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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

Originally Posted by frenchie View Post
First...there is no "other" option!! There is ALWAYS an other., what you've read is BS. I have a single memory from about 6 months old..and my consious memories start at 18 months. My ealriest memory has been following me as long as I can remember. I finally asked my mom about it one day, and her jaw hit the table. She told me I was about 6 months old or's my memory...
The first home we ever lived in was in Coon Rapids, MN. It's this tiny little itty bitty home, with 2 micro rooms. My room was so small, that my mom put my crib in the closet (something I never knew until I brought this memory up to my mom) so there would be room for my dresser and toy box. My memory goes like this...I woke up, and noticed that I had leaked out of my (cloth) diaper. I was soaked, my mattress was soaked, and I was cold. I looked around, and noticed the clothes hanging above my head. I could see into my room, and nobody was in there with me. I thought to myself, NO JOKE, "what do I need to do to get somebody's attention?" I thought..."maybe if I cry"...and I began wailing. Within an indescript amount of time, it was quick, my mom's boyfriend walked into the room and picked me up. Uhm...he was totally nude too...and I remember exactly what his body looked like....but not his face. That's the end of my memory. When I told my mom the story, she told me that time frame in which that was, based on my description of her boyfriend...and that my crib was in the closet.
I know this sounds far fetched...but it's the honest to goodness truth.
That's awesome!!! I totally believe it. I have a cloth diaper memory too, only I think that mine was shortly after a year because I was walking.

I remember being uncomfortable and crying at a baby gate... but my mother and her girlfriend were busy and they ignored me. I remember that my "rubber pants" were pinching my thighs and that my diaper was extremely wet and was chafing me. I remember giving up on them and going back to my room. I crawled into my bed and thought to my little glowworm friend (whom I specifically remember lacked batteries or the cover to his battery case) that my mommy didn't care if I had "diaper rash" or something to that effect...

And that's why I change my daughter very frequently and enjoy the fact that we have such lovely diaper materials as bamboo velour... I want any cloth diaper memories she retains to be pleasant ones.


I'm C.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I had surgery when I was 2.5 and I remember several aspects of the "prep" vividly (blood draws, etc.). Other than that, I don't remember mundane things until about age 4 – nursery school, friends houses.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember going with my Mom, Dad, big brother and the Realtor to the house that my parents ended up buying and that I grew up in. They set me down at the beginning of the hallway and I watched my brother go down the hall towards the bedrooms while my parents and the realtor went the other direction to the kitchen. My brother started crying (he was about 4) and I looked down the hallway and saw him running back and forth between two bedrooms. He was lost down there and had gotten hysterical. I remember thinking, "Hello! Steve...I'm right here...duh. I can see you, can't you see me?" Then my Mom went running past me to go get my brother who was very upset that he got lost.

I told my Mom my memory and she was shocked! She said that we moved into that house just before my first birthday so I had to be 10 or 11 months old at the time of my memory.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember a couple things from when I was 2-2.5. My mom was shocked when I described to her the layout of the house we moved out of just after my 2nd birthday, and that my dad used to give me cups of chocolate chips as a snack and I would sit under the dining room table in that house and eat them. And I remember camping during a thunderstorm when I was about 2.5.

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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I answered 2 yo, but I think I was a little younger than that. We were at the beach & I was in a little inner tube floating in shallow water. A little wave came in and flipped my tube over & I was stuck under water. My mom was right there & put me back rightside up right away, but what I remember is hearing my mom laugh while I was under water! Thanks mom!! haha - I'm sure it looked funny & since she was so close I wasn't in any real danger...
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember my 1st birthday party! I remember my pink barbie cake sitting in front of me and I remember where each of my cousins were sitting by me! I even remember the ugly brown color of my cousin David's shirt and that I kept stairing at it! LOL! That's all I really remember about that. My next memory after that was going to a farm when I was probably 2-2 1/2 and I remember the rainbow shirt and pink shorts I was wearing...I remember my dad telling me they were getting too small and after that I would have to get rid of it. (I was so sad cause it was my favorite outfit!)
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember places rather than actual events. I answered 5, but now thinking about it, I remember the house we lived in when I was 2. Just the downstairs layout and the back yard. The earliest memory that I can recall of us actually doing something is around 5 when we (my brother and sister and I) would make the bathroom floor all wet and slip down the floor and into the bathtub. We were pretending like we were seals. We also had a huge space under the stairs for our toys that was like a walk in toybox/clubhouse. It was very cool. My memory in general is very fuzzy and hit or miss. My brother, on the other hand, can pretty much tell you every minute of his life. LOL
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember my first Christmas parade --- I was 10 months old. I don't have a clear memory just I was nursing and Santa scared me to death. I was talking at 9 months (full sentences) so that could be why I remember things very early.
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

I remember "helping" my dad fix his truck right around age 1. I was sitting in the front seat of the pick-up playing with a ratchet wrench and some other tools. I remember that the radio was playing "Another one bites the dust" and then some comercials and talking and then "Our house is a very very very fine house..." (Crosby Stills and Nash) And the whole time my dad was talking to me. I even remember the way my fat little legs looked!
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Re: S/O- At what age did you retain your first memories?

i remember my dogs in new mexico and eating out of their bowl. I couldnt have been older than 2 because i turned 3 in guam and we didnt bave the dogs in guam.
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