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.::Brandi Nikki::.
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Smile Close babies?

Hey Ladies,

I have a 34week preemie who is now 4months old. Me and my hubby r thinking about having another one. Maybe start TTC in feb or maybe sooner.

How is it having close babies?
Whats the advantages & disadvantages?

Any in put would be good ladies


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Re: Close babies?

After I had my dd, my midwife told me it's best to wait a year after the birth to TTC again, as a lot of things inside need time to heal to create the best environment (in utero) for the next child.

Unfortunately/Fortunately (whichever the case may be) I didn't get AF back until dd was 14 months old (due to BFing) and by that time, DH was deployed to Iraq..........sooooo, it'll be until at least his R&R that we are able to TTC, if not until his return.
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Re: Close babies?

I got pregnant with ds1 was 11 months old - gave birth at 5 days shy of 19 months apart. I love it..I hope they'll be super close and good friends...but I won't's STRESSFUL at times!!! Ultimately, I wouldn't change it at all. If I *had* to change anything, I'd make them closer.
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Re: Close babies?

My dd and ds2 are 18 months apart and I would definitely have spaced them farther apart! My dd had/still does have HUGE jealousy issues!!!

But on the other hand my ds2 and ds3 are 2 yrs apart and there were no jealousy issues and they get along so well! ds2 wants to help all the time!

DD was jealous when ds3 arrived as well and they are 3 1/2 yrs apart so I think it is just part of her personality! She has always bee jealous of everything!
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.::Brandi Nikki::.
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Re: Close babies?

Well w/ my 1st I had 2 have a emergcy c-section.
I am wanting to go VBAC w/ my 2nd.

At my 6week check up I was told I would never be able to do a VBAC. I donno why And I was also told that it would be risky for me to have another one.

But me & my hubby want our babies close. So I am really stuck on what to do...
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Re: Close babies?

My girls are 14 1/2 months apart. We were not planning DD#2 so I was totally freaked for awhile. It took me until about 5 month preg. (when I started showing) to actually be happy with the pregnancy. I was so scared about how hard it would be. Then when I had dd#2 I had major PPD. I think if I hadn't been dealing with that it would have been a lot easier because thinking back it was my attitude that caused my problems.

Things to consider: Multiple kids in carseats, strollers, shopping carts, etc. If DH isn't able to help much with the shopping or keep the kids for you then you have to deal with taking multiple toddlers into a store, keep them entertained, possibly feed them without forgetting what you went to the store for in the first place (I'm horrible at this anyway )

For positive things: My girls LOVE each other. They don't recall a day without the each other. If one of them sleeps in the other is asking "where's sissy?" They are awesome playmates. While DD#2 was still too small to play, her tummy time was a good time for me to play with DD#1 and give her some one-on-one. My sisters are close in age too and they are best friends even now that they are in separate colleges.
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Re: Close babies?

I LOVE it! Mine are about 14.5 months apart! I concieved DS2 when DS1 was 6 months old!
I loved that my DS1 was not jealous b/c he didn't really understand jealousy....he didn't act out or regress like a lot of kids who are older when the youngest is brought home!
They are in the same size diapers!! Hahahaha!

ETA: I had a semi emergancy Csection with my first and had a repeat with my second! I'm just saying that just in case you are worried about possibly having another Csection so quickly after the first one!

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Re: Close babies?

I'm currently pregnant with DS #2 and DS #1 will be turning a year old on New Year's Eve. I'm due at the very end of January/beginning of February. The boys will be roughly 13 months apart.

I had a c-section with DS #1 and am planning a home birth after cesarean with this baby and am being "followed" by 2 midwives. While waiting a year is ideal to give our own bodies time to heal (not the c-section scar - studies show that after 8 weeks PP our scars are as "healed" as they're going to get, as they are much like any other wound bound together with stitches. Not to mention our uteruses don't start stretching until 12 weeks gestation, so by the time you're physically capable of conceiving your uterine scar is well healed. Your risks of rupture when getting pregnant within the first year do increase slightly, but it's very slightly. Less than 2%, if I remember correctly. I could get the stats for you if you'd like...), many people have children close together and do very well. I would be more concerned in your case, though, as one of the increased risks of short intervals between children is premie babies. And since your daughter was a premie you might be at more of a risk, but I'm not very well read on that topic.

This pregnancy has been full of highs and lows. It's been very hard at times (mostly with fatigue and trying to keep up with my son), but overall it hasn't been nearly as difficult as my first pregnancy, where DH and I had to live a few thousand miles apart. And my first pregnancy I got to do nothing but lay around and baby myself, while this pregnancy I'm keeping up with a new house we're remodeling and chasing after a very active 11 month old.

I suggest you do your research and give it some time before deciding.
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Re: Close babies?

My brother and I are 1 year and 9 days apart. I'm not sure how it was for my Mom but the rest of the kids were born 2 years apart There were always problems growing up between us (fighting...a lot) but I think that was just him. Everyone fought with him. It's better now.

Josh and Noah are 23 months apart. While it wasn't too difficult I wouldn't do it again. I much prefer the 5.5 year difference between Noah and Jonah.
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Re: Close babies?

My first two girls are 15 months apart...i personally loved it and would have done it again..the rest of my kids are spaced about 2 yrs apart, that is just how it worked out..but i liked having them close.
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