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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

I'm so sorry your baby got so sick. I hope he feels better soon.

I showed this to my oldest dd because she gets cold sores. She's always careful not to ever kiss babies on the lips and not kiss them at all if she is getting or has a cold sore. But I just thought she should see why. My dh got upset with me. She needs to know exactly what could happen, doesn't she? She'll have babies of her own someday and I think she's needs all the info she can get.


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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

Originally Posted by mamaratliff View Post
I'm so so sorry mama. Your poor lo! I'm glad that he is recovering. There is just no way that you could have known about this. LIke your dr. said nearly 95% of the general population has this. I have never had a cold sore in my life, and found out recently that I am a carrier through a blood test. Perhaps the person truly had no idea? It's just incredibly common, and there isn't really anything that we as moms can do to protect our kids from every danger Sure wish we could though.

So sorry for what your LO is going through!

But keep in mind that the person who had this infection very likely did not even have an active infection. You do not have to have an active infection to transmit the virus if the person on the receiving end has a compromised immune system (such as your DS having staph). And, like the pp mentioned, most of the population carries herpes 1. In fact, I hate to even mention it, but it's likely someone in your home carries herpes 1.

It's terrible that you've had to go through all the stress of hospitalization with your LO! It really is. But try not to blame yourself, or feel the need to hurt whomever transmitted the virus.

ETA some links:
(Says herpes is present in 50-80% of the population, so most likely, either you or your DH have it.)
(Says that herpes 1 can be transmitted without any symptoms present)

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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

big hugs. I developed a fever during labor and then had about 10 cold sores show up the next day. I knew better than to kiss my daughter, but i am suprised none of the ped's or dr.s or my mw said scary. DH and i both got cold sores as children but don't usually now...except right after birth...all my lips hurt. LOL.

So sorry you went through this.

I know you are upset, but really, those of us who have ever had cold sores (95% of the population) can't ever kiss babies? That's just unrealistic. I mean, i would never with an outbreak but i can't deny i have smooched a baby on the cheak before. Now i feel like i have the plague.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

Ds1 gets cold sores, but no one else in our family does. He actually had his first episode with them when dd2 was born. Our ped told us to keep dsd1 away from the baby and definitely no kissing, but didn't say stuff like this could happen. We of course kept him away from her until his sores were gone, but after that he was allowed to hold her and I'm sure he kissed her on the head. I wonder why none of the other kids get cold sores since kids all put everything in their mouths. I would have expected the rest of us to get them by now. I'm sure we all probably are carriers though, right? Do we need to get everyone tested? Do they test for this during the initial screenings when you find out you are pregnant? My doc has never said anything about me having it, so I'm guessing no, but I'm obviously uneducated on this.

To OP I'm so sorry you're porr baby has been through so much. DS2 is just now 4 months old and I can not imagine watching him go through something so awful. Big hugs to you.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

Oh mama, I am so sorry. you made me cry so i can not imagine what you went through. Thank goodness your lo is an the mend .Thank you for the info though, i would have never thought. i guess there is a reason we can all be so paranoid afterall!~
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

[UPDATE] I feel bad reading over my original post and all the anger I had. But honestly I was a first time parent and my child had something on his skin that spread within 72hrs and looked like flesh eating bacteria. My panic was in overdrive. Anyway fast forward to July 2012 my son is now 3 years and 20 months and his skin is remarkably scar free and flawless! Seriously I thought his face would forever be marked but nothing! THANK GOD!

We used calendula mother tincture (basically full force and its not diluted) and it burned so bad but its good for scars and it has antibiotics and antiviral properties. Due to him having open sores all over his body that caused him pain we found a calendula (mother tincture) that was alcohol free but even then it was still too painful for him. Thankfully we found a calendula ointment which is basically petroleum jelly with calendula in it and that worked like a charm although we still used the liquid calendula sparingly.

Today he is a beautiful and happy boy (even with all this drama he was a happy baby even then) with no memories of the 2 years he spent in pain and skin agony. I would say he has been eczema symptom free for close to a year. Looking at pictures of him as a 2 year old and you could still see big red rashes of eczema still on his face and every where else on his body. My son's eczema was extreme and the infections were a fluke and also extreme but I'm glad he survived and doing great.

Even though I'm a mother of two toddlers now and expecting a third I think I would STILL freak out if I see something that shows up overnight and spreads across their tiny bodies within hours. Matter of fact when we went to the pediatrician my son only had it on his left cheek (if I remember correctly) and just from leaving her office and driving ourselves to the hospital it had already traveled to his chin and across to his right cheek. Which is why she kept calling so frequently to the hospital and letting them know "they are good parents." Even my pedi was shocked since it was only hours since she had last seen him and it had already spread to the other cheek. It was horrible and I don't ever want to relive that or wish it on anyone.

Thank you all for your support and comments. I wanted to update you since its been a few years since I posted this and a lot has changed.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

I'm glad he's doing so well! I can't imagine going through that.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

Wow mama, how scary!!! So glad that he is a healthy, happy little boy now.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

I am literally sick over this for you. this is so horrible for your little boy and your family. I am glad you able to get the best care for him. I couldn't read the whole thing. My new mantra: DON'T KISS OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN. EVER.

Just read your update. I am so very glad that everything has turned out well for your little one.
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Re: My son was sick because of a cold sore (imgs may be graphic)

wow! I never saw this when you first posted, but reading it now, I would have reacted exactly the same way! I DO have HSV1 and get cold sores from time to time (usually after I've had a cold and been blowing my nose). Anyway, I don't kiss ANYONE, not my husband, not my kids, when I have a sore. I know 1-2 days before it shows up that it's coming...I would NEVER kiss someone else's kid and chance it. I am so glad that your little one has healed well
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