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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

Subbing...I'm very interested in this thread. I personally find it very easy to trust God to take care of us, but DH is scared to have even ONE kid on our current income (~$20K per year). He is NOT the type that thrives in a work environment of any sort, he needs to be left to his own devices to write and draw and dream and design...however, nobody seems to want to pay him for his work. Our income is entirely from his family business that he invested money in as a teen. I need to get another job (mine just ended) so that our income will go up, but he is completely against me not being a stay at home mom, which I totally agree with, so he can't even imagine why I think it would be okay to get pregnant now.

It really breaks my heart that he doesn't trust God enough to take that step. Sigh.


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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

We have 4 kids in a small 3 BR house (ranch). We are also not in the best position financially. But, I do have faith it will all work out in the end I have this faith b/c I already see it in progress. DH just got blessed with some very well paying side jobs after being unemployed since last Septmber. This has enabled us to be in a position of not having to worry for a while and to even splurge a little now. That being said, I fully believe that God helps them who help themselves. I believe we are starting to have these positive things happen b/c we've taken certain steps along the way. We've been very frugal. i.e. we share 1 15 year old chevy, etc. And through it all we've both always thanked God every night for blessing us with what we do have. At least we have a home (albeit a small one), at least we have a car (albeit a clunker), we have food and clothing. We've always remembered to count our blessings and now we are getting more blessed. We would like to have 1 more bab. And we will stay right where we are.
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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

We have six children in about a 1750 sq foot 3 br house. My two boys share a room, my middle two girls share a room, and we turned a basement office into another room for oldest dd. My baby's crib is in our room. My dh makes less than $70,000 a year. We still manage to send our children to catholic school. My daughter will go to catholic high school in the fall.

We shop at thrift stores. We go to garage sales. I rarely buy anything full price. Most everything eventually goes on sale. We rarely go out to eat. We rent instead of going to movies. We saved up and used cash to buy our last vehicle. God will provide. You just have to be willing to give up on the "luxuries" and live simply. I wish we could pare down even more, but we are still learning!

We have debt, but we are working on paying it off. What's that Dave Ramsey quote? "Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else"... meaning, live now with fewer frills, so you can save and invest and later on you will be living comfortably while others are swimming in debt. We sometimes have to scrimp, but it will be worth it when our children have a sense of how money works, or doesn't work for them. And their faith in God, hopefully, will be tied into the way they were brought up to appreciate what He provides.
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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

I didn't read all of the replies, but you could check out for one side of this issue. If you've seen the Duggar family~that has 18 kids~they have an awesome website with great info on how to make it all work. I actually bought their book. They have ZERO debt~wow! I have 7 kiddos & definately want more, so I guess you can see where I'm coming from.
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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

we have 5 children in a 1400 sq. ft. home. If you feel that God is calling you to have more, than have more. Don't worry about what others think (even family members). If you are living in Gods will, then he will provide. We have been in several circumstances where we were uncertain about how we were going to pay this or purchase that, and in every instance, God provided what we needed. Remember that He is faithful and will provide.
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Re: Mamas with many--Housing/space issues and $ questions

I am by no means super clean and organized (good heavens - I'm pregnant!), but what keeps me sane with our growing family in our smaller living quarters are organization and simplification! I can't even imagine the greater wreckage my house would be in if we didn't already have several systems figured out - and gave up on a lot of the "extras" that the world tries to convince you that you need. (For example - for our first child, we "needed" a cute crib, a huge and fancy stroller/carseat combo, a walker, a big ol' swivelling swing, bed set, etc.... Now we have some cloth carriers, a super cheap-o umbrella stroller in the trunk, a back or front facing carseat (lots of room to grow), a travel swing, and a pack n' play.)

We lived in Korea for about a year when our oldest was our only - and boy did we learn how to make the most of our space! Consider versatile space savers such as stackable drawers, daybeds, bunk beds, even rest mats that you can completely clear away for when the kids want a bigger space to play inside.

Don't hold on to what you don't need or value. A good book that has helped me put it all in perspective is "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh. I've checked it out from the library twice already - lol. You could have a yard sale and put the money towards making your home life the easy-to-run way you envision it.

Keep it simple - so you can have plenty of room/time/energy left over for the important stuff.
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