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Am I the only one w/a DC that throws "those" fits??

I just want to rip my hair out!

ALL the time lately when I pick DC up at preschool or stop him from doing anything he wants to be doing he throws a horrible fit. It takes a good 30 mins every time I pick him up, etc. It's an all out kicking & screaming while laying on the floor fit. He also proceeds to tell me NO & DON'T WANT TO & YOU DO IT etc. And I mean not in a whiny kid tone - it's worse than that. I wish I could explain it. He tries bossing me around, etc.

I dunno what to do! I've thought about stopping preschool but that would punish us both! Plus he goes to a special school b/c of his speach & social emotional issues. Yeah I know - you're thinking that says it. He's got soc emot issues... BUT the think is - he does this for me & DH. Not at school... the teachers swear up & down he's so well behaved & are always surprised when he does this.

Any suggestions? Magic pills?


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Re: Am I the only one w/a DC that throws "those" fits??

Hmm. is he about 3 or 4?

ETA: Ok, I just re-read and saw you said preschool, so yeah.

It's the age. I always said with my oldest, they warn you about the "terrible two's" (which weren't so terrible for us), but nobody says anything about the 3's and 4's!

What tends to work with my DD is I just simply say "I don't understand you when you use that voice. Please find a different voice and try again." She was pretty whiny until about 6, and still relapses from time-to-time, but usually only when she is very tired.

If he throws a tantrum if, let's say, you have to end a game. Make it a point to tell him if he is going to end things like that, you will not play the game again. And then FOLLOW THROUGH!!!! One night just say "Geez. I really want to play Candy Land again, but we can't because it didn't end well. So sad." and do something else (something not NEARLY as fun). Eventually, it will sink in. My Love and Logic teacher always said, "If they resist the change, it means it's working!"

Good luck, mama.

E (again) TA: Is it possible to not take him to preschool one day? Something like, "if we don't get ready to go now, we won't be able to come back because Mommy is so tired from arguing with you." and then he will test it, then the next preschool day "Oh, I'm so sorry, but we can;t go back, Mommy is too tired from arguing with you" and remind him why. Give him a second chance and see if it improves.

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Re: Am I the only one w/a DC that throws "those" fits??

My son is the king of fits lately. 90% of the time he is such a wonderful child but he can get really whiney, bossy and just plain disagreeable. Dh and I have started laying out some not so fun consequences, like if he won't get dressed to go and play outside or for skating then he doesn't go. He still throws a fit but he knows we mean business. The whining I have no idea. I drives me batty.
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