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Re: VBAC after 3 csections?

I have had 4cs and I really would love to be the crazy lady that has a vbac even though I have nothing going for me(big babies, no labors, etc) I think the issue isn't so much the doctor as the hospital. Anyhow, I'm not preggo either, but I am "getting there" and I would love to share info and the mommy that posted the HVBAC I sooooo want to hear how it goes! Honestly dh will never, ever go for a homebirth, but maybe that will be a good story for him.

The stitches are only holding your skin together, btw. The uturine cut and stitches are what make the difference.


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Re: VBAC after 3 csections?

okay, Home VBAC makes much more sense. Thanks!
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Re: VBAC after 3 csections?

my last baby they said my uterus was a "single cell layer" and too thin of a window to support another pregnancy. It was the OB on call. My reg OB said not to get a vasectomy etc until I spoke with TWO perinatologists. Both of them said thats HOGWASH.
They said a woman can come in for her first baby, have an emergency C/S and have a "window" like that. Then she might have 2 VBACS and then her 4th be another C/s for some reason and have there NOT be a window. The lower uterine segment is thought to regrow after each birth anyway.

HVBAC is home vaginal birth after c/s (and the M in VBAMC is for multiple)

google VBAMC google VBA2+C google risks of ERCS (elective repeat c/s) google the terms spelled out as well.

I was floored by my research. I assumed I HAD to have a c/s if I got pg. I asked a midwife booth at the LLL conference and was shocked to hear she wouldnt turn me away. I asked the other booth. They said they'd consider it.
It was easy to get people to say I could do this. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a hospital that allowed it and very difficult to get people who would attend my birth. It was all "oh yes you really SHOULD have a VBAC, I'll give you data on it... but *I* can't deliver your baby"
I found a Dr (not a midwife) who only does homebirths (she was a midwife though for 20 years) but she says births go better at home, and that "birth is not an illness" etc. So thats why I'm birthing at home. Honestly, initially *I* was scared to birth at home- but now I'm afraid to birth anywhere *shrug*

I researched. I researched the researchers. The deeper I dug the more I realized that I not only CAN do this, but its in my BEST INTEREST to birth vaginally at home if at all possible. (placental abruption would send me to the hospital, and certain RARE emergency situations would require a transfer). Anyway I trust this Dr completely (she attended 1200 births in the US and in Africa) and I am looking forward to my birth
Kim, mom of 5
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Re: VBAC after 3 csections?

I really want to have a VBA2C also. (not pg yet.) But I had full toxemia with #1 and was in kidney and liver failure when I was delivered. Took 6 weeks for BP to stabilize, with 2 BP meds.

I attempted labor with #2. But at only 3 cm dilated, my BP started getting dangerously high, and we ended up in the OR again. Again 6 weeks for BP to stabilize, but no meds this time.

I know there is no Dr. in town who'd deliver me. I don't think any hospital would either. So with my tendency for pre-e, would you attempt a HVBAC?
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