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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

The main thing I've noticed with each new child is the need to "tighten the ship" a little more - be more efficient about some things, organize, etc.... I also agree that it really does depend on the new baby's temperament. Our second has had a bit more needs than the others - and that was a fairly tough transition. The first? Only a transition because we'd never been parents before. The third? Mostly just a need to get more organized than anything. This next one? Who knows? Lol.


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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

It was no big deal going from 3 to 4 but mine were so close together its not like I had a break from babyhood and had to readjust.
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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

Originally Posted by dollbabysmom View Post
I guess I'm going to be the only one to say that it has been hard. For me, I'm really tired. My kids are 9, 6, 4 and 15 months. With 3, my 2 oldest were younger and not so involved in outside activities. Now it is hard having a 15 mo. For example, yesterday he went to 2 soccer games and a baseball game. Yes, DH or I could have stayed home with him, but neither of us wanted to miss the end of the older kids' seasons. I guess it's just this age. Last year it was easier when he wasn't mobile. Now he is NOT content to ride in a carrier or sit on my lap. He wants to run around everywhere (like onto the field!). I guess I'm just tired. I'm sure it will be easier when he's a bit older. I wouldn't trade him for anything though! He is and was a wanted and planned blessing. In my opinion, it's just a lot more tiring! Good luck!
ITA with you! I think sometimes it is harder when you have an older child too! My ODD is 13 and so I have to drive her to activities and it can be hard with 3 under 5 in tow! I am late sometimes to pick her up because I have to stop and nurse the baby (2mo). Other than that, it is not that hard, just more challenging with scheduling I try to have alone time with each child every week. well.. now that that baby is here, we have alone time WITH her along. Going to the grocery store was the most challenging at first. Now it is better. I have to be strategic, lol. One follows (4yr old), one is in the cart (2yr old) and baby is in the sling. 13yo is usually at school when we do this. The challenge in this is when the 2yo decides to try to climb out of the cart and I am trying to put her back in while slinging the baby and not letting the baby get hurt seems kinda hectic sometimes.. but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

Going from 3 to 4 was very easy for me. When I had number 4, my other boys were 5 1/2, 2, and 14 months and it was like the our 4th had always been a part of the family. My hardest was going from none to 1, for my husband it was going from 1 to 2.
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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

I love hearing all these encouraging comments!! We just went from 1 to 2 a few days ago with our foster (hopefully adoptive) daughter coming into our family and we are having a difficult time adjusting and wondering if we are still wanting to have the 5 total that we've always dreamed of. It seems so strange that a house can run smoother in some ways with more kiddos underfoot but it's so good for me to hear- it keeps my dream alive of having a big family someday!
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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

When we went from two to three it was super easy my dd just kind of fit into the routine, and then we never just had 4 because of the twins we went straight to 5, it hasn't been that much harder. Mine are DS (8/17/01) DS (12/08/03) DD (08/10/06) and then ID twin boys(6/5/08). I originally only wanted four and some days wish I had less, but I wouldn't give any of them back
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Re: How was your jump from 3 to 4 kids?

Not my own personal experience, I have 3, but I am one of five. My dad has a famous quote though. Both of my parents wanted 6 children. After #3, my mom asked "are you sure you want more." My dad said "we can have as many as you want. I can't handle the 3 we have, why not!?!"

He later revised this to say, once you are outnumbered, you have a system to deal with meeting so many needs at the same time, and "it doesn't matter if you have 3 or 17."
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