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Would co-sleeping help in this situation?

Ok, so... I don't always co-sleep with my son. I started out co-sleeping with him and it was awesome. He slept great. Then he became very gassy and started needing to be burped a LOOOOOT. When he started having these gas issues, I stopped co-sleeping b/c DH works and goes to school full time and he really needs his sleep. I was having to get UP out of bed to burp, rock, soothe, pat, sway, dance, etc. and it was really interrupting DH's sleep. 7 mos later, we are still having the same gas troubles. I know it sounds absolutely absurd, but I am wondering if co-sleeping will somehow help this? Like maybe help DS stay calm and relaxed so that his body can work on expelling the gas on its own and I won't be up and down ALL night long? Is this a ridiculous idea? I wanted to get some opinions before I try it b/c DS does sleep in his crib (for the little bit that he actually sleeps) and I don't want to screw up his sleeping habits unless there could be some sort of payoff (i.e., MORE SLEEP!). This time I would be sleeping in DS's room and DH in our bedrooom so that it doesn't disturb DH. Any thoughts?

And, I always wondered, how do you co-sleeping mommas do it? Do you get out of bed to burp the baby after every feeding? I am amazed that babies sleep if they are not burped. How is that possible?!


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Re: Would co-sleeping help in this situation?

Do you bf him to sleep? My son in 7 months, and we co-sleep. I bf him until he falls asleep at bedtime, and during middle of the night feedings, he's barely awake. I almost never burp him at night. My understanding is that they swallow a lot less air when they are breastfeeding in their sleep. I know DS really needs burped more when he's really hungry.

The only time I burp him is if he has trouble settling down, seems squirmy and uncomfortable. Then I'll sit up in bed, burp him over my shoulder, and lie him back down.

If you have underlying gas troubles, I'm not sure co-sleeping will help, but you can always give it a try. You may still need to get up to burp him, but I know my DS sleeps better and longer when I'm in the bed than when I'm not. Good luck!
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