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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Originally Posted by dornmama View Post
Could you talk to him about a compromise? Instead of doing the GD test offer to get an at home blood sugar monitor and do a week of testing. It will be FAR more accurate and you won't get a false positive. Or if you happen to fail the 1 hr perhaps you can convince him of using that option instead of the 3 hour test.
I agree with seeing if you can do at home blood sugar testing with a monitor. Much easier on your body and much more reliable results according to my midwife. I failed the 1 hr. with dd and had to do the 3 hr. and let me tell you, for my pregnant body, fasting for 12 hrs and then pumping it full of more simple sugars than I could find at a birthday party was not a pleasant experience and actually made me sick.

But I also agree with others that if you do decide to to the traditional glucose test at the Dr.'s office I wouldn't try to trick the test. If you do decide to do the glucose test with your Dr. instead of the more realistic at home monitoring then just find out ahead of time what your Dr. wants you to do (fasting/healthy eating). Most Dr.'s are just following the day's best mainstream medical procedures and aren't necessarily doing it just to make money or anything; most are genuinely trying to do what they believe to be the best.

Either way, good luck. However you decide to test, it is important to find out if you do have gestational diabetes and I pray you don't.


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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

the test is not done solely for GD - there are other pancreatic or metabolic disorders that can be discovered this way. also, GD is NOT hereditary, so family history does not apply.

Also, this falls under Preventive Medicine. It's worth it for you and moreso for your baby. I've had some moms rushed to emergency cesareans because they hadn't had adequate prenatal care, to include this test, and we had issues in the delivery. Your doctor can also get into trouble for not offering the test, and for not educating his patients thoroughly if they refuse it.

Don't think of it as just a hassel and waste of your time - it's looking out for the health and safety of your baby and yourself. And remember that you have a precious life to love and take care of, and part of being sure your baby is taken care of is making sure your baby's mother is taken care of
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Couldn't you schedule it for the morning? That way, you have dinner and then wake up and take it. Having only water for 24 hours doesn't sound good and there's no gaurantee you'll pass it, kwim?
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
There is a real medical reason for the GD screening and I don't consider just a way for a Dr. to make money nor do I think the best idea is to try to find a way to "trick" the test. I have had GD during all 3 pregnancies. It is a very real condition that has very real dangers for your unborn child. When I was pregnant with my first, I went to a GD counseling class to learn how to manage it (its not all that difficult really) and we had a 100 pound 18 year old, a college - aged track runner, several women in the 20s from 110 pounds to 200 pounds, and a few older women also. While there are factors that can increase your chances of GD, anyone can have it, and most do not know it. I wouldn't take chances with the health of your baby just because you don't think you have a condition or you question the profit motives of the doctor. Do the test and be sure; its not worth exposing your baby to 4 months of hyperglycemia and predisposing him/her to diabetes for life.
Well said! And just b/c you are healthy doesn't mean you won't get GD! You DON'T have to be overweight to get GD! My 120 Lb friend has it right now! Don't take the risk b/c you don't feel like it! It's for the health of your baby!
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

All my appointments always have to be in the afternoon. Morning appointments are not possible. I have to go from 6:30 am to almost 2 pm between eating most days because of college anyway, so fasting for a little bit longer probably won't be a huge ordeal for me. I'll just make sure I'm still consuming tons of water to keep my stomach satisfied for at least short amounts of time.
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

I had GD with my pregnancy. I was 115 lbs, and a runner. I have no diabetes in my family and no other risk factors. There is good reason to take this test and not try to sway the test...if your baby is huge (macrosomial) from all the elevated blood sugars in utero. Your baby could be VERY large and would make for a very difficult vaginal birth. If you know you have GD you can watch you diet, exercise well, monitor your blood glucose levels and hopefully manage your GD without insulin etc. and have a much easier vaginal birth--just one good reason to take the test.

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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

I didn't have to fast for the one hour test, and I had no problems with it. However, I was never able to accurately schedule a three hour test, and it really made me ill to fast even without drinking that nasty glucose. When I get pregnant again I'll not be fasting for the one hour, and if I need to do the three hour I'll be refusing it and compromising with the doctor on just checking my blood sugar. I agree that the test is important, it does have its merits, however I don't think it's healthy for a pregnant lady to fast for over twelve hours (it's twelve hours before the test, and then the test is another three to four hours). If it comes to the three hour I would then compromise, but I think the one hour is no big deal.

I do think that the medical establishment worries too much over certain aspects. I had/maybe had gd. I ate better, and had stellar blood sugars from the diagnosis on. I did have a largish baby...JUST an ounce over nine pounds. But she had absolutely no blood sugar problems and the reason for my c section was because of failure to progress, not gd.
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Don't fast. Just take the test as directed. They give the directions for a reason, I would take your doctor's advice. They don't make up the guidelines to make pregnant woman miserable. I had a doughnut before the test and I passed this time around. If your body does what it is supposed to then there is no worry on a failed test. I would not fast or try to "trick" the test, it could give you a false negative and YOUR CHILD CAN SUFFER! (Like mine did!)
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

If you fast or don't fast, if you have GD it'll be pretty obvious with your numbers.
If I were you I would have a big breakfast, and have a few protein snacks in the afternoon before the test.
That way you won't be hungry and your test should be fine. =D
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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

I wouldnt be worried. I ate left over birthday cake and fruit for breakfast when I did mine with dd (now 2) I had to fast for 2 hours before hand, but even with the b-day cake i had eaten that morning, I ended up on the low end of normal.
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