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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

I wanna know this as well. I have 2 boys. one had a botched CIRC and 1 didnt. I dont regret getting it done but I feel horribly for what my son had to go through when he was 2 with the botch.
If I have another boy, I have no clue what to do. I would wanna get it done like the others but I always will be afraid that another botched CIRC would happen. Sorry I cant help out but Im glad you asked


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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

My twins are circed (same reasons as you, I just thought it was the done thing, and didn't know better - my own fault for not informing myself ), but if this one is a boy he will be left intact. I personally feel like I made a mistake in circing my first two, and that two (or three) wrongs won't make a right.

I am more concerned about my twins being upset that they are circed, than this baby being upset that he (if it's a boy) is intact. I will just be honest and tell them the truth. That's the best I can do!
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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

My two oldest are cir'd and the baby is not.
I'm not sure how I will handle it if there is a question. We just sort of talk about things as if they are an every day topic of conversation so hopefully there will never be a question, they will just "know". I do that with a lot of tough topics. I just talk about it like that is the norm (and I feel it should be the norm, although society may not)

My teen knows why I cir'd him and why I did not cir'c the baby. He is totally fine with it.
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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

i dont have 2 born yet, but my bro is 6 yrs older than my son and (well besides my moms argueing when my sonw as born and trying to make me get it done, and all) he hasnt noticed, but he hasnt been around much since january, either.

something id really like to know, though is why thomas is and his little brother didnt have it done, though i know their parents wouldnt teoll me, they hate me :sigh:
but they both make fun of each other just for the heck of it, about each others, so if theyre that type of sibling where they have to pik at weach other and all, then its going to be like that, but if they are actually nice to each other then it sholdnt be a issue and imo, just because the first one(s) was/were is nowhere near a reason to keep doing it with more children.. just explain honestly when asked, though... lying isnt going to make it any better!
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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

I have not read all the previous posts yet. I left the decision up to dh. I feel he made the right choice for our family. Both our boys are circ'd. The first was very tramatic and done at the hospital. The second was so peaceful. We drove an hour to go to a mohelette(jewish pediatrician I cant spell) who does circs for a living. He never cried or even fussed it was awesome to watch how different it was. I would suggest if you decide to do it again go with a person who does it for a living If we have anymore boys they will go to a mohel or mohelette (sp??)
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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

My 21 month old is circ'd, my 2 month old is not. Not a biggy now, but I'm just gonna be honest when they ask.
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Re: ? about circumcision. Anyone have both circ'd and uncirc'd boys??

I don't think it is really as much of an issue as some people like to make it out to be. The "I have to circ this one because his brother/father/grandfather/uncle is circ'd". My oldest was circ'd at birth (it's a whole long story that doesn't need shared again). My youngest was not, and if we have more they will not be either. So far neither has noticed the difference. Even my niece who is quite a bit older and has on more than one occasion changed the boys diapers has never noticed the difference or commented on Tharen looking different then other baby boys she has seen (and I know every one else in the family circ's, Tharen is the only intact baby boy in our family). So I really don't forsee it being a big deal. I would not go against my better judgement and circ a baby just because I wanted him to look like his father/brother or whoever. After all, he isn't going to look exactly like his sibling any way. Tharen is big and bulky like his daddy, Kearnan is lean and lanky like I was as a child. Tharen has blond hair, Kearnan's hair is dark. Circ is just one of many differences that makes them unique. I would not take something away from my child just because of past mistakes made by myself and others. And if one or both ever ask I will tell them the truth, as gently as I can. I do not want my oldest to feel badly about himself for somethign that he has no control over, but I do want them both to understand how important this issue is, and how important it is that they leave their future children intact.
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