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Re: She is going to be a year, now what? Sad and confused

Cheer up! You don't have to lose your nursing relationship just because you introduce solids. When my DD was born I thought I would exclusively BF until she was closer to a year. I have a great milk supply, so I thought I would be able to do it, but as it turned out, my daughter was nursing every 1.5-2 hours and actually lost weight between doctor appointments! I felt sad at first, too, because I thought our relationship would change, and because I wanted her to stay my baby, but I had to introduce solids because she needed the calories. That was about a week before she turned 6 months.

Now, my DD just turned 1 on Easter, and I she is still nursing. She is also eating totally solid foods - completely off purees. I found that a few weeks after I introduced solids I actually liked having a little more freedom - she nursed less frequently, but we still nursed 6-7 times a day. We dropped down to about 5 nursings by the time shw was 8 months, and now we are at 4 nursings a day. She still craves "mommy milk", and our relationship is still wonderful.

I also found that it's a whole new world when you introduce solids - a lot of fun! I had a blast mixing different foods! I used organics and a small food processor and almost exclusively made all her baby food. Some of it was so good that I would eat it! Babies do some funny things when they are eating, so we have had some good laughs in the high chair. About 3 weeks ago I completely quit pureeing, and now just cut everything into small cubes.

Since your daughter had not had any solids, she may not know what to do with them, so you may need to start with some purees until she gets used to having solids in her mouth, but who knows - maybe since she is developmentally old enough to chew and use her teeth, she may be able to eat mushy cubed food. You may find that if you start with purees that a thicker puree will be work better for you both. I would recommend still following the rule of introducing one food at a time every few days so that you can identlfy if she has a bad reaction to any food. A few good ones to start with are sweet potato and banana.

Oh - I read about how some people suggest introducing veggies first since they are not as sweet because they suggest that if you intro fruit first your baby will not like veggies. This was totally untrue for my DD. She would not touch pureed green beans or peas, which I tried to introduce first, but now she LOVES both in solid form.

Please feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions or need any support! Best wishes. Nicole


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Re: She is going to be a year, now what? Sad and confused

Thank you so much Mamas!

My baby is 1 today. I am so happy and sad at the same time. I can't believe a year ago today at this time, I hadn't yet even held her or even knew what she was!

I gave her some raisins yesterday. She LOVES those things, which I find funny because I can't stand raisins! I will just have to see how this goes. I am sure she will let me know if I am not giving her enough on her schedule. She is getting quite sassy as my SIL would say...
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Re: She is going to be a year, now what? Sad and confused

Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post
It doesn't have to be a major change, and you definitely don't have to give up your nursing relationship. My 2 1/2 year old is still nursing! (not much, but still nursing)

We just offered him small amounts of solids(cut up fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, crackers) at meal times, and let him decide how much to feed to himself. And I continued to nurse on demand.

Worked fabulously!
I agree. I nursed my first 2 until about 2yo and my 3rd weaned at 3+.Your nursing relationship may change but it doesn't have to end for awhile yet for sure. .
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