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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

Poor thing!
It's really hard at first and OK to cry. I just want to let you know that we just got past the hard part and once 8 weeks hit everything went like clockwork!
First, don't supplement if you can help it. Also remember that just b/c they don't eat for x amount of time it doesn't mean they aren't getting enough. Tyler has been an efficient sucker since birth. I have NEVER had a 30 minute nursing session with him. My suggestion to you is to hold off on supplementation and wait until she's 1 or 2 months. That way you can gage to see if she is gaining and more than likely she will be.
Just keep offering the breast (as painful as it is) and your supply will naturally increase. You can do it! Don't worry, your body was created to support your baby this way and you definitely don't need to resort to formula yet!
I'm no breastfeeding expert but if you need anything feel free to pm!


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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

You can get Soothies here:

I've ordered from breastfeeding essentials and she is super nice and ships really fast!


Also, another thing you can try is different positions. When my son was really little he nursed way more efficiently in the football hold than anything else (and really helped with soreness). Once he learned to latch on by himself (without me having to hold my breast and get him all positioned and everything), I could nurse him in any position and he would just go at it. Hang in there mama. You are doing great.

Also, if it's your nipples that are really sore, let them air dry a bit and it will help a little. Also, I used disposable nursing pads (because I didn't know any better - next time around I'm using cloth). I think if you use cloth nursing pads they might allow your nipples to breathe better and help with some of the irritation.

Another thing you can do is switch nursing. I had to do this when I was first nursing because it was so painful. I would start him on one side, let him nurse for 5-10 minutes, then switch him over to the other side and then back to the other side so he could get the hindmilk. This was relief for my poor little nipples! ahhhh

HTH! LMK if you have anymore questions as I did lots of research on the subject. Hope you find an LLL group. Mine was always really helpful!
~ Emily ~ loving my fireman, mama to a big bub, a sissy, and a little bub

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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

Big hugs....those first few days (and honestly, weeks) are really, really hard. You've already gotten great advice, but I wanted to emphasize a couple of things that really made me go "Oh yeah!".

* Your baby is probably getting enough to eat, even if she only nurses XX amount of time. She would let you know if she wasn't getting enough.

* Lactation consultants are wonderful! Even if all they tell you is that you're doing everything right (even though it feels like you're doing it all wrong), at least you have that reassurance.

* Dr. Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment (it's a compound with an antifungal, antibacterial, a little something for pain, and a couple of other things I can't remember) is your friend. It's prescription only, and even tho my insurance didn't cover it (it was about $35 for a small amt, but it was more than enough), it was worth the money.

* Go braless and topless as much as you can. It lets your nipples air out, and keeps stuff from rubbing on them and making them more raw.

* Lanolin is great too for soothing and preventing further chapping of your nipples. You don't even have to clean it off prior to nursing, if I remember right (you also don't have to clean off the Dr. Newman's).

* Many drug stores and stores like WalMart have things like Soothies (cooling gel thingies)....very helpful!

My LC recommended ice packs for brief amts of time. It helped numb the pain, and if I did it right before nursing, it helped numb that initial **OUUUUWWCHH** of latching on.

Good luck, and hugs to you
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

I'll 2nd the helpfulness of bf's actually located where I live and I got to go in and see Becky when I was bf'ing #2.
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

In the early days, remember that baby's tummy is the size of her fist - that's NOT very big, so there's not much room for milk! Breastmilk is made to digest very easily, as well. Add those two facts together, and many many many newborn/young babies like to nurse FREQUENTLY and for a SHORT amount of time. (My boys would often nurse for 10-15 minutes, every hour to 1 1/2 hours).

If you're worried about supply, nurse her whenever you can, whenever she shows the slightest interest, and definitely offer the breast about every 2 hours during the daytime. The more she sucks, the more milk you will make! Time spent sucking on a bottle or pacifier will decrease the amount of time she sucks at the breast.

:bighugs: Hang in there momma, you will both be fine! The first weeks are hardest, you WILL get through this. Remember every mom's breasts are different and every baby is different. Listen to her, she knows what she needs!
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

I'm so sorry it's hard on you! I think that 30 minutes is just fine! How much did she weigh when she was born and how much does she weigh now? They say that babies lose approx 10% of their weight after birth.

I would definitely go to an LLL place. They can help with latch on and tracking the babies growth so that you know for sure that everything's going okay.

Your routine doesn't sound much different than mine. Savannah eats a about 15 minutes, then falls asleep, then wakes up about 2 hours later, eats, falls asleep, etc. I agree with the pp about the short feedings.
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

First a big and second it will get better. And just like everyone else has mentioned don't but a time limit on BFing. My DD, at first, would sometimes eat only 10 minutes!!! But she was over her birth weight at two weeks. She too lost a lot in the hospital. She was 6.11 when she was born and left at 6.1! Even now at 9 weeks she still barley nurses for longer than 20 minutes. And shes also a one boobie baby! Meaning she only eats off of one breast per feeding. Don't worry about supplementing. Baby will let you know when hungry. And don't let weight be an indicator either. Pees and Poos is what you want to look at. As long as babys having enough pees and poos everything is fine and babys getting enough. I can remember the number of how many pees and poos they are supposed to have in the early weeks. Someone else might (if it wasn't already stated). Also like someone else mention is an AWESOME site!

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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

Throw that formula away! That is the way that you have to do it to be successful in breastfeeding. Let your baby be the guide. Latch on correctly, and let baby nurse when she wants to. Even if like my son, it is constantly... heehee they grow up so fast and the time will fly... When my ds was newborn I had all these expectations (based on what others say)and thought that him wanting to nurse all the time was bad. It isn't! Let her! Anyway, I have heard that wearing her in a sling will help too. Go braless and shirtless with baby in a dipe next to your bare skin. That helps wonders!

Talk to LLL and get them over to your house and use them as often as you need to. Even women that are not LC's can be a big help. Have THEM look at your latch. It is hard to look at your own latch and keep the latch correct at the same time. Another help to make sure that baby is getting enough areola in mouth is to squeeze nipple together and shove into baby's mouth. If she doesn't get enough in, try again.

I am with everyone else. 30 minutes is plenty. (IF you are latched on correctly) Thompson nursed for 7 minutes at a time in the hospital but was a very efficient feeder.

Please stick with it! You will be so happy that you did. Mine is 18 months and if I had given up, I would have never felt the joy that I have now.

Hope this helps.


P.S. If it hurts, you are probably inproperly latching. Jack newman is great for this he had videos and all. There is also a book by him called the Ultimate BF Book of Answers. GREAT!
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

i remember being mad at people who told me nursing shouldnt hurt. Yikes!

The sheer amount of usage you are experiencing is what is causing your pain. It WILL get better. It Will.

For me, day 9 was the day when it wasnt so horrible anymore with dd, and it was three weeks with ds. he was just slow and lazy .

i didnt do lanolin with dd, but i did with ds. i really coulnt tell much of a difference....I cracked with ds. dry skin and lots of usage....ow.

keep it threee weeks, things will be so much better...and in two months you will be old pro's!!
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Re: help me I'm gonna cry

my dd literally nursed 50 minutes out of every hour for the first 3 months of her life.
i swear.
That is not an exxageration, or hyperbole
I mean literally 50 out of every 60 minutes she was latched on.
she had a bad latch too, at first, i was in horrible pain. Also screaming and crying.
We went to LLL, a local hospital BF group, and paid a private LC to come to the house.
I am one of those women who has TRUE low-supply, due to hormonal issues (same reason why i can't get preggo on my own without drugs), but i still made it through and my still-nursing, WAY ABOVE the 99th percentile for weight!!, 20 month old has never had an ounce of formula.
Your hormones are crazy, your exhausted, tired, upset. It's ok.
You will make it through.
It will get better.
It will get easier.
You CAN do it!!!

I believe the LLL saying is that you have to give it at least 6 weeks?'s not something that happens overnight, or even within a couple weeks for some women....for me, it was in the 7th week that things finally "clicked" and it just wasn't so hard week 13, it was that natural "second nature" easy you hear at 20's like breathing...literally effortless, and has been for quite some time...except i have thrush coming on off to vinegar-rinse the nipplies yet again...!
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