was in your shoes. now all of a sudden he's sleeping 8-12 hours straight. I sleep him in his carseat though. He hates sleeping on his back, he had RSV when he was 5 wks old and ever sicne then he wont' sleep on his back and you can still hear the congestion in his chest when he is on his back. SO that's the only thing I changed. I see you've tried other places for her to sleep and it's not helping. Big to you. Just try to keep doing what you're doing and eventually she'll sleep. How does she sleep when she's in bed with you? Maybe if that's the only way you can get sleep, that's what you'll have to do for now. My first two hated to sleep so I know how you feel. I'm sorry I dont' have any better advice than that.
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

I have nothing but sympathy for you! DS still wakes at least three times a night, and we cosleep. It is absolutely normal for your LO to be waking that often still, annoying, yes, but very very normal!
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

Sorry, mama! But -- knowing I'm in the minority on DS -- I urge you to keep trying, and not to give in to constant babywearing and cosleeping if you would rather not continue that way.

DD2 was like that starting at about 1 month and we just let her sleep on us because it was so much easier, and now she's spoiled! She's almost 9 months old, and we're dealing with the same problems.... I think the every-two-hours problem will go away on its own, or at least stretch a bit, but you can't count on the baby to figure out how to self-soothe if you don't give it opportunities (IMO! <g>) And I think 3 or 4 months is a good time to work on that. When you can, when your DH can help, you might want to try putting your child down *drowsy but awake* instead of waiting for her to be asleep. Get her used to being in her bed so that eventually she won't freak out when she wakes up there. That's what we're working on, and making sloooow progress with. She's now sometimes sleeping 45 minutes before waking up. Sigh -- doesn't seem like much! But the real progress is in the amount of time it takes to put her back down -- that's down to 10 minutes, often, instead of 60!

Older siblings make it all so much harder, don't they?

GL, mama!
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

My second son woke up every 2 hours until he was 10 months old, now it's more like only 1-3 times a night depending on what's going on.

It sucks! I agree! No advice just commiseration
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

My DD was the same way, but she was my only one, so I just napped alot during the morning, and our day started around noon. Deffinatly NOT going to work with this new little one who will be here this summer, so I'm not sure what I will do.
You need to do what works best for you and your fam. DD does co-sleep with me now, but we didnt' start that untill she was 15 months old and in a biggirl bed....that she would climb out of and climb into our bed! It works for us, esspicially with DH being gone so offten, adn about to be deployed. I hate sleeping by myself. I really don't think I will be comfortable co-sleeping with a toddler and a tiny baby.
I wish I had good advise for you, but all I have is to do what you need to do for your family.
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

my son is 6 months and still the same way. we cosleep so that i get a little sleep at least. i was losing my mind for a while
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

This is a really good article. I think we (in general) as a society have come to have unreasonable expectations of babies that do not follow how nature made them at all.

I will second what others have said, this is totally normal and will continue to be normal for some time. Not to mention, three months is a typical time for growth spurts too so that will definitely have an affect on how often the child nurses during the night. Not to mention, supply is highest overnights.
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

My 11 month old still wakes up every 2-3 hours and nurses, luckily we co-sleep and I've gotten pretty used to sleeping through her eatings. She only naps 1x a day too and that's only if I lay down with her, if I don't then she will only nap in the car. It's exhausting and I so feel for you!!
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Re: Still waking every two hours to eat

Don't know if you nurse her to sleep, but if so, she may be falling asleep before getting a "full" feeding, meaning before she gets to the fatty hindmilk. Then she'd be waking up all night out of genuine hunger. I'd recommend trying to keep her awake during daytime feedings, let her completely empty a breast before switching sides, and try to keep her awake to play for a while after each feeding during the day. This will allow her to get full during the day and wear her out enough to be really tired at night. You may even want to stretch out her daytime feedings just a bit if possible, so she gets hungry enough to get eat more. Also be careful not to instantly assume she's hungry when she's cries at night. Even tiny ones can have nightmares and such, she may just be fussing for other reasons than hunger. Good luck!
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