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I guess they would freak out that I gain 70 pounds with EVERY pregnancy, and not a single pound leaves me until I stop nursing. People need to get over it.


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People can be so rude, even family. DH has said to people I haven't seen recently in front of me "I told you she's getting big". He doesn't think anything of it but it's annoying. With DS1 most people didn't know for a long time but this time around I am showing much more and have had people comment in the store and such, but most are just general questions of "how far along?" or wondering the gender and such. I think if someone said those things to me that were said to you I'd either get really pissed or start crying.
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Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
Or you could just take it like a real compliment...

Them: "Wow! You look huge!"
You: "Thanks! So do you!"

*walk off*

Agreeing here. I wouldn't tell them you aren't having twins or even discuss it.
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Mama, I feel you!!
I was at church and this elderly woman came up to me and said: "You eat too much." I was like "WHAT?!" I thought maybe she was joking, and tried telling her I was pregnant.
Of course I go to a Korean church, so I wasn't sure if she was joking or being totally serious, and I couldn't read her. Completely ruined my day!!
Anyways, after that day I didn't let it get to me again. After all, we are growing babies in there!! This is as good an "excuse" as any to gain weight, and have a healthy baby, rather than starve ourselves and risk a sick, underweight one!
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People speak without thinking. I am 5'4" and gained 43lbs with my son. I got all kinds of comments. My neighbor, who was WAY bigger than me when I was 9 months pregnant, and she was NOT pregnant, looked at me and said "You're HUGE!" I had to bite my tongue not to say "I'm 9 months pregnant, what's your excuse?" I also heard it from my dad all the time. "You just keep getting bigger" "Yeah dad, I'm pregnant, that's how it works. You get bigger for 9 months, not smaller." My supervisor at work. "Did you get a lot bigger recently??" My friend's husband. "Are you having twins??"

I wasn't really that big, despite what I gained. I was tiny until 32 weeks and then my belly just exploded. God, I think my fat father and my fat neighbor pissed me off the most. Really. Especially the neighbor, who was huge, and you should have seen how big she was when she was 9 months pregnant. Made my big ol' belly look small.
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Originally Posted by manymillers8 View Post
RANTING HERE -- I apologize in advance.

WHEN, exactly, did it become acceptable to harass a pregnant woman about her weight??????? Seriously, EVERY time I leave the house, SOMEONE has to point out the fact that I am "HUGE". Usually it sounds like this :
them - "OMG, You're HUGE!"
me - "Uh, thanks. "
them - "How far along are you?/When are you due?"
me - "I've got about 4-5 weeks left"
them - "OMG, is it twins?!!??"
me - "Uh, no."
them - "Um, honey, you DO realize that you are going to have to lose all that weight, don't you?? Your husband doesn't want a fat wife" (yes, she said that yesterday - no kidding)
me - "Um, this is my 7th - my husband would want me if I were 800 pounds and hadn't bathed in a week "
Thankfully, she finally walked away. But I have had that EXACT conversation so often I feel like I'm gonna blow a gasket on the next person who thinks that they HAVE to comment on my size.

I'm 33 weeks, am 5'4" and have gained 30 pounds. I normally wear a size 8, and right now I'm wearing a size large in maternity. I can still wear my reg bra & undies - the only part of me that's really big is my belly. I can even still reach my feet! LOL But all these terrible comments are really getting to me. WHY is it ok to say stuff like that to a preg woman??? There was even 2 ladies that we know who said something to my HUSBAND last week about my size. I won't repeat what he told them, but suffice it to say, he has never been more attractive to me than he was when he told me what he said back to them.

OK, thanks for reading. I feel better now - I just HAD to get that off my chest. Now I am going to go comfort myself with chocolate - if they're going to call me fat, I might as well live up to it!

I can so relate mama. I had people like that the entire last trimester of my pregnancy. I actually freaked out once and refused to go with DH to go grocery shopping once because I couldn't take the constant comments on it anymore. Had I not been so sensitive and hormonal, I might have made a comment to them about it being rude to comment on a woman's size regardless of her age or condition and left it at that.
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Start snapping back. I get so tired of people thinking it's okay to comment on a woman's weight just because she's pregnant. Weight is a very sensitive issue for me right now and I stopped holding back the irritation a long time ago. My response is usually "Actually, I've lost a lot of weight due to being very ill and I would appreciate if you kept your rude comments to yourself." Not very nice, but neither is calling someone fat. I'm generally a nice person and just grit my teeth and respond politely when people get annoying, but this is one subject I'm very touchy about right now. I'm usually rather overweight, but I suffer from HG {hyperemesis gravidarum} while pregnant. I have lost a lot of weight ~ nearly 30 pounds overall ~ and eating is a struggle for me because I'm still, at almost 32 weeks, so nauseated all of the time. So when someone comments on my weight {like my mother does constantly whenever I see or talk to her}, it is pretty upsetting for me. Nothing like hearing someone say, "Geez, you know you don't actually have to eat for two, right?" when eating even a cracker is a struggle.

Okay, that was more ranty than I intended! But yeah, it's not okay to comment on someone's weight. It's rude.
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mama. I don't know how ppl can be so rude!

I have people telling me all the time "you look like you're ready to drop any second!" I wonder about that I surrounded by psychics or something?

I'm petite (about 5'2" and 110ish non-pg) and I generally gain 30-40 lbs when pg. EVERYTHING grows on me and ppl always tell me how "non sick" I look when I'm first pg...then it turns into "how much have you gained??" towards the end. I guess everyone else knows better than I how my body is supposed to look. Whatev.
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I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have gained about 50 lbs this pregnancy and it is all in my belly! I have been getting the "drop any second now" comments since I was 7 months along. Really annoying.

I now tell people I am the next Octomom and leave it at that. It seems to stop the "huge" comments.
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I have never figured out people. It's considered hideously taboo to comment on a woman's weight at any other time in her life, but wait until she's probably not feeling her best, super emotional and hormonal, and probably at the most volatile she'll ever be, and then make it ok to call her huge? Way to kick a person when they're already down.
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