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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

Originally Posted by kimmie_n_angus View Post
I am going to hit your doc in his potato! Ear infections in LOs are caused by mouth bacteria traveling up the tubes that connect teh ear and mouth for drainage. These tubes are not fully developed so are a breeding ground and infection central. My 1st sone had TONS of ear infections and was fully vaxed on time. My son Rory who is 10 mons has never seen a vax and had one 2 weeks ago for the first time. I would tell your doc that his BS is far from the truth and his bedside manner towards concerned and educated parents is appaulling
Originally Posted by nethridge View Post
My son has never been vaxed, is 14 months and hasn't had an ear infection. I think thats a load of bull. Vaccines can't even prevent the diseases they were designed to, but they are supposed to prevent ear infections too? Right.
Originally Posted by NATTYBATSMOM View Post
My daughter has not been vaxed and she has not had anymore ear infections than any normal child. She's had a few but I am also prone to them (I even got a bad one in my TEENS and thought I was going to go deaf from it).

ALSO, I have read an article that says that the Prevnar vaccine can cause little ones to have DRUG RESISTANT ear infections. Doctors can be full of poo sometimes!

Keep in mind, having a cold will do it because gunk gets backed up in the tubes. Some kids get more colds than others. That in and of itself depends on a lot of things. My daughter got two during her first year and then had a two year break, got one just before she turned three (well, I think it was an ear infection, she complained a little about sore ears) and one right after she turned three that was a double ear infection. So, maybe four in a three year period and no vaccinations here. She has been breastfed the whole time and has not been to day care though both of the periods she had ear infections, she was exposed to older children she was staying with at the time (when my daughter and I were staying with family).

Good grief didn't know they had an ear infection vaccine now

It's just another 'scare' tactic. Don't give it a second thought. You are NOT to blame! My first son who is mainly vaxed has had 4 ear infections in the last 6 months! My second son who is pretty much not vaxed has had 1 in his 9 months of life!

I hate when doctors don't disclose ALL information and try to make it sound like we are neglectful. So ridiculous!


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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

I dunno. Have you had her ears cultured? A little guy I know had had the Hib vaccine I believe and was found to have the bacteria (antibiotic resistant no less) in his ears causing problems...
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

Originally Posted by haydn'smommy View Post
HiB and Prevnar vaccines have both been shown to reduce ear infections. That said, plenty of vaxed kids get ear infections and get lots of them. Don't beat yourself up, mama. Most ear infections are caused because of just the basic anatomy of the child....something that you didn't have a role in. The eustachian tubes in a child/baby are very small and lay almost horizontally, which contributes to ear infections. As they get older, those tubes grow and become more vertical and then there's less risk of ear infections.
Now, there are some things that we can do to help prevent ear infections. First, make sure baby has no exposure to cigarette smoke. If you or someone in your family who is around the baby a lot smokes, then every possible thing that can be done needs to be done to keep baby away from it. Second, don't lay your baby down flat to feed. This allows milk or juice to pool in the eustachian tubes and gives a great place for bacteria to grow. Third, yes, vaccination helps, but believe me when I say that it don't help THAT much. Lastly, if your child has any symptoms of allergy, treat it. Allergy can cause lots of congestion as well as swelling of the already tiny eustachian tubes which will give bacteria a place to grow.
Sometimes, in spite of everything that we do as parents, the child still gets ear infections. This is the reason why some kids get PE tubes. Mine has them and they have been a miracle for us. If your child has not been evaluated by an ENT, you should get her an eval with a hearing test.
Good luck.
Yes, this. ODS was fully vaxed, and had 8 ear infections in 11 months, and tubes by the time he was 12 months. His tubes in his ears were just laying wrong.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

thanks mamas--i've noticed that she usually gets the infection when she gets a tooth. and im thinking that maybe the extra drool and snot is the culprit
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

Technically they were selling one as a "ear infection" vaccine a while back. That wasn't it's original intent and from what they gather now, it can actually cause super bug infections. Tell him to shove it up his butt, the jerk.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

That's sounds crazy. DD#1 is vax'd and had an ear infection that lasted about 3 months, and was close to getting tubes in her ears. This was when she was 11 months old. She had another when she was about 3, very mild on though. DD#2 isn't vaxed (neither is DD#3) and she only had a mild one at about one year old at the same time DD#1 had one, they had both had colds.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

UM.. The Hib vax MAY prevent some types of ear infections. YOU are not responsible for your daughter's EI. I have one friend whose 4 girls have never had one vaccine, or one ear infection. There could be several other reasons your DD gets EI. Shame on that DR. for blaming you.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

my DS had several ear infections. Finally they gave him shots of antibiotics for 3 days in a row and that was what cleared it all up. Most of the prevalent infection now are antibiotic resistant and need the more aggtressive shots. I would give that a try and also go to the ent. Now if he gets one, we just ask for the shot. if you catch it early, one shot is usually enough.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

Why are ear infections being treated by antibiotics still? I thought that they shouldn't be UNLESS the child was really bothered by it, that antibiotics were being over-prescribed for ear infections.
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Re: Doctor said ear infections are MY fault

My son has never had the hib vaccine. He's 19 months old, and he's never had an ear infection. He has a friend who's had all of his shots, and has one every time you turn around. I don't know the statistics or anything, but I just thought some kids were more likely to get them than other kids.
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