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Anyone have major sleep issues?

My baby is almost 7 months and his sleeping is getting worse. He takes maybe 2 half hour naps during the day and is up every 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at night to nurse. I can not sleep while he is nursing, so I dont' get any decent sleep. I am getting really beyond what I can handle here and truly need some real help, not just "I hope you get some sleep" understanding, caring statements. Those are nice, but I am dying here and I can't take it anymore. To make matters worse, my toddler has started waking 1-2 times a night too!!! Daddy is "supposed" to get him if he wakes at night, but that rarely happens. So I am laying down to sleep at around midnight (not my choice) then getting maybe 3-4 total hours of interuppted sleep and getting up by 8 am to care for my toddler. I'm going insane and need some serious, serious help here.

No, this is not teething, gas, or any other discomfort. This has been going on for months and is getting progressively worse. We give him gas drops, we give him Tylenol, we have tried everything we can think of. I NEED some decent sleep. I really do.


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Re: Anyone have major sleep issues?

Well I have absolutely no advice on how to get them to sleep better, since I have had to deal with the same thing with Delaney, and through talking with my mother and my MIL and my grandmothers I have come to the conclusion that I have a bad sleeper on my hands and that eventually it will get better. They all had a variety of good and bad sleepers, and they all said eventually their bad sleepers ended up sleeping better than their good sleepers. In my unexpert and unscentific mind I have decided that it is because they were always there for those bad sleepers and the babies were comforted by that

My advice is to wake your husband up and hand him a child
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Re: Anyone have major sleep issues?

I really don't know.

My son was a horrid sleeper-- at least that's what we thought at the time, waking every 45 minutse to 2 hours until he was 18 months old. We couldn't quite figure out why, he'd eat a little but not tons-- finally discovered that he was having problems breathing.

During the day I wore him-- it was the only way he'd ever sleep.

My husband (since I was exclusively pumping) would do half the night feedings which is what saved me.
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Re: Anyone have major sleep issues?

have you tried any of the 'techniques' in any of the sleep books? i know cio is controversial, especially here, **NOT** looking to start another one of those threads, but when i was feeling desperate, and i had had enough and just seriously couldn't take it anymore, i let them cio. and i know it will disgust many of the mamas here, and to be honest, i am embarrassed by this, but it was liberating. i do have some regrets about the way i went about it, and i still struggle whenever we have to do it again (after our recent thanksgiving travel ), but it is really what works for us. now, that said, i don't recommend that as a first option, and not at all if you are uncomfortable with it. its a miserable experience. but i am so relieved to be able to put my babies down and have them sleep. they are still waking a few times every night, which i am getting tired of, but its not as bad as the situation you are describing. i can hear how frustrated you are. i have been there. the no cry sleep solution is a good book for getting babies to sleep better, and she (elizabeth pantley, the author) does not advocate letting babies cry, and the book is endorsed by dr sears, so that ought to tell you that it is a gentle approach.

i do agree that you need to do something, it is hard (impossible?) to be the best mom we can if we are not getting enough rest. i know for me, i was getting angry and resentful, which is not a good way to parent. i hope you find a solution that works for you and your family. and i agree, wake dh up! if he agreed (and frankly, even if he didn't!) that he was going to take care of the toddler, he needs to follow through. his kid too!
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Re: Anyone have major sleep issues?

DD cosleeps and doesn't get up much, but a friend of mine had the same problem as you. Her dd got up ever couple hours and just wouldn't sleep. She didn't believe in CIO, but eventually had to do something. Babies need rest and their brains need that down time to grow properly. She finally did a version of CIO. It only took about 3 days before her dd was sleeping perfectly through the night. She said it was really hard to hear her cry and not go to her, but it got to be to the point that it was for the health of the baby and they had exhausted all other options. I'm not a fan of CIO, but I also think that if nothing else is working, then it is worth trying. I have another friend whose baby cries EVERY night for a hour before sleeping. I would never let that happen. If CIO doesn't work after 5 days or so, I don't think it will. 3-5 days of crying is one thing, but EVERY night has got to be harmful. Maybe some other moms will have more advice. Good luck.
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